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I have been sitting on a word for a little while now concerning the nations. In the spirit I have been seeing the enemy attempting to bring nations into “lockdown” and that this is a VERY crucial moment for the nations of the world. 
There has been this sense of urgency I have been feeling lately for the Church to take her place. Isaiah 60:1 has been booming over and over in my spirit.. “Arise and Shine for your light has come!!” 
There is a great shaking happening in the nations right now and it is going to continue. If we do not have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying the people of God will be “locked down” in fear. 
The enemy is attempting to “lockdown” the nations with a spirit of fear as he steals, kills and destroys in ways we have never seen before.
I feel this urgency in my spirit for the people of God to GO DEEPER! There is an invitation from the heart of the Father to come deeper in intimacy.
Since last year the Lord was speaking to me about this being the season of the Song of Songs and 2016 being the year of the revelation of the love of God going deeper than ever. We must get our roots deep into Jesus and His love by pressing deeper and giving Him our YES. We must go deeper in the Word than ever before. 
As I have seen this shaking taking place in the nations of the world, I saw many believers being taken out by fear. Completely crippled, crushed and tormented by fear because of what they see happening in the nations and around them. As I watched terrified saints running and hiding I heard Jesus speak “Do not run and hide, dive deep into the rivers of My love and ARISE AND SHINE! The greatest move of My Spirit and birthing of My love in and through you is upon you!!!” 
Those that were diving deep into Him, His Word and worship, I saw then rising up as burning lovers, the army of God and moving forward into the nations and darkness without fear and moving through doors of influence to take back cities and nations for Jesus. 
As the people of God moved into the doors of influence and opportunity the Lord was opening up to them in this season they had keys around their necks on chains and these keys were burning with the fire of His love. 
I wondered what these keys were and I felt the Lord speak: 
“My people, the birthing and awakening process you are walking in your personal life right now is not just for you but for the SAKE OF THE NATIONS!!! The enemy is screaming “I am bringing nations into lockdown” but through you My people, stepping into all I have for you, moving through new doors of opportunity and being fully awake and alive wherever you go to release My presence and love, I am decreeing “I AM UNLOCKING NATIONS”.  The key is “MY LOVE”. 
Great deliverance, healing, freedom and nations stepping into their identity in Me, will all take place through the UNLOCKING of the deeper revelation of My love IN YOU and THROUGH YOU! My love will dismantle fear in you and the nations!” 
I felt the Lord’s heart grieving over the nations and yearning for the nations to turn back to Him. At the same time I could feel the yearning of His heart “Sons and daughters of Mine, sons and daughters you need to rise and be manifested in the earth. The nations are hanging in the balance! Arise in prayer! Arise! Arise! Come higher! Arise! Cry out for the nations! The nations hang in the balance and you have the authority in Me to push back this darkness! Let go of your quarrels, bickering and the division amongst yourselves and come deeper in Me. Come deeper in My love. The nations will be affected as you come deeper in My love. I will show you things about the nations you have never seen and ways to influence your towns, cities and nation. The destiny of nations are being attacked right now and I need you to come deeper  in intimacy and give me your YES AFRESH so I can reopen up doors of destiny that haven’t been walked through and mantles that have been laid down or passed over so you can take them and take your place and nations changed and your influence taken back.”
“For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an awareness of the glory of the LORD.” – Habukkuk 2:14
The Lord showed me a land of unopened doors of destiny and laid down or “passed by mantles” of the people of God. From this point in time and going back generations. 
I saw Jesus walking through this land looking at these doors that hadn’t been walked through and laid down/passed by mantles. I could feel the weight of His heart, the yearning of His heart that He wants us as His people to take up ALL He has for us! 
