Prophetic Words


I saw envelopes falling from heaven, it was raining these most beautiful envelopes with gold seals on the back, and as I looked closer at the seals I saw there were scepters on each of these seals… a letter from heaven, I thought. I knew whatever was contained in these envelopes was from the King of Kings.
These envelopes were falling from heaven and they fell into the Bibles of the people of God. As I opened one of these envelopes this piece of paper shined with such bright light, it was almost blinding. As I looked closer I saw it was an invitation to the people of God into deeper encounters with Him and His Glory.
Simultaneously I saw the word Moses on this invitation almost pop out like 3D and next to it the words “Come up here”.
Instantly understanding was brought to my heart that the King of Kings is inviting His people into some of the greatest encounters with His Glory they have EVER seen and had.
Accepting this invitation will see you knowing Him like you have never known Him before and bring about some of the greatest heavenly shifts in your life you have seen thus far.
God was bringing His people to a place of deep awe of His Glory and goodness through these encounters. Great alignment was coming into hearts, minds and lives through these encounters, which would also see the Spirit break out in their lives breaking down walls that have kept them from pressing in closer to Him, and moving forward.
Then the word “Moses” that I had seen came back to my mind with the flooding revelation that the people of God are moving into such depth of encounter that the Glory of God will be seen all over them. They will shine like they have never shone before.
Also that these encounters were coming from the mountain of intimacy. The place where the people of God “come away” to spend time with the Father and seek Him without distraction. A holy separation to seek Him. In that moment I remembered the invitations fell into the Bibles that were being held by many of the people of God.
I felt the Lord saying that these encounters are going to happen as the people of God position themselves in the Word. Many distractions, trials and oppositions are coming against the people of God to KEEP THEM OUT OF THE WORD. Stand against this! Do whatever you have to do to stay in the Word. For you are going to have some of the greatest encounters of your life with His Glory and presence through the revelation of His Word. FIGHT to stay in His Word. Have the Bible playing on audio, put verses everywhere you can see them, do whatever you have to do to feast on the Word.
These encounters with seeing His Glory in a way the people of God have not seen, is going to see doors of great favour open for many. The world will look and know that these ones have “been with Jesus”. His Glory is going to shine and attract greater opportunities and open doors to release His Word and Kingdom.
What will be gained in one encounter with His Glory in this season would take years to build in the natural. The revelation and favour the Church is stepping into as they position themselves is going to be greater than what we have seen previously.
It is time to shine, it is not time to hide. Position yourself before Him and stay in the Word and know you are moving into some of the greatest encounters of your life. Seeing HIM in all His beauty and splendour is going to bring HUGE shifts in many areas of your life.
Understanding the supernatural and language of the Spirit at a deeper level, and seeing with new eyes into His Word. Seeing His Glory is going to change EVERYTHING.
As you enter into these encounters you will be left ravenous. The hunger to know Him and see Him is going to go to another level. As the ravenous hunger comes and increases, do not be discouraged by it, but use it to contend and go deeper.
For the ravenous hunger that will be released to you, is simply another invitation to go deeper and higher, and He intends to meet you, marking the season of deep encounters with Him to bring you to that place of greater unveiling of who you are.. A CHILD OF GOD who lives in deep intimacy with their heavenly Daddy and is moving into the world bringing atmosphere shifts for the Kingdom as they proclaim the revelations that were received in these Glory Encounters.
The invitation is here. He is beckoning His people “Come up here”…
Will you accept the invitation?
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  • Elsie Bouwman

    Confirmation for “Come up here”:on our fridge for weeks now is a bright yellow half page with this verse written on it with fancy hand made swirly letters with a red marker! “And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” Revelations 4:1

  • Kailash Agnihotri

    A bit sensitive to your vision of envelopes fall from heaven with gold seals and also something about Moses as a sort of afterlife for the prophet. I am dazed by the vision shown at our church JESUS in image with hands as on a sejeance and clouds all around, a scene in heaven, St Luke 24:50-51 I guess. I did pray that seers believe so spiritual a scenery shown in religion.

  • markahrens92

    This afternoon, The Lord gave me a really cool picture of intimacy with Him. Many times, when He wants to communicate with us, He asks us to lean in, to make an effort to come closer. Sometimes so close that He can whisper and we can hear Him clearly. Sometimes even so close that we lay our head upon His chest. This is so that even as we can hear His whisper, we can also feel the warmth of His breath on our face and to be so near to Him that we can hear the thumping of His heart beating. Hmm, to be so close as to hear the heartbeat of God, what an incredibly safe and intimate place to exist . . .