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By Lana Vawser 


The fire of God is falling on manuscripts in the body of Christ right now, igniting a corporate shift in the birthing of ‘BREAKER ANOINTING’ books. There have been many wonderful, significant, amazing, revelatory books that have been written and released in the body of Christ over the generations and I am so thankful for those who have obeyed the Lord and put their “pen to paper”, as many books, the Lord has used to change my life, set me free and take me deeper. I honour all the writers and the gift God has given you. 




I saw the Lord highlighting books very specifically right now, that they are KINGDOM KEYS and BREAKER ANOINTINGS for many on books that you have read before. I felt the Lord saying that there will be a great REVISITING of books many have read before and books of old in this season. Don’t push aside the “unction” to reread those books because “you’ve read them before”. Follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit, for a saw specific BREAKER ANOINTINGS contained in these books that are what you need right now to catapult you to the next level. God is going to speak to many of you very specifically and significantly through ‘books of old’ and ‘books you have read before’ and it’s going to take you higher and further than you have ever been. For many of you, as you read the pages it will be as if you have never read it before, as the revelation will be so new and fresh and a word in season for you that will BREAK the oppression, opposition and bondage many of you have been feeling/experiencing. 




I saw the fire of God falling on manuscripts in such a beautiful and intense way. His fire was falling upon manuscripts that are in PROCESS. Those that are still being ‘written’ and those that have been written and are in the publication process. 


In the place where these writers have surrendered their manuscripts to the Lord and really written from a place of intimacy and the Word, I saw His fire falling to ignite these books with great ANOINTING, FAVOUR and PURITY! There are MANY books that are being released right now and about to be released that are carrying such a deep revelation of intimacy, pure stewardship of the Word and gifting that is going to bring even greater SHIFTS in the body of Christ. 


I saw many writers who were carrying ‘anxiety’ and ‘fear’ over their manuscripts and what they have written to make sure they are moving forward with integrity of what the Lord has placed on their hearts, that they have stayed true to the Word and to His message. I saw the bringing a comfort to these writers. That there would be supernatural confirmations of His message through you and He will purge and purify any parts of your manuscript that need to be as you continue to lean your ear on His chest, follow His leading and let Him do the rest. 


Many of you who have your manuscript in process are about to be SURPRISED by the FAVOUR and DOORS God is going to open for you THROUGH your manuscript. Keep going with it, do not give up, keep pushing through, for He is removing any blocks to release a river of revelation and favour upon the manuscript that He asked you to write.




I also kept hearing the Lord say “MANY OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN IN INTENSE FIRE GET READY TO WRITE!!! GET READY TO WRITE!!”. The Lord is stirring the need to “WRITE” upon many in the body of Christ who have been in intense fire but questions have got in the way. 


Questions of “when”, “do I have enough time?”, “how will this work?”, “how will I do this as I’m weary from the fire?”, “what do I have to say?”  I want to encourage you, lay the questions aside and sit down and begin to write what the Lord places upon your heart.


For many of you have been in intense fire in this season and as you sit down and begin to ask the Holy Spirit what He wants you to write , He is going to begin to show you the deep biblical based revelation that you have received through encounters with the FOURTH MAN IN THE FIRE!!!!!! What you have SOWED in the fire is about to SPRING FORTH!!!


In the midst of the fire, where the fire has tried to kill you and take you out, the Lord has been with you in the fire, and He has turned the fire and as you have pressed into Him, held His hand and trusted Him, He has brought a turning. He has shaped you, He has moulded you, He has matured you, He has refined your character, taught you integrity and humility and in deep encounters with Jesus, you have gained some of the deepest revelation of His Word and who He is, His beautiful nature, that you have EVER received. That’s all about to ‘come to the surface’ and ‘bubble on out’ as you sit down and ask Him what He wants to say through you. 


