Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser

I recognise this is a longer word and the Lord has had me sit on this prophetic word for the Pioneers for a little while now as He has been unravelling deeper revelation of what He is releasing.

 In this prophetic word, I felt the Lord wanted me to share the details of a particular encounter I had with Him, because I believe there’s an impartation He wants to release through this word. Pioneers, I pray you receive a great impartation from His heart as you read this prophetic word.

The Pioneers, the forerunners, the trailblazers. They are moving with the leading of the Holy Spirit to create His pathway and breakthrough in new ways. There is a great birthing these Pioneers are now walking into, they are exploring new lands, conquering new places and they are actively running, stewarding and releasing the new move of the Holy Spirit in these terrains that have not been forged and ploughed before.


I saw there was a warning and invitation being released from the heart of God to the Pioneers to remain in the place of REST. The place of REST being the place of being led by His Spirit. I saw a tremendous temptation in the spirit in this season of acceleration and increase to “run ahead” of what God is doing, to attempt to build things before His timing, or to implement things before His unction out of passion and excitement. The Lord loves the passion and excitement of His Pioneers, but He wants the excitement and passion to be coupled with surrender, yieldedness and sensitivity to His timing and leading.

For the impartation, the revelation and manifestation that is being released to the Pioneers in this season is on a greater scale than many have experienced or carried before, and the heart of the Lord is that the Pioneers steward the increase well, with humility, integrity and sensitivity to His leading. 

In the encounters I have had with the Lord lately concerning the Pioneers amongst others, I have felt a weightiness in the spirit that I haven’t felt before, that what He is releasing now is so precious, it is so weighty, it is so valuable, the Lord is looking for the Pioneers who will steward it well and release it with integrity. The place of humility and yieldedness to Him and to His timing, His ways and His strategy is the key to “entering into” this deeper place of revelation of His heart and secrets.


I had a powerful encounter with the Lord recently and in this encounter I saw Jesus and He was inviting the Pioneers into the most beautiful room in the library of heaven. 

The interesting thing about this room in the library of heaven was the door was VERY SMALL. The door was tiny, so to “enter into this room” and to move into the invitation the Lord was releasing, there was a significant call to “lay down, and go low”. There was a deeper place of surrender, humility and yieldeness to the Lord that had to take place, it is not a place of “striving” to “be humble” but a recognition that He is Lord, and we are not. He is the One who we hand the reigns over to, to lead, to guide, to speak. We hand the reigns of timing over to Him. We hand the reigns of “the way” over to Him. We hand the reigns of how things are “built” over to Him, it was a place of such deeper surrender to Jesus and trusting Him in His way and timing. The beautiful thing is I could feel so strongly in the invitation to continue to ‘lie down’ and ‘go low’, is the plans, purposes and manifestation of what He is building is bigger than what is even being dreamt about by the Pioneers.

I watched as those Pioneers who were living in that place of surrender, humility and the secret place were entering in through this tiny door. The room they were invited into in this season was a room that had wall to wall bookshelves, as high as the eye could see. Huge ladders up to the top shelves and there were SO many books everywhere. 

Jesus stood in the middle of the room at a large golden table and He was smiling. Behind this huge golden table was a red chair and as the Pioneers that had accepted his invitation, one by one entered in, I heard the loudest declaration booming from His heart, so strongly, it could have crumbled a mountain in a moment. 

The declaration was:

‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.’ – Jeremiah 33:3 – (Amplified Version)

My heart was so moved by what I heard. So moved by what I was seeing take place. The invitation to the Pioneers in this season, those that have been living not for the praise of man, not to build their own ministry, not to self-promote, not in striving, but in rest and deep intimacy with Him, were being invited into a place of HEARING and SEEING His heart and secrets unlike ANYTHING they had experienced before. This place was precious, it was weighty, it was a place where the Lord was about to reveal things which had been confined and hidden and release greater clarity, wisdom, strategy and revelation of what He is doing, what He is dreaming about, what He is saying and what is to come. This place was not entered into lightly, it was a place of seeing and hearing the depths of His heart, a most trusted place that the friends of God were accessing.

I saw Jesus pull down a large book from the shelf and engraved in gold on the front of this large brown leather bound book was Jeremiah 33:3. Jesus invited the Pioneers to come and “take their seat”.