Destiny doors and these laid down/passed by mantles from generations and generations past were about to be “added” to God’s people in this season. I could feel His heart so strongly that we as God’s people right now would move in the power of His Spirit and a move of God upon the earth like nothing that has ever been seen before if we throw ourselves completely upon Him with our yes and go deeper into contending for nations, we would see Him lead us to pick up these mantles laid down/not picked up and walk through destiny doors that hadn’t been entered. This would  see the greatest accelerated move of His Spirit across the earth and a domino effect of the unlocking of nations released. This release bringing momentum to them again to move back towards their God given destiny. Not just one nation, but all nations! That the wheels of nations would start turning back to Him and into their God given destiny rather than be stuck and pulled in the opposite direction.
I had a vision where I saw Jesus inviting intercessors into a “new room” in the bridal chamber. It was in the place of intimacy that the Lord was inviting them into a new room and this room was full of new strategies of intercession and prophetic assignments and acts over the nations. 
I saw Jesus unravelling scrolls and revealing these strategies. I saw the strategies had roots that were deep in the Word of God, inline with Scripture but completely different to anything they had seen before. These strategies were carrying a higher level of clarity and sight for nations. They were completely new and many looked at these strategies and spoke “This has never been done before”. 
These strategies of intercession, prophetic acts and assignments over nations when acted upon following the Spirit of God, was releasing double portion breakthroughs into the heart of nations. These strategies required deep connection with the heart of the Father and deeper trust in His leading, these strategies and assignments themselves would test the hearts of the intercessors to trust His voice rather than “let’s just do what has always been done.” 
There was such purity in these strategies. So solidly based in the Word yet so fresh and new. These strategies included the Lord releasing specific insight into what the enemy was doing and planning in the nation, to different areas to target and pray which may seem completely opposite to what the natural mind says to pray. Strategic assignments of prayer and ministry done in new ways but when moved on in obedience were going to the “UNSEEN HEART OF THE MATTER”. The Lord is targeting “undercover” issues that are not yet seen in the natural. He is targeting them now through these new strategies so they will be foiled and a prevention of some significant attacks and unrest in nations. 
Intercessors, you are being called deeper than you have ever been right now for the nations. You must follow His leading and partner with Him! For not only is the greatest move of His Spirit upon you but upon nations. 
I felt the Lord saying in the Spirit right now, there is a tipping point and defining moment among the nations. That we as God’s people need to declare the opposite to “lockdown” and that being “UNLOCK”. 
We are really being called to take our place and pray like never before. To follow the strategy of heaven, to follow His heart and leading even if it is completely out of the box to what we have ever seen. We are not only birthing in our individual lives but a birthing to affect the nations. Your baptism in the fire of His love in this season is not just for you but for the sake of the nations. You have a part to play! Everywhere you go, release His love! Everywhere you go, ask the Spirit of God what He is doing and partner with Him! Everywhere you go, love well! Everywhere you go, PRAY and release the Kingdom. The light and Glory of God is going to be seen brighter than ever and the nations unlocked by love, their destiny and identity awakened as the people of God arise! As WE take our place! 
The destiny of nations hangs in the balance! Let’s lock arms and continue to move forward in love and prayer and push back the darkness to see the goodness of God explode all across the earth and the enemy turned on his head! 
The army of the Warriors of love are now arising as they follow the One who has fire in His eyes and His heart is full of redemption and restoration. The army who is arising from the place of living FROM victory and releasing it upon the earth! 
Don’t forget the end of the story… WE WIN!!! 


