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By Lana Vawser
Last night I had a dream where I saw many of God’s people in unrest and anxiety and they were almost ‘running around’ looking for “justice” for what they have endured and had to walk through.
There was such a CRY coming from the heart of God’s people for JUSTICE and VINDICATION.
“Listen Lord, hear the passionate prayer of an honest man. It’s my piercing cry for justice! My cause is just, my need is real. I’ve done what’s right, my lips speak truth!” – Psalm 17:1 (The Passion Translation)
The sense surrounded me in the dream ” Cry out to Me for justice, let Me know what is in your heart, but do NOT run around ‘looking for how to make justice happen for you, but place your eyes higher, place them on Me and watch and see how I am going to manifest the justice of heaven and My vindication SUDDENLY into your life.”
In the midst of this “running around” looking for justice, I saw the enemy trying to cause many to go into a “tailspin” and lose their peace, but the very true reality was, that Jesus is about to show up in a significant way as the Great vindicator and release His perfect justice into the lives of His people.
STAY in His peace…!!!!!
“Many of you have been living deeply in visitations with Me, where I have inspected your heart. Things have come against you, a dark cloud has seemed to arrive, a darkness of night, but in that place I have examined and inspected your heart. I have healed your soul and I have seen your heart motives in the light of My presence and I have found PURITY in many. The enemy has come with an attack against that PURITY to attempt to bring a PERVERSION and twist and confuse truths and have you misrepresented to bring attack and lying tongues against you. I have burnt away things of the soul that have kept you bound, but I have seen the YES in hearts!!! You have embraced My examining and My fire and I am bringing SUDDEN, LOUD, GLORIOUS VINDICATION!! Those who have stood against you and the enemy will see the LIES about you uncovered.”
“For in a visitation of the night, you inspected my heart and refined my soul in the fire until nothing vile in me was found. I’ve wanted my words and my ways to always agree. Following Your Word has kept me from wrong. Your commands kept me from going down the forbidden paths of the destroyer.” Psalm 17:3-4 (The Passion Translation)
The scales of heavenly justice are about to be tipped in favour of God’s people. The Lord is trampling upon “injustice” that has been happening in the lives of God’s people.
Your vindication comes from the Lord and He is about to VINDICATE YOU LOUDLY!!
“Lord, I live always before Your face, so examine and exonerate me. Vindicate me and show the world I am innocent.” Psalm 17:2 (The Passion Translation)
Where people or the enemy has come and declared lies over you, declared things about you that are not true, where truth has not been spoken, the Lord is about to reveal the TRUTH. He is about to reveal RIGHT, PURE heart motives.
God is about to VINDICATE and bring the JUSTICE of heaven in a very LOUD and GLORIOUS way. Stand firm, trust Him! Do not lose your peace and KNOW that He is RISING on your behalf. You will be restored, increased, promoted, favoured as you have lived in purity.
He is about to heap blessing on the people of God in the very areas where there has been great injustice. Blessing upon blessing will be poured on the heads of God’s people. Fruitfulness will abound all around and the ‘weeds and snares’ of lies and injustice will not only be seen to be just that lies and injustice, but turned on their head by the vindication and blessing of God upon His people.
“Arise God and confront them! Challenge them with Your might! Free me from their clutches and rescue me from their rage….. But as for me, my true treasure is found in You. one day I will look You fully in the face, filled with Your righteousness. When I fully awake from sin’s slumber to see You as You really are, I will be fully satisfied. Seeing You will leave me confident, content and filled with the revelation-appearing of Your glory in Me!” – Psalm 17:13, 15 (The Passion Translation)
Where the man or the enemy has attempted to curse you, continue to stay in the place of purity, bless those who curse you and pray for those who mistreat you (Luke 6:28) love well (Matthew 5:44, John 13:34-35) but rest assured that the Lord is arising! He is confronting! He is doing the fighting for you! He is vindicating you and releasing the justice of heaven into your life.
Where these lies and curses have attempted to blind you, you are about to not only be SET FREE but plunged into a deeper realm of encounters with Jesus where you will SEE HIM in His Glory, leaving you undone, changed and FULL of confidence in Him and content and filled with joy as HIS Glory manifests through you brighter than EVER.

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  • Susan M

    Precious Sister…this is SUCH a powerful word of release after a season of exactly the injustices you’ve referred to being precisely where me and some other faith friends have been ‘at’, including a great crying out to the Lord for His intervention and divine aid. I praise God for this most TIMELY word. After spending today in ongoing prayer over precisely this ‘spirit’ of attacks which have been so vicious and persistent, I can see the enemy’s strategic onslaught dismantling! Praise Jesus for His vindication and power to stand in His peace against all odds…for He WILL come through! Alleluia! Glory to God! Shalom and love in Him…

  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah!!!!Amen!!! Thank you Jesus! O, we love You Papa!??
    Lana, Princess you speak to me! I am so overwhelmed. God bless you my friend and thank you for your love n faithfulness. Love you child of God?

  • Elizabeth Ricci

    Bless the Lord oh my soul .Sing praises to the lord of Hosts my Redeemer Vindicator and my God in whom I trust for my deliverance from all my enemies.We wait on you oh God thank you Jesus lover of my soul.Amen.

