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I saw a spirit of fatigue coming over many out of nowhere in relation to specific strategic areas of their lives. From moving in giftings, to next assignments, to contending for His promises, to pioneering, building vision, continuing the work He has placed before you and going after the ‘more’.

This spirit that has been released is specifically targeting these strategic places with an abnormal physical fatigue especially when going to do the very specific strategic task before them. It is attempting to release an apathetic, discouraged spirit over this strategic area.

I heard the words “worship before you begin” and I felt the Lord say the way to DISARM this spirit is to actively worship IN and OVER the strategic place. Worship before you begin!! As you worship not only will this spirit be disarmed but greater specific strategies will be released to you from the Lord concerning these strategic areas.

The very places that this fatigue is hitting, these strategic places, as you press in and don’t give up, keep being faithful, the fire of God is going to fall on these places and ignite them beyond what you could imagine. The enemy is hitting these strategic places because huge breakthrough and fruit is going to be released from these areas.

As I saw the fire of God fall on these strategic places, breakthrough was being released through them to many. I then saw the Lord blow on these strategic places that were on fire, and the wind of the Spirit picked up the fire and it was heaped upon the enemy’s head.

The very area that the enemy is attempting to bring sudden great fatigue on in your life is going to be the area that does the greatest damage to his kingdom in this season.

Worship your way through this! Your victory is already assured and you are positioned for a great IGNITING!


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    • Kathie Small

      I was let go from a position at a major Real Estate rental office in Norfolk, VA. The woman that hired me fired me stating, “I wasn’t picking up fast enough”. There was another pregnant lady that worked in corporate that I don’t think liked me…. I think the whole office was in witchcraft. I just came back from an interview and was 7 mins. late because of traffic and the man wouldn’t even interview me… So I stopped an saw a LifeWay Christian bookstore and they just so had a position for full time days. I went online and applied.
      I also have the opportunity to go to school in December to AMTC or Actors Models and Talent for Christ…. I need $5500.00 to attend and I’m praying the favor of God be with me as I attempt to fundraise for this event and schooling.
      Thanks for Listening,

    • Suezette Fruge'

      AMEN spot on. It has been such a critical fight. Fatigued all the time. Looking into the natural as well as the SPIRITUAL. Thank you for this word.

  • Quaife

    Once again, you are right on, Sister! The message for yesterday, too, was perfect.
    Thank you!
    May the blessings of the Wonderful Messiah continue to be yours…

  • Carolina Clemens

    This word resonates, as I also just received a word of knowledge in the wee hours from Holy Spirit, saying “They’re trying to Stifle you’re Creativity!” The word stifle in its etymology is very illuminating…it is a choking, a STOP, a suppressing, an extinguishing power. This is also part of the strategic warfare to wear out the saints, particularly those who have been in spiritual warfare for many many years. If this spirit of fatigue and “stifling” can gain a foothold, this makes the Kingdom people of Christ too worn out to persevere on assignments. YES, Worship our WAY out of this.
    Many Kingdom Thanks

  • Elsabie

    I just need to say thank you so much to the Holy Spirit and to you for your obedience. The last few weeks has been tough fighting a spirit of fatigue and almost something like a low feeling while I am moving into something far greater than I could ever imagine. And while fighting through intercession for the restoration of my children’s souls unto the Lord. Thank you for this email and the others that so specifically confirm and encourage. I can just love you and bless you for every email and love so generously posted to all of us. Love you

  • Jeriann Jerome

    Thank you for this. I am weary and fatigued. The battle I’m in is heavy, Praise God for he understands the Anguish of our souls

  • Gladys

    I have been experiencing this fatigue for a while. The past few mornings after praying in the Spirit at night I’ve felt extremely tired upon waking up. I finally asked Father God this morning what kind of spirit is attacking me. I now have my answer. Thank you so much for posting this word.

  • David R. Thayer

    Hi Lana –
    Thank you for sharing this article. I am writing this to share my testimony of exactly what you are describing, that it might be a blessing to someone else.
    Your headline caught my attention. These areas, “moving in giftings, next assignments, contending for His promises, pioneering, building vision, continuing the work He has placed before you, and going after the ‘more’” seem to all pertain to me in this season… Yes, your article grabbed my attention …and there’s more.
    I have not only been attacked [and could do nothing but sleep] by this “fatigue”, but seemingly had no other symptoms of illness, I had been tired and unable to put two thoughts together – so all I could do was to try to sleep it off. You might have thought that I was a bear in hibernation!
    My testimony is that you are right also about the treatment. I have had prophetic words spoken over me (that I wrote down). I have been reading them and discussing them out loud in prayer, paragraph by paragraph. One by Alan Ross (Scotland) in April 2005, another by Timothy Sherman (USA) in March 2001. Both of them describe what God recognizes in me, my gifts, and how He wants me to use them.
    Additionally, I have had prophetic encounters with Him that I have openly shared on my website, and I discuss these with Him as well.
    The results have been spiritually empowering, and the fatigue has lifted. Mental clarity has returned, and a deeper understanding for the season that I am in has replaced the foggy mind.
    Worship has many forms. In my case, it was allowing God to “hear” my love for Him, as I speak acceptance of His intentions for everything He wants to perform in me, and with me, as we walk together and as that intimacy is prioritized.
    Thank you for allowing me to share, Lana.
    David R. Thayer
    Net2Church Global Ministries
    Keene, NH (USA)

  • Mario

    I am one of those “infected” as I went to bed and laid on my bed a loud clear female voice spoke to me on 25 October. I did not understand what language she was speaking but it was as clear as someone speaking directly. And two words got my attention and I wrote it down. This voice had no love but was very firm and authoritive which makes me wonder. I was very concerned about the words. ‘Memetics arizante’. But anyway if you want; Google/research the words but Separately and if possible contact me; would help. And from that night for a whole week till now 1 November my spirit has been feeling disrupted and of track from Elohim. I have been bitter and angry this whole week and was weak and lazy in the spirit and need to know what more I can do to be my old godly self again. I miss it so much, the love, the comfort Ec.