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There is a tremendous shaking, sifting and shifting happening right now across the body of Christ. The heat of the season and the pressure that has come with it is bringing a lot of “dross” to the surface in many hearts.

Last night as I was falling asleep I heard the Lord say that issues of the heart are being brought to the surface in many lives and are overwhelming and looking like mountains. The “issues of the heart” that have come to the surface for many have become so intimidating and so big that many have become “stuck” in the revelation of the wounding, lies, strongholds, struggles that have come to the surface.

I felt the Lord saying these “issues of the heart” have not been brought to the surface to intimidate you, to overwhelm you, or to discourage you, but actually to POSITION YOU for HEALING.

The Lord has REVEALED these things because He wants you HEALED. As you get before Him and share these “issues of the heart” with Him, radical healing and wholeness is going to take place. Perfect love is going to be PERFECTED in you. Shame, lies, fear, struggles, anxieties, worries, crippling strongholds and lies are going to be melted away by His perfect love. 

Don’t look at this “heart issue” that has come to the surface as a mountain that cannot be moved. It’s about to be melted away. Don’t become a victim of this mountain, don’t allow yourself to fall into discouragement or condemnation but KNOW that you are moving into greater realms of wholeness and healing. 

The Lord is extending you, He is strengthening you, He is awakening you MORE to the TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE. 

You may feel like these “issues of the heart” are causing a “breaking” and they are, but it is a glorious breaking. A glorious breaking to release you into greater dependence upon Him, greater trust, greater revelation of His love and who you are. You are actually being promoted into new levels of dependence and revelation of His DELIGHT in you and radical LOVE for you. 

He is undoing you with His love and goodness, bringing you into greater freedom. 

In this glorious undoing, not only are things that have entangled you melting away, but He will flow through you more powerfully than ever before.

The breaking process can be painful and uncomfortable but He is carrying you, surrounding you with His love and comfort to BRING YOU TO LIFE. His arms are wrapped around you. You are safe in Him!!! No reason to fear!!! He is LOVING YOU TO LIFE!!!!!!!!

You are actually moving to a place of greater strength in Him than you have ever been as you embrace this process. Anything hindering you is being broken off. It’s time to let go. To free fall into His arms, and see that is the SAFEST place for you to be. To let go of striving, to let go of performance and step into the overwhelming beautiful revelation of His love. 

Embrace to process, fall into His arms and you are moving forward in greater WHOLENESS into a WHOLE NEW WORLD!


  • L

    Lana, I struggled the last day severely in this exact thing… I am undone. I want to bless you and to thank you for confirming my walk almost daily – it’s been wild. All glory to the giver of the gift and much love to you.

  • carolina smith

    You have not an idea how much the revelation you share has blessed me every day, but this one is so absolutely mine. I just can not explain enough how much this word means to me and this moment. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • carmen appleby

    Wow. This speaks right to where am at. Not only struggling with shame, fear, social anxiety etc but I also have bitterness and envy issues. I hate that I have these sins in my heart and I have repented and repented and not overcome. I have been feeling a lot of condemnation over this. I do feel a lot of inner healing is needed for me as well as repentance. I can do the repentance bit but the inner healing is something I can’t do myself

  • Nancy Slocum

    Another great word, Lana! Yes! God is undoing those heart issues and wants His body to SEE He ALREADY remade us IN HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. He just wants us to SEE it and RECEIVE the manifestation of it! I love your heart and gift of seeing rightly in the spirit! God richly bless and exponentially increase you and your family and ministry! Thank you for continuing to hear the Father’s heart and share it with His body in Jesus name!!! Praise God forevermore!

  • Janice Heger

    It amazes me how God speaks to issues in my life consistently through you. God be praised for His gifting that He has given you. What a spirit of revelation and truth. God bless and shower you with provision, encouragement and all you need.

  • Keri Lynn Siegel

    Greetings Lana,
    My best friend introduced me to your ministry several months back and it is a blessing to me. Thank you for hearing God. I keep you in my prayers regularly. Be blessf.
    Keri Lynn Siegel

  • Jonathan Walden

    Truly you have been a great help in such a time of need. I have been following lately and have benefited from your ‘spot on’ and timely words. I do however have a question:
    Recently on July 21st you wrote “Many have been so bewildered and disorientated by the battle, that they have felt they were being “SIFTED”.. about to be “knocked out”. This is A LIE! The enemy wants you to give up. Give him NO attention! Give GOD all your attention and praise for as you rest in Him, you are NOT BEING SIFTED, BUT YOU ARE BEING SHIFTED!!!!!!!!”
    I am unclear about your recent (8/3) word stating: “There is a tremendous shaking, SIFTING and shifting happening right now across the body of Christ.” Would you please clarify??
    Sincerely, Jonathan

    • kayla

      I think the July 21st’s sifting, in context, was an emotional sifting. Some have us have felt like we’re ‘falling apart’ and wearing thin, or invaluable. And the word was to show that God says you are valuable and no matter how you feel, you are not like the stones and sand being disgarded when sifting for gold. You are the gold. No matter what others say or how you feel, God thinks you’re important. I think the other “sifting”, is referring to reshuffling, or refining. The image I get is flour being sifted for bread. The people of God may feel they are being displaced, but that is necessary for their refinement. You can’t make good bread with clumpy flour. The trials we experience are necessary in order for us to be ready to fulfill our destinys.
      Hope that helps?
      In love,