Prophetic Words


“Encourage the exhausted, and strengthen the feeble. Say to those with anxious heart, “Take courage, fear not. Behold, your God will come with vengeance; The recompense of God will come, But He will save you.” – Isaiah 35:3-4
Those who are exhausted, anxious, fearful and feel like they cannot stand anymore, TAKE COURAGE and do not let the things that seem “wrong” in your life bring you great fear. God is coming with a vengeance. All things that have been to you in great opposition, the “wrongs” that have been brought into your life, He is going to turn RIGHT.
The RECOMPENSE of God is coming. You MUST hold tight to His Word and do NOT allow anything to shake you from the truth of His Word.
I had the phrase on my heart this morning “There are always BLOW UPS before BREAKTHROUGH’s”. The bigger the breakthrough, often the bigger the preceding BLOW UP. But be encouraged for these BLOW UP’s end up a springboard into your breakthrough. God turns even the BLOW UP’s for your good to catapult you further into breakthrough.
Some situations in many lives right now seem they like refuse to “bow” to Him. You keep fighting, believing, declaring yet it keeps rearing its ugly head and stronger and stronger each time. Be encouraged! Your breakthrough is bigger than you have imaged.
God IS COMING!!!! He is coming to save you! He will NOT be late and He will NOT abandon you. You will be overwhelmed by His affection and the greatness of His love.
He is coming and ministering to you through His love. Push deeper into the secret place, into the inner chamber. In your exhaustion fall at His feet and let His love minister to you. He will refresh your heart, HE IS making all things new. Things ARE being set straight by Him even though you feel out of control.
He is ministering to you and administering His strength and empowerment to you.
Don’t look up at the BLOW UP’s, don’t even look at the longed for BREAKTHROUGH’s. Look to HIM! He is your source.
You may feel like a tornado of opposition has entered your life and is creating havoc and things are falling apart, but keep your eyes on Him amidst the storm, for I saw a whirlwind of LOVE and RECOMPENSE released from the heart of our glorious Daddy that is restoring, healing and bringing in THE NEW.
Hold tight to Him and His Word, He is ministering to you through this as you go before Him and administering His strength to you. You will breathe deep and easy again. Much has attempted to keep you from living in the realm of THRIVING and not SURVIVING, but I have good news.. NO MATTER WHAT.. In Him.. YOU HAVE ALREADY WON! Keep your eyes on Him, no matter the twists and turns, the mountains and valleys.. hold His hand.. YOU WILL overcome because through the glorious blood of the beautiful Lamb.. you have ALREADY overcome. You LIVE from that place of victory and you are moving deeper into that realm!

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