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I saw many have been feeling the “uncomfortableness” of pruning and have been finding the process tiring and difficult. But I want to encourage you that there is an intense pruning happening right now in the body of Christ, and when the Lord leads His people into a time of pruning it is to cut away all that is hindering you. It is for your good. It is to extend you on the inside. It is to prepare you for promotion and greater favour.
The process right now, although painful, embrace it, for what may feel like a wilderness is the place where you are going to FIND HIM and you will come out LEANING on your Beloved.
“Who is this who comes up from the wilderness, leaning upon her Beloved?” – Song of Solomon 8:5
His fire of purification and pruning is burning away things that don’t please Him, and things that do not please Him. It is to bring about a purification, to cleanse hearts and further prepare His people to move further into their destinies.
This beautiful purifying fire of God coming upon the people of God is to position them to SEE HIM, greater encounters with His Glory.
“The pure in heart shall SEE GOD” – Matthew 5:8
In this process of purification as the people of God embrace His fire, He is igniting greater hunger to know Him. I mentioned in a previous word that a word on my heart has been “RAVENOUS” to be extremely hungry. As His fire is falling upon His people, He is igniting ravenous hunger. He is igniting this hunger to strengthen you and to extend you to enter the encounters that He has waiting for you.
I saw the fire of God burning away distractions in the mind and hearts of many of the people of God. As the beautiful fire of God was purifying and burning away the distractions and dross, the ears of the people of God whilst in the fire were being fine tuned to hear His voice more clearly. As distractions, delusions, deceptions and dross was falling away there was a clarity coming to the people of God in their personal relationships with God to hear Him more clearly.
Embrace this process of pruning and purification with open arms. Embrace it wholeheartedly for He it is a platform for promotion. I saw the people of God coming into deep encounters with Jesus and He had FIRE in His eyes. Fire of love and passion for His people. A passion to draw His people deeper into the inner chamber of intimacy. A passion to extend His people to step deeper into all that is already theirs from what He purchased at Calvary.
The people of God are going through a burning process but they are not being burnt but SET ALIGHT. In the natural if a person walks into fire they are burned and/or killed. This beautiful baptism of fire that is happening now is not killing you but BRINGING YOU TO LIFE.
You are being brought to life in the fiery chamber of intimacy with your Beloved. You will KNOW what it means to be an overcomer. You will BURN with a PASSION for Jesus that you have not carried before. You will SHINE His light to NATIONS, many of you are being positioned and prepared to bring huge changes to nations. You will come out of this baptism of fire with a STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE in His goodness and love that will see you anchored in Him and NOT SHAKEN.
The people of God that embrace the fire will come out looking MORE AND MORE LIKE JESUS, and it will be CLEAR to see that they have BEEN WITH JESUS!!!!!
I also saw many of the prophets going through the fire. A purification happening so they may be drawn deeper into the supernatural realm to hear and see and declare His Word. Anything that has been hindering them pressing in is being burnt away. Anything that has been bringing hinderance to their delivery of words is being burnt away. They are being led into a deeper level where they will see the FIERY BURNING PASSIONATE LOVE of God at a deeper level and the words they proclaim will drip more and more with the revelation of heaven and His heart of love and goodness for His people.
Prophets are being extended in the fire, deeper purification, to carry new revelations, birth greater prophetic words to bring breakthrough and shifts, and words to uncover plots of the enemy before they take place.
Many prophets of late are feeling great birth pangs, a constant discontentment and stretching. The Lord is drawing many of His prophets into the fire to bring healing to any open doors in their lives that the enemy may use to try and bring them to their knees. This deep healing is taking place and the fire is hotter than ever, but as they came out I saw them carrying words for NATIONS. That as these words were delivered nations were LITERALLY beginning to shift and the people of God in these nations set on fire and awakened to go into the nation and shine for Him. Movements of love were happening all over the nations as the people of God were SET ON FIRE AGAIN! It is time for the nations to really see His love!
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  • R Lukianiuk

    Hi Lana. .can you please ask God what’s happening with me? Like what are His plans for me? Thanks Ruth

  • [email protected]

    YES YES YESSSSS!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! Birthing! To come out of the fire not smelling like smoke! These are things that have been in my spirit. Thank you!
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  • Sonja,Mara Warrington

    Good day to you LANA, it touched my heart very deeply and take to heart what you have said. Blessings and look forward to more dissipline and instruction from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Thank you so much for being obedient to what FATHER GOD tells you and that you share it with everybody. I definately want to listen to what GOD has to say about things, these days. Blessings!!!! 

  • Sonja

    Barbs!! Lees die die vrou se woord is elke slag so bevestigend lees veral die laaste gedeelte oor the Prophet!! ??
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  • Beverley Estes

    I have been through this fire for 5 to 6 years. Now God is using me to lay hands on others and they are being healed. I am seeing many going through this too. BB