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There are defining moments concerning your destiny that are going to happen while you are in His presence. These defining moments are going to release you into greater levels of your calling, anointing and giftings. Encounters with Him are about to get you, where only encounters with Him could take you.


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  • Naomi Knight

    Dear Lana,
    I am thankful to God and blessed Him for the ministry you brought in my life. I at times go to your prophetic site and everytime I read the word God releases through you, I find encouragement. I would like you to pray for me. God has placed a call in my life but I am so wounded and needed healing and be made whole in Him so He could use me and my family. I am contending for restoration of my marriage with Rodney, my family put back together, healing, deliverance, yielded souls to the leading and work of the Holy Spirit that we may live and have our being in the wholeness and life of Jesus Christ. It is my whole heart’s desire to glorify God in our lives and all of us(family) to be used for His glory alone.
    Have a glorious day in Jesus Christ, Naomi Knight Email add: [email protected]
    Note: gal220 is Galatians 2:20

  • Gloria

    Thank you Lana, I have been feeling this. I know He is training me up for more, so I can give more of Him away to the hurting and lost! Your word encourages me that what I’ve been sensing is right on. It’s pretty dark out there, but the light of His glorious love brings peace and hope…my desire, to bring freedom to the hopeless, to bring glory to Jesus for all He has provided to those who would look upon His beautiful face.

  • Lidia Hidalgo

    Amen, Lord God, I am in awe! of You, and thank You, praise You and worship You, for what You are doing in me and my life, honor and glory to You alone O’ Heavenly Father, Amen!!!

  • christine laboy

    I’ve heard words about my calling from the Lord once 17 yrs ago and then again 3 months ago..the very same words…and have yet to have a door open..pray that the Lord will show me the way and open a door…I don’t want to move without His consent…. Thanks for giving these words..they keep me facing the right direction..even with all the challenges I deal with(health issues..depression..sickness..). It is so tiring to deal with cronic pain. I wonder how many people would do ministry with such dealings..I fight against is hard to understand the whys of it all..I feel invisible..forgotten..I just want a change..something..anything! I know God has it under control..but..well..I can’t deal with it to much longer…I need something good to happen to me..something that will help me want want to doesn’t want to… I need a miracle.. Keep up the awesome work.. You help and encourage many..

  • Nancy Moore

    This is exactly what has been happening! There has been an increase in anointing and Father speaking into our hearts int the last month especially!!! Thank you so much for your faithful listening and then proclaiming!