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  • Mark James

    · Grace be with All who Love · Our Lord Jesus Christ, with a Love Incorruptible- Immortal and can’t be Defiled that is Coming down to us from Above “WITHIN” You where Christ must be dwelling by His Spirit in the Holy Place of Ones own Soul to the Age Eternal…..
    To the Blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords,the only one “Possessing” immortality, the One dwelling in unapproachable Light, whom no person has seen or is able to see, to Him be honor and might forever, Amen.

    • Mark James

      These are the Ones Coming into the earth Today as a People who have cast aside their lives taking their own Cross upward to be found only in His Death dying the Righteous death so that they are Entering the Power as is being released within them in their own souls through His Spirit as the Resurrection of His Present Life Amen..

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    The Lord is bringing the name Sam (Samuel) to me. Dreamt I was in a Beautiful Strong Loving Relationship with “Sam” – it was a bright Blue, Sunny Day and i Felt Extreme Love in this dream. Twice more, during my day, the name “SAM” came to me. SAMUEL means “Name of God”, “God hears”, or “God has heard” – When you pray, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have heard your prayer. I decided to go to the Elijah List (First time in months, as I usually go to Identity Network). On the Home page is a Word by James Goll, “I Urge You to Pray!” – Like this Word, another Confirming Word. And on the Page is a black box that says, “God Is Never Too Busy To Hear Your Prayers.” Keep Praying Saints!! Go Deeper!! <3

  • Peggy Poirier

    Right on time as the enemy is declaring a day of rage but we declare a day of salvation.

  • Annette Littier

    Thank you Lana, for your faithful service and surrender to the Lord! This word (and all that you share) is incredible confirmation of the path He has me on right now. I am strengthened and encouraged every time I read your posts! Thank you!! You are a gift and a blessing to the Body of Christ! Blessings and abundance over you and your family❤️

  • Theresa

    Time after time what you have posted provided such encouragement during what has been a very long process. Your family’s ministry is a blessing – it is an encouragement to see you step out in obedience as the Lord leads. Today is a new AND different day. Each of you is of a new breed of ‘shepherd’. May God continue to bless you and provide creative enlargement of your ministry. As I learned about Dallas events unfolding, I was commanding the angel armies .. at first fears were coming at me, and, then the Lord spoke to me and asked me if He had not prepared me to intercede for these things? He has… No weapon formed against us shall prosper ~ we have work to do! Time to go deeper with the Lord, get Heaven’s strategy.

  • Tracy Jones

    Thank you for your obedience…. I have many of the Words God has given you shared with myself to my messenger to refer to them often.
    Sometimes the Lord has me go on Facebook at odd times just to glean from the fields of the revelation in your postings. To God be the glory… Great things He has done!
    Love you Sis, ?❤️??

  • Jessica Kelley

    I’ve been talking about how blessings and curses were meant to flow to and through for about a month now…what great symmetry in the Word of God, seems we have a connection. ?

  • Michaeletta

    you made a statement in this one that puzzles me. “You said God wants
    the mations to return to HIM. ” Do you not know that the nations were
    NEVER with Him. They were pagans! Can you show me a scripture
    that says he wants the nations to return to Him? Do you believe that
    God will give salvation to eveyone on the earth?
    Also, I do not know why you have taken your focus off the US and now
    focus on “the nations..”? Would you please answer these concerns?

    • Kevin

      Hi Michaeletta!
      Thank you for your comment. Firstly; we all turned away from Him, until we repented when we asked Jesus to be our only Lord. This is the nature of sin, the self-lordship that turns us from God (although sin more than that too). Lana felt the cry for the nations to turn to God in repentance en-mass. We do not hold to a universalist theology.
      Secondly, Lana is an Australian with a heart for the US, that much is clear. USA needs God to move, even in our last few of visiting the USA I can testify to the moral decay and growing tension. We feel the Lord’s hope for this nation. That said, there are other nations that need God’s move as much as USA.
      Kevin Vawser

  • Elsabie

    Good morning dear Lana. While reading the email of the unlocking of the nations through His love, intimacy, intercession and obedience, I burst out in tears because I have such a deep burden for the nations and souls. Even more, the confirmations in this email were just amazing! God woke me up a few weeks ago with the clear instruction sounding in my ears: “GO DEEPER!” and Isaiah 60 as a scripture to be declared and taken into action. HIS GLORY WILL FILL THE EARTH!!!! Our God is an awesome God and His word and Spirit are fire and power!!!!!!!!