Instantly I felt His presence fall SO heavily, it almost made me tremble and I knew a deep shift was taking place in the spirit over the Pioneers who had entered in. Not just this invitation into the most precious place of all, the deeper place of receiving the revelations and secrets of His heart, but a greater awakening and manifestation of the power of the Pioneers taking their SEAT. Such a great awakening of Ephesians 2:6:

“He raised us up with Christ, the exalted One, and we ascended with him into the glorious perfection and authority of the heavenly realm, for we are now co-seated as one with Christ!” – (The Passion Translation)

Suddenly, the knowing surrounded me. The chair being red, the place Jesus purchased for us by His blood, to take our seat with Him in oneness, seated in heavenly places. In this season of encounter with Jesus for the Pioneers in one of these rooms in the library of heaven, was releasing a greater awakening to their authority and seated place with Christ.

They took their seat and opened this huge book. The pages were FILLED with writing, the writing when I looked at it, was written on the page, but as I looked at each line, it was as though I could not only see the words on the page, but each line had a depth that I could see down deep into what looked like rivers of pure, flowing, living water. There was such an incredible sense of drinking in the revelation He was releasing, and thirsting no more for anything else but Him. Each word almost shouted “As you drink this water, you will never thirst again” (John 4:14), the fountain that will never run dry, yet each drink you take, you will become thirstier and thirstier for Jesus, to know Him and to know His Word. 

I noticed that engraved on every page was 1 Corinthians 2:10:

“But God now unveils these profound realities to us by the Spirit. Yes, He has revealed to us His inmost heart and deepest mysteries through the Holy Spirit who constantly explores all things.” – (The Passion Translation)

There was a great unveiling of revelation taking place, a depth of revelation of the inmost parts of His heart and deepest mysteries, and it was ALL FOUNDED and FLOWING from Him – Jesus Christ and EVERY WORD deeply, rooted, grounded, founded, flowing and released from the Word of God. 


For the last year or so I have been having profound encounters with the Lord regarding the Lord looking for those who will LINGER with Him. Over a year ago, the Lord came to me powerfully in a dream and for hours upon hours in my dream, He asked “Where are those who will linger? Where are those who will linger?” For those who linger, I will entrust the secrets of My heart”. This has been a word I impacted me deeply, and I have been carrying ever since.

He is looking for those who will linger with Him, His friends! Those who will sit with Him, to be with Him.
In this encounter I heard the Lord say “LINGER IN THE LIBRARY”. In this season of encounter in one of the library rooms of heaven, don’t rush to get out. For there is not just one book the Lord is opening, there are MANY. He has MANY things to show you. MANY things to reveal, and in the temptation to “rush” from this place, or be ‘distracted’ or ‘prioritise’ other things above this place of encounter, will hinder the revelation flow of what He wants to release.

So do whatever you have to do in this season to LINGER IN THE LIBRARY!!!!! 

The Lord also asked me a question:

“Lana, in libraries in the natural, what is the atmosphere established?” 

I replied:

“Quietness, reflection, reading, meditation, absorbing”

He replied:

“Then how much more in a library room of heaven.” 

The Lord was inviting His Pioneers into a deeper place of lingering, a deeper place of quietness before Him, being with Him, meditating upon what He is saying, delighting in His presence and hearing His heart. It was a place of encounter and conversing with Him, but I felt the focus the Lord was bringing was upon a “heart attitude” before Him, the position of rest, quietness, to hear and receive.
The depth of intimacy being entered into in this place was a place that had not been encountered before, such a deep place, that the Pioneers were even being left speechless by what He was speaking, releasing and revealing. Such beautiful, heavy, weighty, awe of God encounters.

I then felt Isaiah 30:15 all around me, a greater level of trust and strength was coming to the Pioneers:
“In quietness and trust is your strength.” Isaiah 30:15


He then spoke again:

“The enemy has been coming against you to muzzle you, to silence you, to stop you, to contain you and to prevent you in this season. The enemy has come like a wolf, to bring such deep fear, growling with his vicious lies, growling to cloud the atmosphere, growling to interfere with you hearing from Me, to create greater static and twisting of what I am saying, to hinder the fruit I am growing, the strategy I am releasing to you, and the increase of encounter, visitation and revelation that you have been invited into in this place. This place represents you, My precious Pioneers stepping into MORE, more than you have ever known or imagined, but it ALL FLOWS from who I am, My heart and My Word. The shift has begun and the very confusion the enemy has attempted to bring upon you, that very confusion will now be sent upon him as you step deeper into My rivers of revelation.”

