Prophetic Words


Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, NOT LACKING ANYTHING!!! – James 1:1-4
Many within the body of Christ have been facing “trials of many kinds” of late. One thing after the other. There has been a stretching happening within these trials that many have felt they have been stretched to their limit. There has been pressure, there has been opposition, there has been hardship yet at the same time there has been an increased favour, open doors and promotion. Yet the feeling of being “stuck in the wilderness” has been overwhelming for many.
I had a picture of many within the body of Christ and they were weighed down with many “bags”. I knew these bags represented the “trials” that had entered their lives and they were finding it hard to walk, let alone THRIVE. The bags just kept getting added to the people of God through life, through the enemy and from others. The more the bags added, the more weighed down these ones became and at the same time were being stretched more than ever to try and hold all these bags and keep walking.
I saw Jesus come to these ones and with the loving comforting encouraging beautiful smile of His, He said “Give all those to me”. I then realised that it was in “handing” Him each bag, there was a DEEP choice to TRUST Him. To trust Him with the outcome, to trust Him to make a way, to trust Him to provide, to trust Him to bring breakthrough, and for many the biggest area of trust was handing the bags to Him and trusting that disappointment would not rear its ugly head again.
Many struggled in such deep fear to release, and as they shook in fear, He stroked their shoulders whispering words of life into their ears. His promises that “ALL IS WELL and all WILL be well” no matter the physical outcomes because He will look after them, He will love them, strengthen, comfort and encourage them. Then with a LOVING tone in His voice that also carried a sense of urgency He spoke “REMEMBER MY PROMISES, REMEMBER WHO I AM”. This sense began to come over me that many had FORGOTTEN His promises and FORGOTTEN His goodness and kindness, His glorious nature because circumstances had become overwhelming and their eyes and focus had become on trying to keep walking carrying all the bags and not dropping any. “These bags are NOT for you to carry. As you walk through trials, give them to Me and I will carry them for you! I will carry you!”
As His perfect love enveloped them through His beautiful life giving encouraging words, their hearts settled and began to stop racing. I then saw many of the people of God begin to hand the bags to Him, one by one. As they handed Him these bags, I saw that His hands were HUGE, and I remembered the words from the song “He’s got the whole world in His hands”. Overcome with the sense that He is BIG ENOUGH to carry ALL THINGS!!!!!!
As these bags were handed to Him, these ones began to stand taller and taller again. Once all the bags were handed to Him these ones stood in peace in Him again and began to lift their hands again and worship Him. I then noticed that many of these ones had chains around their waists. It was then I heard Him speak “many are carrying this weight and it is holding them back. It is time for Me to remove it.” I looked behind many of these ones and at the end of the chain was a HUGE bag labelled “CONDEMNATION”. Many being held back by condemnation over these lives and themselves. Many believing they are “wrong”. As they worshipped I saw Jesus come over to each one with what looked like wire cutters and He cut the chain from around them. Once the chains had fallen to the ground He placed a belt around their waists and the biggest word on the front was “REDEEMED”. All around the rest of the belt were words of identity. “LOVED, FORGIVEN, CHERISHED, ADORED, SANCTIFIED, RESTORED”. There was LIFE in this belt, life in the WORDS that He had spoken over these ones and placed upon them and His liquid love began to flow through every part of their body and they were being restored, healed and refreshed from the weariness and battle of the trials that had been facing and burdens they had been carrying for so long.
He then spoke again. “ Though you continue to face trials of many kinds, all the burdens are in MY hands, continue to walk forward with Me through trust and worship. Through the trials I am building endurance in you and you will LACK NOTHING as you continue to walk through the hardships with eyes on Me and trusting Me.”
He then began to go up to each one and would say “You are coming into who I created you to be. You are maturing. You will lack NOTHING” and He would hand them heavenly bags. He was handing each one SO many bags. The bags were labelled wisdom, revelation of Me and My Word, provision, discernment/insight, keys for breakthrough”. The thought crossed my mind of how they would carry all those bags, but once He handed them the last one I noticed these bags had wings and they LIFTED the people of God off the ground and helped them FLY and then SOAR.
There was no burden in what He had given them, but it was JOY, EMPOWERMENT in these heavenly provisions.
As I watched many of the people of God soaring the words rang through my heart “they are lacking NOTHING”.
Jesus then says to me “Lana, what is the key? Look at their hearts” and in each one I saw eyes in their hearts and mouths in their hearts. No matter where they flew the eyes of their hearts were ON HIM, and their hearts were singing CONSTANT praises to Him. As they flew and huge mountains appeared before them and they had no idea whether they could make it over the top of them, they had the choice to look at the mountain or keep looking at Him with the heart of praise. As they continued to look at Him with the heart of praise they soared ABOVE the mountains. When it stormed, they continued to SOAR. It wasn’t a “this is an easy ride” sense, there were HUGE mountains, and there was LOUD thunder and there was FIERCE lightening but through it all their eyes were on Him and ALL was well as they flew.
With a smile in my heart, I was encouraged that no matter what trial the people of God face, no matter what hardship, embrace Him and let Him do His work in deep trust and the people of God would come out better than before in great maturity LACKING NOTHING and with a deep strength that comes from trusting Him NO MATTER WHAT!!!


  • Terry

    This is so encouraging to me. I cried because I’m desperate to break into His freedom and into my promises. I just need to know Him more and I know my life will continue to change. Thank you for this word. My goal is to be steady in my obedience and mature in my identity in Christ.
    Huge thanks!
    Terry Vos 402-779-1356

  • l29v15

    There aren’t words to express how much this fits my life, lately I cry because of all that I have been through in the past five years, and the torrent has not let up or ended, I knew this is what God was doing, but it doesn’t make it easier knowing. But sometimes I just want something good to happen to me!

  • Lynn Gordon

    Lately, I have found myself saying, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall lack no good thing!” from Psalm 23! When I saw this word and read it I was very encouraged! Oh, Thank You, my Beloved Shepherd! SURELY, I SHALL NOT LACK ANY GOOD THING!!