There will be SUDDEN, ACCELERATION OF TIME as you sit and write, the empowerment of the Spirit will see you write in a week what would have taken a year. The key is POSITION YOURSELF with your YES!!!! 




The Lord spoke to me recently and showed me an increase in shaking that’s coming in the body of Christ, but this is not something to fear, but an opportunity to go deeper. It’s an opportunity to know Jesus in deeper intimacy, to grow in maturity and to become even stronger in steadfastness, (James 1:2,12) perseverance and strength in Him.


In the midst of this shaking I saw the most glorious manifestation of ABUNDANT LIFE (John 10:10) for believers that embrace it. Such deeper awakening to LIFE, where LIFE Is defined not by ‘what you do’, ‘what gifting you have’, ‘how big your ministry is’, ‘how successful or how much breakthrough you have received’, but from the PURE PLACE of INTIMACY!!!!!! I saw in the midst of this intense increased shaking A JOY and ABUNDANT LIFE springing forth in the body of Christ from the REVELATION OF WHO JESUS IS!!!


Place not your eyes upon the shaking that’s coming, place not your eyes on anything else but JESUS! Lift your eyes to Him and KNOW your greatest days of maturity, strengthening, increase and depth of revelation of who He is, IS UPON YOU!!! He is cleansing His Church, He is maturing His Church and He is MAKING HER STRONG! He is MAKING YOU STRONG and ROOTED in HIM!!!!!!
In the same way you received Jesus our Lord and Messiah by faith, continue your journey of faith, progressing further into union with him! Your spiritual roots go deeply into His life as you are continually infused with strength, encouraged in every way. For you are established in the faith you have absorbed and enriched by your devotion to Him!”  (Colossians 1:6-7 – The Passion Translation) 


In this shaking the BIRTHING OF BOOKS He is releasing now, these beautiful, biblical, revelatory resources will act as CATAPULTS in this process of maturity for the body of Christ that will take God’s people DEEPER into encounters with Jesus. The birthing of many of these books are going to release such an impartation for INTIMACY with Jesus, I saw an explosive move of the Holy Spirit all across the body of Christ and I saw TWO WORDS arising and manifesting in the body of Christ and they were on fire. The words were “CHRIST CENTERED!!!” 


The acceleration of the REVISITING TO and BIRTHING OF many books right now will be CATALYTIC in the maturing, strengthening and equipping of the Bride that is about to take place in a significantly increased way. The Lord is about to RESOURCE His people in an increased and whole new and fresh way.




As fire was falling upon these books all across the body of Christ, there were different topics and different areas written about and in the spirit I could hear this shouting, almost like the very heart message of these books were shouting. They were shouting the GOODNESS and LOVE of Jesus and the TRUTH of WHO HE IS according to the Word of God. These books will act as the ‘breaker’ to bring incredible freedom, healing and deliverance. 


His fire is falling on manuscripts igniting a corporate shift in the birthing of greater anointing books and significant move of His Spirit to MATURE and CLEASE His Bride!


Time to get writing with the Holy Spirit! 



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  • Elizabeth Ricci

    Lead us Heavenly Father lead us. I am trusting the Holy Spirit to lead me in writing about my life. Many have been my afflictions , but, the Lord has delivered me from them one by one,
    I have procrastinated for quite a few years, but now your message and Word of the Lord has touched my heart. Pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire and direct me what to do and how. Thank you for this prophetic message,may the Lord use and bless you beyond your imagination.

  • Rena Goichberg

    O my! The fire of God has certainly fallen on this word you have given! I feel as excited and ignited as I was 6 months ago when God strongly changed my direction and said: you’re not doing this now, you’re writing a book. I had NO desire to write a book. None. But as I’ve stepped out into it, He’s fanning the smoldering embers into some kind of a bonfire that has caught fire on me and in me. And hopefully will ignite others with His deep bridal love for us. I cannot tell you how encouraging and timely your word is to me. Thank you SO MUCH – and God bless you mightily!!!

