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I had an encounter with the Lord this morning where He showed me a representation of many of His people standing before the Lord. Jesus was standing before them in a white robe and gold sandals. I saw such a purity over the ones that were standing before Him. 
I saw Jesus was holding a crown and it was gold and on fire at the same time. I saw Jesus place it on heads. He then spoke..
"There are great mantles, impartations and significant increases of wisdom being released over you as you have been tried by and through fire and you have been proven faithful and are coming out as gold."
The crown represented not only identity in Him, but the mantle/increase/impartations of heavenly wisdom being released over lives, but also it was on fire, because there has been a "trying by fire" and now you are carrying the fire of God for revival.
Purity and impartations/mantles/increases of wisdom that are being released now are about to marry in a whole new way. There is going to be a pure form of divine heavenly wisdom into the personal lives and households of many of God's people, and it will flow through these ones on a whole new level. 
As the wisdom of God is shared suddenly's will be birthed. There is such a weighty wisdom that is being released across the body of Christ to those who have been positioned, walked through the fire faithfully and have been asking for His wisdom. He is pouring out significant increases of this wisdom upon many who have 'paid the price for wisdom' as many have walked through the fire of trial, through the trial of opposition and the fire of pruning and purging and kept your face and heart set towards Him as a flint. The purity of heart that has been maintained through the fire is now becoming a platform for the increase of this wisdom.
Many who are receiving the mantle of heavenly wisdom coupled with His fire, not only will you be positioned before many to release significant insight that will bring long awaited breakthroughs and the breaker anointing released, but I saw a positioning before Kings and those of great influence. There is going to be a prophetic sign of the increase of wisdom spreading through the body of Christ as many will begin to see those of influence calling on the people of God for wisdom, insight and strategy. The days of Joseph and Esther are upon us. Those who have been prepared in the fire and now being catapulted into areas of significant influence for the Kingdom of God to release heavenly wisdom. 
Stay positioned for the wisdom of God to be released in SIGNIFICANT ways over your life as you have been seeking Him for it, and as it flows to you and through you He is going to WOW you with His insight and strategy that bypasses the natural. The awe of God is going to be restored in significant ways across the body of Christ as a new level of wisdom will be released, received and implemented. 
Trust Him as He releases His wisdom to you. For I saw the Spirit of God speaking and releasing His wisdom which was completely opposite to natural, expected ways. Many are going to find His wisdom in the most unexpected ways and leadings of His Spirit, but will lead His people and those they share with to depths of knowing Him and seeing Him move that they have not experienced before. 
Don't fight the leadings. Trust Him completely and go with His flow. It may not make sense as you 'step forward' but in taking the steps forward in faith, following His wisdom is going to see you take MORE STEPS FORWARD and break more ground that you would have if you followed your natural logic. 
I saw many transitioning from the 'vein of natural thinking' into the 'vein of heavenly wisdom' in alignment with His Word that was flowing from His heart that was leading them and those around them to greater life. Many of you may feel like you are being led into things that feel like you are doing them 'backwards' but by His Spirit you are moving further forward than ever. 
Significant divine ideas, strategies and blueprints carrying the weighty wisdom of God when put into action are going to see some of the most groundbreaking demonstrations of His power and Glory released in these days of accelerated breakthrough. 


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