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By Lana Vawser
I have had a word burning in me for the prophets of His heart that there is a double portion realm before them right now that will see them led into encounters with the heart of God that will release double portion revelation, ascension, impartation, strategy, clarity, signs and wonders and increase. 
This ‘double portion’ release and realm will see the prophets of His heart move into it and it will look nothing like they have experienced before. A whole new world! It will be a complete manifestation of spiritual blessings and revelation in heavenly things that is double to what they have ever seen, stepped into or delighted in, in their most prosperous state. Not to say there won’t be hardship, trial and suffering, but there will be a JOY in abundance of breakthrough and revelation that they haven’t experienced before. Where rock after rock may have been thrown at them for the words released from His heart, words of life and goodness, He has developed a strength in them as they have continued to stand and now there is a double portion promised land before them. Great vindication, healing, restoration and increase is being released upon them.
This ‘double portion’ realm opening up to the prophets of His heart, I saw catapulting the prophets of His heart into ‘suddenlies’. Sudden places of influence. More strategic suddenlies and divine set ups to release the word of the Lord. The “being called for” moments manifesting suddenly. 
With this ‘double portion’ invitation I saw a significant warning from the Lord.
That the pathway into this ‘double portion’ realm was humility and purity.
I saw FOXES OF STRIVING coming into the vineyards of the prophets of His heart. They were coming in where striving, competition, self-promotion and trying to “build” ministry/putting our hands on it and not living from the place of rest and allowing the Lord to build it, I was seeing these foxes come in and begin to steal and cause trouble.
I felt the Lord saying that any of these issues entertained in heart or action without being dealt with in repentance in His presence will cause a DELAY to the DOUBLE.
The Lord is wanting a deeper level of purity from the prophets of His heart and to do whatever it takes to go deeper still. To have clean hands and pure hearts to ascend His mountain.
Out of His love, some red lights and stop signs would arise, a divine pause, so He can heal hearts and then rerelease these prophets of His heart into a fresh new start.
There isn’t a place of striving to be humble or have purity of heart, but a deeper place of rest in His love where He is bringing healing and freedom.
Many prophets of My heart have been battling with issues in their homes from family division, to sickness and many other areas. There has been “hit after hit” for many of the prophets of My heart in their homes, but I am now decreeing “HEALING IS COMING TO THE HOMES OF THE PROPHETS OF MY HEART to release them into their brand new starts!!!” From that place of healing, I am then sending My prophets out with rhema words and impartations through their testimony into FAMILY UNITS to bring healing, restoration, reconciliation and freedom. A revival IN FAMILIES IN the Church and OUTSIDE the Church marking the greatest display of FRUITFULNESS the world has seen.”
I saw the fire of God falling from heaven as the prophets of His heart worshipped. There was a deeper realm of worship that the Lord was calling the prophets of His heart into. As they responded and went deeper into that invitation, I saw them praying in the Spirit as they worshipped and the cry out of their hearts and mouths was “SHEKINAH GLORY COME”.
Such a deep cry and travail for the manifested Glory of God to come and leave them and the Bride undone and in awe again. The fear of God restored to His Bride in the place of His burning love and Glory!
I could see Isaiah 60:1 all around, booming, and I heard the Lord say “Prophets of My heart you are about to forerun in encounters with My Glory, My Shekinah Glory like never before, that is going to be released into the body of Christ in this season. You will forerun in these encounters and then begin to rise up in even greater prophetic accuracy declaring encounters with My Shekinah Glory coming that will move My people into making room for My HABITATION in their lives in unprecedented ways.
“Prophets of My heart you will arise from these encounters with My Glory with fresh teaching, grounded in My Word and love, to release this impartation to the Church and see hunger ignited in My people through these impartations. A hunger to SEE MY GLORY like never before!”
“The revelation and impartation you will receive in these encounters with My Glory are precious and must be stewarded with purity and integrity. Prophets of My heart, you are washed by My blood, but in your actions and heart motivations you must walk in integrity, purity and humility in a deeper way than ever that comes from rest in My presence. What I am releasing to you is precious, it carries a depth of My holiness. These are the days where you must walk closer to My heart than ever before. Your ear must be inclined to My chest more than ever and follow My prompting closely as you move into your greatest days of SEEING ME and increase/double portions!!”
“Prophets of My heart, your faces will shine with My Glory like never before and out of thousands you will be called for in this season to release My Word, My precious rhema words to My people and in the world, to release CATALYTIC CHANGE!!!!!!!!”
“I am sending you forth prophets of My heart as My arrows and swords of love to MAKE WAY FOR ME… THE KING OF GLORY!!”