  • Robert

    Wow, Lana, I would say that’s ‘incredible’ but that would be a disrespectful word to describe the AWE I am in reading this post! Our book is being born right now and the first shipment hasn’t even arrived yet. SO MANY of the things you wrote here are RIGHT OUT of our steps this year, even MANY EXACT PHRASES. Its title, too, echoes this post, “Corridors in the Sky, Revelations of a New York 9/11 Air Traffic Controller.”
    “HALLELUYAH!!!!! Go, Christ-centered Kingdom!!!”

  • Robert S. Totman

    Wow, Lana, I would say that’s ‘incredible’ but that would be a disrespectful word to describe the AWE I am in reading this post! Our book is being born right now and the first shipment hasn’t even arrived yet. SO MANY of the things you wrote here are RIGHT OUT of our steps this year, even MANY EXACT PHRASES. Its title, too, echoes this post, “Corridors in the Sky, Revelations of a New York 9/11 Air Traffic Controller.”
    “HALLELUYAH!!!!! Go, Christ-centered Kingdom!!!”

  • Deborah Gittens

    Thanks lana for these words of encouragement, the lord had placed on my heart a long time ago to write a book & he has given me specific instructions which i have started but some how would always procrastinate but for the pass two weeks i have been going through some things & then I keep hearing the word write, so for the past week i have felt the need to be more focus & i am trying my best to finish what I have started, i also know that it is going to be a very powerful book because it will bring a great shaking to the body of Christ and that is why the enemy is trying real hard to delay but in the name of Jesus i am going to finish what I have started so much blessings to you & May God Almighty continue to bless, guide & use you.

  • Nancy Slocum

    Dearest Lana, thank you for posting this amazing word now and for your relentless obedience to publishing what’s on the Father’s heart. WOW! This word, more than all others, resonates in the depths of my core. I felt fire shoot up in my bones just seeing the title! It’s such a powerful confirmation to me and so very encouraging as I’m about to publish my first book, the one God told me to write years ago. It was written out of that deep place of intimacy with Him. I have beaten myself up many times for not having published it before now. I realize some things had to be dealt with first. Now I know is the appointed time for me to emerge and also give voice to those things near and dear to His heart that He speaks to mine. God bless you!

  • Diana Hartling

    Thank you Lana for that message! My hands were shaking and oil was forming on my palms as I read this prophetic word about God birthing manuscripts and new books about breakthrough, intimacy and the love of Jesus for His bride, the church.
    I have been struggling for years trying to put together a second book, but didn’t know where to begin, as it was much different than the first one. Then the Lord reminded me that sometimes these things are like the pieces of a puzzle, you don’t always see the Big Picture early on. Just be faithful with what God has given to you, and He will give you more, and it is He who will put the right pieces of the puzzle together until they make a beautiful picture only God could have penned by His loving…

  • Joye Knauf Alit

    Lana, I was so blessed by this message because August 20th I launched my first book: ‘Jurisdictions – Take Charge of the Sphere You Influence’.
    This morning I read your message about Purity vs toxicity for Queensland. Are you aware the Pacific Islanders (Deep Sea Canoe Mission) understand the ‘Ruling Angel’ over Australia to be Purity? Once again I was affirmed and blessed by your message because in ‘Jurisdictions’ the Lord had me talk about Intimacy as the prerequisite to Authority. The end is about being wooed as the Bride to the Throne, proceeding on to the Culmination all the heroes of faith are hanging out of heaven for, urging us on. They are not complete without us – 2000+ years still waiting! And the King is longing for His…

  • Jacquie Moore

    No way!!! The Lord had been getting me to re read some books that I had grown on 20, 30, 40 years ago. The Word of course is our ultimate life source and learning tool, but there are many books that He uses to teach and encourage us with. Thankyou Lana. So Blessed

  • Diane Lakner

    Dear Lana, I was crazy excited to read your prophetic Word about the Fire is Falling on Manuscripts. I lead a writer’s support group at my church. The name of my church is Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida and the name of our writer’s group is Flaming Pen to Paper. I would have done cartwheels, but age and lack of limberness kept me from it. I certainly was doing them in my spirit. Thank you so much for the encouraging words that you post every day. I am always eager to read them. God bless you and your ministry.

