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I have had Genesis 50:20 going over and over in my head over the past week. 
“What the enemy meant for evil against me, the Lord intended it for good.”
I felt the Lord saying that whatever “way” the enemy has used to throw at you to attempt to throw you off the course, STAND YOUR GROUND. For the BANNER OVER YOUR SEASON IS GOOD!!!!!! As you stand your ground in Him, not only will the attempts of the enemy be UNCOVERED, they will be SEEN THROUGH, they will be broken, they will fail, you are moving into TAKING BACK GROUND that is yours. Things that have been “on hold” are being released. 
The Lord is declaring and lifting His banner over your season and the prognosis is GOOD!!!!! WHATEVER the enemy is attempting to throw at you to knock you off the course the Lord has you on, HE is going to use it for good (Romans 8:28) HE is going to turn things for good, YOUR GOOD. No matter what you SEE in the natural right now, look away from it and through the eyes of faith, through the eyes of heaven and you will see the very things the enemy has sent against you will be put under your feet and the GOODNESS of a GOOD GOD will be seen. It may not be how or when you expect but God has your back!!!! 
As Kris Vallotton says “If it isn’t good, then it is NOT the end.”
Keep holding on, keep standing your ground, for the people of God are taking MORE GROUND in an ACCELERATED way than ever before and that is why the enemy is SO afraid and he is throwing EVERYTHING he can at them. 
You are breaking through in Him!! The enemy may have thrown everything at you to stop you, but I saw the hand of the Lord coming down upon the enemy’s written plans and assignments and He stamped a seal across it with such authority and the stamp left a seal that said…. “BUT GOD”…!!!!!!!
You may be in the greatest TESTING of your life, but you are actually in the soil for your greatest TESTIMONY thus far!


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  • Elsie Bouwman

    Heard this song in my heart after rereading the message: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Do not be overcome by evil.”

  • Marci W.

    Lana, you really are such a blessing and an encouragement. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for posting these words. They have a huge impact on my faith.

  • Nancy Slocum

    Hallelujah and Amen! Another timely and edifying word, Lana!!! Yes… these are times of severe testing because the enemy knows his time is short, BUT I want to remind him that his name – LOSER – is on the bottom of my shoe and is saying you are utterly defeated, in Jesus name!!! BUT GOD… in Christ the body is passing every test with flying colors and is possessing their full inheritance!

  • Petrie

    All glory to YHWH our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ our saviour and I thank the Lord for you, Lana and your words every day. They are a true blessing.Blessed are you Lana, for you have glorious encounters more than words really can describe. We serve a living God full of surprises and ways so extraordinary and lavish. Glory to Him. Amen.