Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
The Lord has been speaking to me about California over the past few weeks and highlighting the need for increased intercession and declaration of the Word of God and His plans and purposes for her.
As I sat with the Lord today I had a vision and I saw the Lion of Judah stepping into California. I saw Him stepping into the centre of California and He stepped in with a LOUD ROAR.
A prophetic utterance then bubbled up within me:
“California He is coming! California He is about to step in like you have never seen before! California He is coming! He is coming! Prepare the way of the Lord! Prepare the way of the Lord! For He has heard the sound of intercession. He has heard the sound of the redeemed in the land. He has heard the cries of the watchman on the wall and He is coming! He is coming! He is coming! The Lion of Judah is stepping in and He is about to ROAR and things are going to shake. Things are about to shake. Things are about to be rattled. Things are about to be toppled and rolled. It’s time! It’s time for the ROAR of the Lion of Judah to be heard across the state. It is time for the ROAR of heavenly justice, vindication and preparation to take place. Make way! Make way! Make way! The King of Glory is coming! He’s coming! He’s coming! The whole state covered in the Glory of God! No longer pockets of His Glory, but WAVES of His Glory! Thick darkness may surround, deep darkness may fill the place, but it is time for the Glory of the Lord to rise. It is time for the Glory of the Lord to rise. The enemy has attempted to hinder the birthing. The enemy has attempted to miscarry what the Lord is doing, but the triumph of God will be seen in the Glory of the Lord being revealed. The Lord is coming to show Himself strong! He is coming to release His roar! He is coming to release a sound that has not been heard in California before. Armies upon armies of angels are being sent to you California. Where the enemy has been decreeing death in many forms, the Lord is coming to release His life in abundance. Continue to prepare the way, continue to prepare the way for the King of Glory to step in.”
I then heard the Lord say:
“There is a new song bursting forth from California. There is a new song of the Lord bursting forth. It is the sound and song of victory! It is the sound and song of how I will show myself strong! It is the sound and song of how I will show myself strong! Lift up your praises and sing My people. Lift up your praises and sing over the state. Sing! Sing! Sing! Sing forth the songs of victory! Sing forth the songs of victory to usher in a great birthing in California. A birthing and manifestation of Isaiah 60:1-2. A birthing of My Glory and My power being seen like never before.”
“Arise, shine; for your light has come,
And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
“For behold, darkness will cover the earth
And deep darkness the peoples;
But the Lord will rise upon you
And His glory will appear upon you.
“Nations will come to your light,
And kings to the brightness of your rising.” (New American Standard Bible)
“As My people praise, My gavel is coming down! As My people praise, My gavel is coming down. There has been a great delay that has been over California, there has been a significant battle over California like that in Daniel 10, but I decree over California now that as My people praise, as My people continue to sing My decrees and promises over her, there is breakthrough taking place. There is breakthrough beginning to rise and there will be physical manifestations of My power being released as the gavel comes down. Watch and see My decree INCREASE. Watch and see the FRUIT of My decrees INCREASE. For in the shaking, in the rattling, in the toppling and rolling, I am increasing My presence. I am increasing My power. I am increasing My justice, I am increasing My Glory. Don’t look for the darkness, don’t focus on the darkness but know that My light is increasing. Know that the greatest outpouring of My Glory and My power is gaining momentum and is going to be revealed in unexpected, glorious, significant ways. Oh the joy that will fill the hearts of My people as I show up! A refreshing is coming to My people in the breakthrough! Many have contended, many have interceded, many have stood on the wall for so long for the state of California, and I have heard the prayers and cries of the saints. Watchman on the wall, continue to contend, continue to intercede, continue to sing and KNOW that the RAIN is beginning to fall. My rain is beginning to fall. I have stationed My angels in California ready to herald the tipping point.”
I then had a vision where I saw angels, so many angels standing all around the perimeter of California and they were holding HUGE buckets and bowls. They were waiting on the command and decree of the Lord, and then they began to release the bowls. I heard them in unison singing “Tipping point, tipping point, there is great tipping point being released.”
