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Today I have been feeling the Lord saying over and over “I am the GOD who remembers. I have not forgotten.” 
The Lord remembers what He has told you and what He has promised you through His Word. He also remembers what the desires are on your hearts even from long ago. 
I saw the Lord pull out a “PROMISE BOOK” and it was golden and shining. I felt Him say “Now is the time for these pages to come alive”. Suddenly I saw the right side of the page, and it was FULL of prayers from recent ones to DECADES back and these were prayers the people of God had prayed out of their love for Him. Desires that had bubbled to the surface, out of overflow, out of their relationship with Him. Desires that had flowed out of a childlike faith of sharing their dreams and hopes with their good Papa while they sat on His knee. As they sat simply delighting in Papa!  From the smallest desires to the big dreams, He had taken account. 
On the left side of the page were the promises of His heart, the promises of His Word. The prophetic words spoken over the lives of His people from His Papa heart. 
Suddenly the two pages came alive and began to “JOIN TOGETHER”. Hearts desires from past to present, marrying His promises and words forming a chain of strength and glory that could not be broken.
He is bringing into manifestation many desires and dreams in the MIDST OF His promises and words being fulfilled. In the midst of your breakthrough, you will see things that even you had forgotten you asked Him for, COME TO LIFE.
He has not forgotten!!!! He is the God who remembers. You are going to see His love and delight for you at a whole new level. He has not forgotten you!!


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  • maryanne

    I believe receive occupy possess and own this word that God has not forgotten me cause I’ve been feeling like something has died in me
    Thank you Lana

    • Bryan Jacobs

      I will be praying for a Lazarus raising for the spiritual things that need to live in you. I will pray that what needs to remain dead would be buried and not mourned over.
      Blessings in Jesus!

  • Carrie

    Oh how I receive this. Lord, let it be so! I have been waiting a long, long time for his promises to manifest and finally he has been telling me for 2.5 months that “the time is now”….yet, Angels have been telling me there is even more delay and so there is no manifestation. And everything points to the opposite of those things. I know His promises are true, but this has been the hardest season of standing and the longest wait for “now is the time” to come to fruition. I’m taking this word and receiving this and believing that I will finally see and experience what he promised. Amen!

  • Nancy Slocum

    Bless you dear sister! This word blessed me and resonated so deeply in my spirit for such a time as this!!! RIGHT NOW WHERE I LIVE IN HIM! As I read it I felt wave after wave of Papa’s love washing over me and confirming what you shared from His heart…. and I felt the waves of my love flowing back to Him as we became one unified wave… flowing out to drench others as you have done, Lana!!! Thank you for being you! Sending lots of love back to you….
    Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls;
    All Your waves and billows have gone over me. Psalm 42:7 NKJV

  • Bryan Jacobs

    Good morning Ms.Lana,
    Sometimes because of the word of the Lord you post i feel that you are my own personal prophet LOL. The word’s you post apply very specifically to me nearly every time you post. Thank you for sharing so regularly.
    I see the Lord moving and shifting through the body. I see a lot of changes coming for the body. The Lord showed me a great time of repentance that will sweep the body. A time of fasting and mourning in repentance for giving our identity away. Not that we all have, but as Nehemiah repented and prayed for his whole family and nation, so the few who truly fast and repent and approach the Lord with weeping and mourning will repent for the nations and the body. A time of sacrifice i feel is coming upon the body. But through this the Lord is going to truly re-establish himself in the hearts of men and women to prepare us for HIS return, in HIS grace he will do this.
    I don’t know if any of this resonates with you or your spirit but this is what i have been seeing.
    Blessings to you and your awesome family…thank you again!!!

  • Tai East

    May THE LORD bless you and keep you always! May HIS face shine upon you like never before! I pray that HE will infinitely bless the work of your heart and your hands. You are a treasure, sweet Lana! Peace and immeasurable blessing to you, Love! 🙂

  • Charlene

    This is MINE! You remembered me when you gave this to Lana. O Praise You, God! Everyone, it is not over. I’ve had all these things being 54 and lots of years of loving Him and being filled with Him and knowing my death, but He has breathed new life and now the dreams….I can BELIEVE again with this help.