“But you must stay under the canopy of My Word. Do not move from My Word. Stay covered, sheltered and immersed in My Word in this place and watch and see how the wolves will be chased away. Deception and lies will flee and you will move into deeper realms of My truth.”

“These wolves have come and made noise attempting to hinder this season of revelation and encounter, but they will not be able to keep up with the revelation I will release to you in this library room of heaven, and the increased favour that will flow from these encounters in this room. FROM this place of deep encounters with Me in this library room of heaven, you will receive such deep revelation of My heart and My Word that what I have asked you to place your hands upon in the natural with Me in this season and build and forge, the new pathways, new ground, new lands, new territories, will see a major increase of your authority and My favour RESOUND UPON YOU LOUDER than ever.”

“Where the enemy has come with his army like wolves growling, I am have been releasing My angelic hosts into your lives with shofars to HERALD loudly accompanied with My decree in this battle, and the atmosphere and airwaves are being CLEARED. They are being CLEARED so you will HEAR clearly and in deeper ways, and move into this season of the greatest awakening of hearing My voice and knowing the power of My voice and the secrets of My heart.”

Pioneers, there has been a great battle over many of you and what you carry and what the Lord has you forging, forerunning, releasing, the new land, the new places, the new assignments, but take heart, for the invitation upon you into the library room of heaven to access the secrets of His heart and revelation He is wanting to release, is profound. It’s a new place. It’s a new pathway of His heart. It’s a place where you will not only come alive in greater ways to what He has called you to do and release, but also release to others. 

The encounters you will have with Jesus in this library room of heaven will release greater strength, refreshing and insight to you for this season and beyond. The word of the Lord to you in this place will break the confines that have held you down, and move you into a deeper place of carrying His heart. Take not this invitation lightly. Take not this season lightly. Take not this place of revelation lightly. For you are being invited into a place of receiving a greater increase in the greatest treasure of all, His heart. His heart for you, for people, for places, for cities, for nations. He doesn’t release the secrets of His heart cheaply. He’s looking for Pioneers who will steward His heart with integrity, purity, and not use His heart or the revelations He releases for personal gain or impure motives. He’s looking for His friends to come closer to Him.

What a precious and profound invitation being released to the Pioneers..

May ALL enter in through their surrender and yieldedness to Jesus! Humility is the key!

What awaits you in this room in the library of heaven will leave you forever changed, undone by the privilege of what He is inviting you into. May the prayer be “Lord, help me to steward your heart well!”


  • Joy Bauman

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for writing this word. I heard library and invitation over and over and now I understand.

  • Natasha K

    The word of the Lord through you has been a beacon for me through the hardest and also the most amazing and most profound times of my life! I have prayed for the LORD to bless you greatly and your family. May His holy and powerful will be done! And may we enter in through true humility. His own mantle over us. For the Kingdom and for the Lamb!

  • Ashwen Gibson Blake

    Hello Lana and all of His Beloved gathered. I feel led to share a vision I had in 1998.
    We were at The World’s First Festival of Praise in Fiji.
    There was a company of prophets from Jerusalem present, and from Australia, America and other parts of the world.
    A prophet from London mimed, danced and played guitar, ministering NON-VERBALLY. She carried a word which ministered into a vision I had already had.
    Out of the company of prophets, a lady stepped forth. Immediately, I was in a spiritual realm which was a corridor – a corridor which I have seen angels war over.
    But at this time I was pacing up and down the corridor – all the doors were open, yet I was not led to go through.
    I could hear the prophesy. “You HAVE BEEN mourning for so long! But the Lord would say to you that yours is Love.”
    And I could hear the team tagging different members of the gathered Body – Apostle, Prophet…
    Mine was LOVE.
    Other words were given me…but I LINGERED in the corridor.
    Others things were told me, but I lingered in the corridor
    As I continued to wait knowing He moves on behalf of those who wait on Him.
    And comes to the help of those who gladly do right and remember HIS WAYS.
    Suddenly a tiny door opened, as small as a POSTBOX.
    It was a lowly door giving access to a high and holy place.
    And it was full of glory.
    It is what we have been waiting for.
    Lover covers a multitude of sin.
    Love never fails.
    It was the tender HEART OF GOD.
    it was ONE to make and keep us ONE.
    It was LOVE for Him and each other.
    It made us the UNBLEMISHED BRIDE.
    Not one missing, none breaking ranks.
    Him recognizably our One and Only.
    Us recognizably His One and Only.
    One for one.
    One of One.