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  • Prophet Don Selby


  • Macharia

    thank you Lord because of this season. There is such an excitement as i read this word – Lord let your Shekinah Glory fall. Halleluya!

  • Hercules Kruger

    thank you Lana for being faithful bringing Abba’s heart to us • its so funny • we did not met face to face yet, but most of the prophetic word you share, gel with my spirit • i praise Abba Father for you and Kevin • greetings from Limpopo, ZA • shalom 🙂

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I Receive This Word, Thank You Papa!! Blessed be the LORD our Rock, Who traineth our hands for war, and our fingers for battle! GLORY!! Driving home from work this morning, while worshiping our Father, singing along with Praise songs on the radio, i glanced down at the mileage – the total mileage was 088880 (Double 88 – 8, New Beginnings – 8×2=16 (LOVE)) And directly across from this, displayed at the EXACT same time, i also saw 2020.5 (Double 20, Redemption/Expectancy + 5, Grace/Abundance). Meditating on His Word, delving Deeper!
    The LORD Bless and keep You Precious One, Ms Lana <3<3<3

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    Just wanted to clarify – the 2020.5 was on my distance miles reading.
    How Amazingly Awesome and Creative our Father God is! Thank You Daddy! We Love You!!

  • unknown

    i saw a few portion of what Lana Vawser saw, about three years ago before she wrote this one. i dont fully understand the meaning until i read her writing about the vision recently. praise the Lord for revealing it more detailed to Lana. this is the message i saw in the dream: “I send you the Messiah, more power, more power, more power”. there is power, something like electricity sent from above for certain people who seek Him, to overcome the darkness.

  • Mark James

    Take · My yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly “Humble” in heart, and you will find Rest for your Souls. And to whom did He swear that they would “NOT” enter · His Rest, except those who had refused to Obey? Therefore while the Promise of ENTERING His Rest is still open, · let us fear lest any one of you may seem to be excluded from it. For we also had good news proclaimed to us just as they did; but the word they heard did not benefit · those who were not united with those who listened in faith. For we who have believed do ENTER that Rest, just as God has said, “As I swore in · my anger, ‘They shall certainly not enter · My Rest,’” and yet his work has been completed since the foundation of the world. For…

  • Mark James

    For somewhere he has spoken of the seventh day in this manner: “And God rested · on the seventh day · from all · his works.” And furthermore in this context he said, “They shall certainly not enter · my rest.” For if Joshua had given them rest, God would not have spoken of another time after that. Consequently there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God. For the one who enters · God’s rest has also rested from · his works, as God did from · his. ·Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that · rest; otherwise one of you might fall by the same sort of disobedience.

  • Becky Cline

    This is exactly point on as though given specific to me! For the past 72 hours I have heard, seen & had put in front of me amazing divine appts., connections, in order to do exactly as has been said! Such conformation! TYJ, An none to soon as God has been orchestrating, the enemy has been coming w/ hits intense, been believing for breakthrough.

  • Becky Cline

    This is exactly point on! For the past 72 hours I have heard, seen & had put in front of me amazing divine appts., connections, in order to do exactly as has been said! Such conformation! TYJ, An none to soon as God has been orchestrating, the enemy has been coming w/ hits intense, been believing for breakthrough.