  • Traci

    Your ability to hear from the Father is incredible Lana, your ministry has helped me so much in this past year to give clarity to what was happening to me as I entered a time of trial and attacks from the enemy against my mind, since March. I am in full time ministry too following a pioneering dream He has given me. I have enjoyed such great peace for so long and God’s manifest presence, these attacks came as a shock. At the same time we entered a time of trial with our finances. Like a woman giving birth they have intensified in the past week.
    I have also enjoyed days of being in his Rest.
    I just started making preparations to write my first book last night, your post coming as confirmation from God, not a coincidence!! I love you…

  • Susan Rose

    Beautiful encouragement! I have a book within a month of publication!!! God has been whispering that “now is the time” for my book to be well-received and that His anointing is upon it.

  • Luane Watkins

    Thank you for that word. My adopted daughter & her family have really been going through it this year. They are coming out of all of it victorious thanks to their relationship with Jesus. Your word today has given her confirmation that she should continue to write her book. She is on chapter three, and you have inspired her to continue until…

  • Anna

    Oh Lana. reading this message has invigorated me. From 3 years ago I’ve been putting together “Poems for Jesus”
    and lately I’ve been wondering how and where to share them. It feels like I’m on the edge of something !

  • Diane

    I was thrilled with this Word. I lead a writers group called flaming Pen to paper at Ignited Church in Lakeland Florida. Thank you so much.

  • Lidia

    Wow, thank You Lord Jesus, thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the gift of Faith You have deposited within me; Lord God, please help me to continue in what has already started, and do not let me quit, nor give up, on pursuing what You have placed in my heart, Lord open my ears to hear Your voice, and touch and bound my spirit with Your Holy Spirit, and become like one in You, Lord God, give me the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, virtue, in You Dear Lord God, everything that I need to complete this project Lord God, is all in You, please Lord release it within me, Lord God, all I desire is: to give You honor, glory, praise, and worship You with Your truth, Lord God, when I start being honest to myself, then I will know that I!!

  • Jennifer Smothers

    Hi Lana,
    Thank you for hearing from the Lord and writing this post. This is exactly what we have been sensing here at Certa Publishing and the books God has allowed us to work with. We’ve seen a huge increase in His stirring of Kingdom-minded books. I especially loved your statement: “There is a great shaking about to increase in the body of Christ to bring the church to greater maturity and intimacy these revelatory resources will be catalytic in that process.”
    “My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.” Psalm 45:1

  • Kevin

    Please check out my free book on my web site: as I wrote on this subject years ago but it is about time people started waking up. The waking is just a beginning. The books shows the inner wine must be contained in the right wine skin or it won’t last. Maybe this why God holds back the pouring many times? Well sure. It touches on how the keys work in power in connection with real building but not in the old traditional way, but rather God’s way. It is a picture book: a series of moving pictures each one painting a thousand words. The anointing has already been upon it many years now and will continue to increase.
    Agape, Kevin

  • Jjhen

    Dear Lana, I AM greatly touched and moved as I read this. I found you while I was in search for some signs and symbols of my dreams last night. I was led to the book The Writers Anointing. and you came up on google search. With my curiosity your title was just like my dream. Oh how I wish I can share with you what i draw and write upon waking up in my journal this morning. I have always wanted to write and I feel like I start something and never finish. I am very passionate about self improvement books or any articles that helps me evolve as a human being. Last week I dreamed of books flying all over my head like it is coming out from my minds eye. Last night the Holy Spirit came into my dreams with books. What does it mean?