    • Faith Ann Lubitz

      Wow Ashwen..thank you for sharing your precious vision which has such an overlap with Lana’s just given…20 year anniversary for yours! I feel so personally touched and thrilled at all of this, feel I could be a Pioneer. Hallelujah.

  • Debora Ellis

    Hallelujah!!!! I was blessed beyond my expectations today… Thank you JESUS! May the Lord bless you amazingly women of GOD.
    ❤️? Yes Lord, help me to steward your heart well in Jesus name.

  • Dan Lamos

    Hi Lana,
    Thanks so much for sharing! I always appreciate what you share. But, this word and the impartation it contains has especially locked in with me. I am asking the Lord to reveal to me with it looks like for me to enter the small entrance to the room where he has invited me. I receive the section of the word near the end, “The encounters you will have with Jesus in this library room of heaven will release greater strength, refreshing and insight to you for this season and beyond. The word of the Lord to you in this place will break the confines that have held you down, and move you into a deeper place of carrying His heart. Take not this invitation lightly. Take not this season lightly. Take not this place of revelation lightly. For you are being invited into a place of receiving a greater increase in the greatest treasure of all, His heart. His heart for you, for people, for places, for cities, for nations. He doesn’t release the secrets of His heart cheaply. He’s looking for Pioneers who will steward His heart with integrity, purity, and not use His heart or the revelations He releases for personal gain or impure motives. He’s looking for His friends to come closer to Him.

” Agreeing with you in the name of the Lord Jesus and looking for the process in my own life. There is a radical shift happening in my mind that I would love to bear fruit… it’s a practice of offering back to God of all of the blessings of his heart in surrender to be used for His purposes and not mine… So I say amen to your suggested prayer, ““Lord, help me to steward your heart well!”

  • Angela Grable Remax

    Thank you for speaking God’s heart. I laughed out loud when I read about “building” ahead of God’s time. The passion that caused us to move ahead of Him after He showed His plan. I am guilty but have since slowed down and stepped back into “waiting” mode. What a great confirmation that we are headed in the right direction. Your words are always on point of exactly what is going on in my husband and I’s life. They bring encouragement at times that is so scarce. thank you

  • Meshack Baloyi

    Thanks Lana I felt this prophetic teaching getting into my spirit as I read more of it, becoming more and more real as I read it. God bless you for your presence and giving to the nation.

  • Judith Beaudin

    This is the cry of my heart! I cried all the way reading this so profound invitation of our precious Saviour and Lord! Thank you for your obedience to share this precious message .❤️

  • Amy Hauser

    When I read the title of this email I didn’t think it was for me. I said to myself, “if it said Trailblazers then I would know it was for me, so I think I’ll delete this”. Then God nudged my spirit to keep reading and two sentences later it talked about trailblazers! This word spoke to me in countless powerful ways that impacted so much of my work yesterday and all the things God has been doing in and through my life and seeing me through, these past 3 1/2 years. Lana, The gift you have in the way you choose to share it has clearly impacted my life and I know countless others! I love the way God brings people together from across the globe and will one day bring us face-to-face. Thank you for being a pillar of strength in a voice that encourages us to keep believing and fighting and loving and trusting in order to become the Warriors we were made to be. You are a gem And I am forever grateful. Blessings sister.

  • JasmineWhiting

    MY GOD! MY GOD! MY GOD!!!!!! Thank you so much for releasing this prophetic word. I am honestly speechless. The Holy Spirit was bringing so many dreams, words God has spoken to me, dreams I have had in my childhood being chased by wolves, like THE ENTIRE season I have been in, you have helped me to see that much clearer. I thank God for HOLY conviction and repentance. Thank you precious woman of God, you are so blessed!!!

  • Meaalofa Lafaialii-Sulutolu

    You are truly blessed as am I. Thank you for stewarding His heart so well. Viia le Atua! Praise God!

  • Amanda

    I was led tp only meditate on this word this morning 30 April and as I progressed through it I received word of knowledge. Before starting I wrote a short piece to some intercessors I am linked to here in South Africa and the verse Isa 27:3 I, the Lord, am its Keeper, I water it every moment lest anyne harm it. I guard and keep it night and day .. confirms . . . “As you drink this water, you will never thirst again” (John 4:14), the fountain that will never run dry, … This also reminds me of Lana’s word on the garden encounter .. We are blessed and highly favored