  • Franca

    I receive that, the devil has stolen so much from me since I was 6 years old…for so maybe years that it would be good finally to see justice, vindication and restoration, in the name of Jesus, Amen

  • Rev. Raphael Spiteri

    Thanks for this beautiful prophetic insight and for your boldness and obedience to God’s voice and revelation. You are always on time on what God had already spoken to me so for me it’s just confirmation thank you again sister and we are behind you and with you in prayers from Malta.

  • Monica Singh

    Glory to God, Thank you for your word. I am in a midst of Murder trial for my sister and recently I found out that the Judge ruling over our case is close to a family friend and I was really really thinking of telling her to try and speak on my families behalf?. I know it was a weak ungodly moment. I got up this morning and shook myself and said Father my Victory is from you and not man. And here you confirmed the word.

  • Rose

    Psalm 17: 3-4
    The Lord’s Presence inspected my life. I remained quiet before Him. I hung my head in sorrow. “Your Will, Your Way,” has been my prayer. He is my only defense. His kindness keeps surrounding me as I continue to wait for His deliverance.
    It’s the middle of the night. All night I have been singing Psalm 32:7
    You are my hiding place…You will deliver me from trouble…You will surround me with songs of deliverance.
    I just read all of Psalm 32. wow.

  • Rose

    I re-read this post carefully. My heart dared to open further and drink deeper. I am hearing – and believing the Lord. Comfort. That’s what I’m receiving. Hope and strength.

  • Rae

    Thank you. We have been experiencing the most intensely chaotic and vicious attack and your words are a light in great darkness. I look forward to the testimony of break through, vindication, and God’s glorious deliverance.

  • Psm

    Oh, my. Glorious words of promise !!! I needed that and am sure that many others will be touched by each paragraph. Blessings to all ☺

  • Rhoda

    Acts 27:25 …for I have faith in God that it will be exactly as it was told me.
    Dinah (meaning judged and vindicated, avenged)
    Where’s the One that will defend me
    Save my face and steal my heart?
    Where’s the arms that long to hold me
    When my world’s falling apart?
    Where’s the kiss that finds me dead
    And brings me back to life?
    Yeshua Hamashiach Adonai
    Isaiah 50:8
    He is near who declares me in the right…
    I am grateful to You Lord!
    Thank you Lana!
    The first thing God lead me to and I wrote down this morning in my notebook before I checked your post was Matt. 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. :))
    I love when God does that, and He does that all the time.
    Malachi 3:16 “…book…

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I Receive This Word!! Thank You Father God, Hallelujah!!
    We will remain in Your Peace. Arise Lord, Arise!
    The Lord’s Abundant Blessings upon you Ms Lana and your Beautiful Family <3

  • Lana Snyder

    I can’t begin to tell you how your words that the Spirit of the Lord downloads to you blesses my soul. I have seen things, dreamed dreams, had visions, downloads that come alive right before my very eyes & sang in the spirit since I was baptized in a southern baptist church in Oklahoma @ 12 yrs. old. No one knew what to do with me so they trained me for the mission field because outside of being a Sunday school teacher, there wasn’t much for me to do as a female. When the Lord brought your website into my life, I couldn’t believe it, as it seemed that someone finally understood my Pappa God, that was one of the first things that caught my attention! Thank You so much for sharing your Throne room vision & inspiring others to…

  • TT

    Years of scenarios are culminating this season…this word is so incredible to hear on this day. One aspect of my life where I was literally ripped apart with mistreatment where no matter what I tried to do to defend myself with the truth, I could not affect the situation. The Lord was the only one who could instruct me with direction during this season.
    This whole situation has turned completely around. It was ‘done’ and now, even that person saying it was done, has now OPENED it back up.
    Everything that was coming against me has been reversed and made ‘new’ in a sense that it is in my favor going forward. I wait, prayerfully, for the Lord to complete the entire situation as I stay in His peace.
    Thank you for your…

  • Angie

    Wow how this speaks to my heart. thank you Lana for posting. I have been going thru all of these attack in my workforce and I am so glad my papa God is about to vindicate it out and expose the lies of the enemy

  • Lyllie

    Amen, yes Lord God; do as You say, Your will, and Your way; Lord God, I will be so blessed, and joyous in You alone, for I know You are a God of Justice, a God of truth, and the only truth Lord Is You, and is found only in You.
    Thank You Jesus, for You are the truth and Faithful Witness…
    I don’t know Lord Jesus, how much longer it will take, but I have believed in You; and I have decided, to follow You, and speak Your truth, and nothing, but the truth, in Your precious name, Lord Jesus, in the power of Your precious blood, that was shedder for all my sins, and the price that was paid for me upon Calvary’s mountain, Lord God, I taken Your new covenant in the blood of Jesus Christ, and I know by Faith that I am under that covering…

  • Marcy Willis

    Thank you, Thank you Lana for your amazing heart to always obey the Lord and bring us exactly what He gives you! Dont let negatives throw your off the track of delivering whatever the Lord says to you for all of us.
    Your last word helped me go into a full day of intercession, that I believe, is bearing fruit!
    You are a treasure for the Body of Christ! Dont be fearful or discouraged, it’s just that you are on the front lines and sometimes “friendly (or not so friendly) fire” happens. Please ignore it and go UP, you know how! 🙂