Prophetic Words


I saw many of the people of God approaching the throne with heads down, unhealthy fear, condemnation and disappointment.
I sensed the Lord saying that the revelatory truth of Hebrews 4:16 has been stolen from many of HIs people:
“So now we come freely and boldly to where love is enthroned to receive mercy’s kiss and discover the grace we urgently need to strengthen us in our time of weakness.” – Hebrews 4:16 – The Passion Translation.
I heard the cries in many hearts as they have been in the “waiting” and have been in the “battle” and the battle has wearied them so much that lies have begun to creep in and condemnation trying to set in.
Feelings and thoughts of inadequacy, feelings and thoughts of they will always be “last” because of “who they are”, feelings and thoughts of God not bringing them to the place of breakthrough and manifestation because of their past. Because of what they have done, or what they are “not doing”.
Condemnation and lies were beginning to hinder intimacy for many and steal the revelatory truth that they can come to the throne boldly and freely because of Jesus and they would be embraced and KISSED by our heavenly Daddy.
I saw “prayer bowls” that were alongside the throne had tipped and were beginning to pour out the overflow of fruitfulness and manifestation into these ones lives. The kindness and love of God was being lavished upon them that condemnation and lies was beginning to break off to lead them to the deeper truth that they are DEARLY LOVED.
As these prayer bowls were tipped over the people of God, seeing that their prayers had been heard, the hearts cries were listened to, they had not been forgotten, their desires were cared for, their burdens were carried and prayers answered, condemnation was beginning to fall off.
As liquid love was being poured out from heaven, and the living water flowing from these prayer bowls over these struggling ones, bringing manifestation of long awaited promises in their lives, this living water solidified and turned into stairs that led to the throne.
Each expression and demonstration of His kindness and love “in the release” was leading them into deeper intimacy with the Father. Deeper intimacy with their heavenly Daddy. As they reached His lap, condemnation had been broken off and lies melted away as the embrace of their heavenly Daddy of such love and approval surrounded them. He leant down and kissed them on the forehead with such mercy, tenderness and love, that they were strengthened in their time of weakness. Deep healing was taking place.
Condemnation had been broken off and strength was flowing in them again to be able to continue to walk in this new realm of manifestation and the strength to contend for greater.
Don’t give up! Don’t let condemnation, lies or fear keep you from approaching Him. If you are battle weary, snuggle up into His arms and let Him love on you.
His kisses of favour will begin to be seen more and more in your life that will turn to stairs to lead you to deeper encounters with your beautiful heavenly Daddy who adores you!
Approach the throne boldly and freely because of JESUS!!!!! Don’t be discouraged by the “process”. It is always darkest before the dawn, and you are being led to the greatest treasure of all…. TO KNOW HIM!!!!!
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