Suddenly, I saw a great outpouring spreading all throughout California. The wave of His Spirit and His presence was spreading all throughout the state. As it was flowing I heard Psalm 24:8-10 (The Passion Translation)
You ask, “Who is this Glory-King?”
The Lord, armed and ready for battle,
the Mighty One, invincible in every way!
So wake up, you living gateways, and rejoice![a]
Fling wide, you ageless doors of destiny!
Here he comes; the King of Glory is ready to come in.
You ask, “Who is this King of Glory?”
He is the Lord of Victory, armed and ready for battle,
the Mighty One, the invincible commander of heaven’s hosts!
Yes, he is the King of Glory!
The Lord has been releasing this Scripture over so many places, cities and nations in this season, because He is about to step in as the King of Glory with the breaker anointing, as the Mighty Warrior, to show forth His power and see His Kingdom extended in gloriously significant ways amidst the darkness that surrounds.
As I saw the wave of His Spirit flowing like water across the state, I saw the water turn to blood and I heard the words “It is the power of My blood. It’s the power of My blood to overcome!!! The power of My blood to see My people overcome!!!”
The sense surrounded me of all the prayer, intercession and standing in the gap in repentance for California that has taken place and continues to.
As He stepped in, in this vision, I saw the state of California beginning to shake. There was no part of the state that was left unshaken. It was the shaking of the Glory King stepping in and the fear of God was spreading throughout California. A mighty move of His Spirit to release awe and wonder of who He is, the mighty warrior (Exodus 15:3), the King of Glory (Psalm 24:8-10), the Lord mighty and strong in battle (Psalm 147:5), the Lion of Judah. As He roared, as He decreed, His kindness spread far and wide. His love spread far and wide. The atmosphere full of declaration that the Lord does whatever He pleases (Psalm 115:3) and demonstrated the glorious revelation of His kindness that brings repentance. (Romans 2:4)
I then heard Him wanting to encourage His people in California:
“There is hope! There is reason to hope! There is reason to sing! There is reason to dream! There is reason to rejoice for I am moving powerfully and the tidal wave of My Glory about to significantly increase. Look not around you, or be distracted by the darkness, but look to Me and know that the wave of My Glory is going to shake California releasing awe and wonder of who I am. The enemy is speaking death over California, but I am speaking HARVEST! I am speaking HARVEST! I am speaking HARVEST! Continue to decree! Don’t leave the wall! Continue to prepare for the increase! Prepare for the increase!”
I had a dream last year where I heard the sound of bells ringing. I was then taken in the dream to a place where there were HUGE bells and I knew that these were LIBERTY BELLS. The Lord spoke to me in the dream that it was not the end of a season, but the end of an era and I woke up.
When the presence of God came upon me to write this word for California I heard the words:
“I am ringing the bells over California, agree with Me! I am ringing the bells over California.”
The same sense from the dream surrounded me, the heralding of the end of an era, and the beginning of a new era.
I heard Him speak again:
“The battle is so fierce in California because of the new era upon her! The new era of harvest! The new era of My Glory! The new era of My army rising up, awakening like never before. The warriors of light taking their place in greater ways, walking in the footsteps of those who have gone before and prepared the way and decreeing My Word with a conviction and boldness in their hearts that says to the plans of the enemy “not on my watch! It is a new era of seeing the power of My Word demonstrated. The power of My voice resound. It is a new era in California of seeing My Word come down LIKE A HAMMER!”
“Is not My word like fire?” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer which shatters a rock?” – Jeremiah 23:29 (New American Standard Bible)
“Get ready to see My Word come down like a hammer and shatter!!! Get ready to see the power of My Word demonstrated. Get ready to see how My Word does not return void to Me. (Isaiah 55:11) Get ready to see a greater unfolding of this new era of the power of My Word demonstrated.”
The sense surrounded me so profoundly, the call from the heart of God to His people to dig deeper into the Word, to continue to ask for His heart for California and His eyes to see what He is seeing. To decree the Word of God that brings a turning, that speaks hope, restoration and the plans and purposes of God into California. The kindness and love of God displayed. There is an increase of insight and vision He is wanting to release from His Word to His people to sow into the ground of California, as the state moves into a new era of harvest and His Glory revealed, for such a time as this.


