Prophetic Words


You are moving from fighting and fighting for your land, to TAKING the land.
The areas that you have faced Giants in that have continued to torment you are FALLING, and in your victory, as you assert your authority as a child of God you will SEE the manifestation of your declarations of His Word.
The CROSSOVER BREAKTHROUGH is here!!!! The areas where the Giants have plagued you, intimidated you and caused you fear, you will RISE UP to assist others in their journey of defeating them and taking their land. So be on the look out for those God brings into your life to assist.
You have been fighting for SO long to GET INTO your land of breakthrough, promise and victory and it is now MANIFESTING!
The very lands the enemy has tried to keep you from, the lands of increase, breakthrough, favour, revelation and wisdom are being given to you as you stand in your identity and authority in Him and will be given in your hands with INCREASE.
A great refreshing is coming to you in the new land. A rest and refreshing from the battle.
You are moving from fighting to get INTO the land to MAINTAINING YOUR PROMISED LAND!
You are moving from being a FIGHTER to get into your promised land to being a promised land DWELLER. You are moving into your inheritance. Taking your land and dwelling in it and enjoying its overflow.
As the CROSS OVER is happening the Spirit will lead you and give you wisdom on stewarding the promised land and waking in increase.
For such a time as this, you are moving into new territory, a sudden atmospheric shift in your season that will release the blessings of your promised land.
Momentum will flow as you take the land and your tent pegs will be extended.
Rejoice! You are CROSSING OVER!


  • harpeth21

    IT sure is! Glory to God Almighty our Father and Saviour Jesus Christ! SO MUCH JOY!!!! SHALOM!!! GLORY!!! Talk about cramming for the final test. Study ? to shew thyself approved. 2 Ti 2:15 Let the river flooow!! They come when HE SPEAKS. Rev 22!!! Woo-hoo!!! Wonderful. Counselor. Mighty God. Father of Everlasting. Prince of Peace. Isa 9:6

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Our son works on the dairy farm with his dad. It’s been awesome, that he’s the one that gets first to the barn now after so, so many years of my husband getting there first. For a week, he was taking photos daily of the sun coming up! One of the last photos that he showed me was a “cross-over” in the sky; a large cross like cloud streams crossing almost like a combination x and the cross of Calvary. I took note of that one as a sign in the sky for something significant. Now here is this word about “cross-over”!! Thank you for interpeting the sign in the sky for us!

  • mccomicsteve

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    I woke this morning after attack from the enemy all night long. The constant onslaught of their worthless attack is getting so old. He comes at me putting a thought in my head like maybe the name of someone im close to or to warn me of something that might happen at an event that is coming up in my schedule and once the thought is planted he sits and listens to read my mind or my thoughts so that I may imagine things that are not real that might take place or take the thought he’s put in my head and build to it that he may hear my thoughts this way and continue to add to it distorting what God’s trying to do in my life. I have become wise to his trickery and I understand his weak effort and what he is doing when I hear him, pretty much audibly. Unfortunately I hear the enemy to offer the same way I hear the Spirits such as, angels and my Lord speak to me. I know this is the enemy because he is an unfamiliar spirit. These are my Giants but I have a God that helps me overcome them. He is gifted me by the Holy Spirit with the gift of discernment! To read this message today as I pick up my iPad knowing it pertains directly to me is such wonderful great good news. As God confirms with me continually I am always with you and I will always bring you a word. Even if the enemy is trying to confuse you when I try to talk to you I will bring one of my profits to speak directly into your life

  • Nahomie Riche

    Been out hunting for Words of The Lord for me again and I feel this one spoke to me. The Lord is obviously having me in a spiritual prophectic word hunt. I do believe He’s building my spiritman because I’m so uncomfortable that I need to hear from The Lord and when I do it’s in these little whispers. It feels like a spiritual exercise. Than I feel ok for awhile and able to take the next step or get through the night. I’m so grateful theses archives are available. Thank you Lana