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LVM Update

We have been wanting to update you all on a few things, and now I have a chance. I hope you are all blessed!
We have had an amazing time in East Aurora, NY and Sanford Florida, with some powerful meetings in both cities. We have come away feeling like our family has grown with the people we have met, and excited with what we have seen God do, and His beautiful presence. A beautiful friend blessed us with tickets for Disney World while we were there, which was very exciting for us all, especially our boys, although the Florida summer heat was certainly present that day.
We have spent many hours driving across USA, and are now driving towards Dallas for our next meetings. If you are in Dallas, or nearby, please feel free to check out our itinerary page ( for more information on session times and locations. The weekend following we are in Denver, information is available for these meetings on the same web page.
We have made some adjustments to our website, and would like to welcome you all to contribute. We have added a testimony page, where people can post their praise reports or testimonies from Lana’s posts, on our website. So many people do not see the overwhelming flow of emailed testimonies and confirmations, from which many can grow in faith and expectancy. If you have been blessed, we welcome you to contribute: (
I have also made some changes to the theme of the website, for one that looks slightly better. Some months ago I had to quickly rebuild the website on a basic theme when something went wrong with our theme settings. We have had a ‘temporary’ website for this time, but now I have found a theme that works and looks nice. I do welcome feedback, as there are some settings I can change if something doesn’t look right.
We thank you all for blessings and prayers. We thank those who have supported us in every way, as we see God’s faithfulness though these gestures.
We pray God’s riches and blessings on you all and thank you for following us!
Kevin Vawser – Lana Vawser Ministries.


  • Maaike Callan

    Dearest Lana,
    How I treasure and value the rich deposit of the Life of God through you, precious sister! Cool refreshing drink is not always easy to come by, but the Lord uses you over and over in my life as a fountain head! So, so blessed by you & your ministry…support on the way soon, when some direct deposits come in.
    As it says in Proverbs, ‘The one who refreshes others will himself/herself be refreshed..’ Can’t find words to express my full appreciation…when I connected with your ministry, it was like coming back from the dead…the Prophetic Word through you resonated deeply within my spirit, and flooded me with Peace, Hope, and Joy! Rich banqueting table! (:

  • Jackie Hoops

    Didn’t we have fun in Sanford fl this weekend the music the dance the fire tunnel which I love an then the words from u both u are so precious I pray for u come again an lets gave another Holy Ghost party wow the world doesn’t realize what they r missing Blessings from a seventy six year old granny!!!

  • Kathryn Hauser

    God has greatly used Lana’s ministry in my life to bring encouragement through the battles and in directly and shepherding the greater flock. Her voice is invaluable in the collective story. Her words are consistently accurate and from the heart of the Lord. She is a bride of Christ and walks in faithfulness and truth. I give great thanks to Jesus Christ for her and her ministry. I pray that the Holy Spirit continue to richly anoint her and guide her steps with wisdom and grace. ~k