  • Marietta W.

    Amen!!!!! Praise God! California has been such a hard place for so long! Evil has prospered for so long! Praise God for His faithfulness! May He move with might and power in this barren place!

  • Yolanda Lujan

    Amen!! His Name will truly be glorified in California. Thank you Lana for sharing God’s word to them and us . I am truly in abreagree. ???

  • sharon tedesco

    Thank you Lana!! from California, Lord bless Lana for hearing this word from you and sharing your plans with the prophets whom you Love. I agree and say yes Lord, Shake rattle and roll!!

  • Meshack Baloyi

    It is so amazing, as I was seeing a vision of a lion yesterday, it was a male lion, its hair was straightened up and it looked very angry and vicious, ready to enter into war and catch the prey. As I prayed about the vision a few hours later, the Holy Spirit said to me: it is the Lion of Juda, Jehovah Saboath The Lord that fights your battles. It continue to say a person that walks on the path of the Lord shall not be afraid he is always safe and secured. Jesus Himself is taking on the battle for you, your enemies are just about to be defeated. Thanks for the confirmation for the Lord has spoken, and God bless you abundantly.

  • jesh stg

    by the first lines I started bursting in tears, because I live in California. A year ago in March my hubby kept getting Arise and shine we couldn’t figure out what it meant, but now it makes perfect sense, since hubby is a carpenter, and knows if God’s words come down like a hammer He crushes anything underneath it. THanks be to God and the Lord of Harvest! thank you Lana this word is so timely!

  • Rich Swanson

    It’s the timing of this Word, in addition to its content, that makes it so amazing. Last week, we had a 5-day Revival Alliance Conference here in San Diego (at Skyline Church) with over 2,000 people (from all over the world) in attendance where we prayed for Revival to begin, emanating from San Diego, and declaring the Lord’s victory. Last week, our Prayer Ministry declared BREAKTHROUGH. The foundational scripture that the Lord gave our Prayer Ministry seven years ago is Psalm 24 as is included in your Prophetic Word. We meditate on and pray over Psalm 24 at each meeting. And get this: Holy Spirit reminded me this morning that San Diego has an historical landmark located here on Shelter Island which dedicates San Diego and the City of Yokohama, Japan as Sister Cities in 1957. This landmark includes a life-sized working copy of the Liberty Bell! In addition, we received a Word spoken by the Lord at church a week ago last Sunday when a member spoke boldly in tongues–so all could hear–while there was another member sitting nearby who possessed the gift of interpretation of tongues saying that the Lord had spoken: “I will pour out rivers of abundance upon you.” WOW! Thank you for posting this Word. Keep praying and praising!

    • Rich Swanson

      Correction: It is not a replica of the Liberty Bell; but rather it is called a “Friendship Bell” and it is large.

  • Heather Sharpe

    God bless you Lana! I’ve been following your ministry for the past six months or so and cherish your posts! I live in the L.A. area and have been desperately wishing that the Lord would tell me if I need to move my family out of the state. After intensely seeking Him about this, He gave me the following dream:
    I was in downtown L.A. when an earthquake hit and everything started to rumble. Something dark was released from the earth (like dirt and smoke mixed) and I started to panic. Weirdly, most people were still oblivious to it. I ran for cover and found myself surrounded by Christians. We all began to sing worship songs and I was amazed that we all knew the words! We were divinely protected from the infected air. I was hoping for some running shoes so I could get out of there. As I was thinking this, I looked down and saw that my shoes were crumbling away and underneath were…rain boots?!
    That was a few months ago and I have been waiting ever since for the Lord to send “rain” to California. We are praying with you Lana. Keep interceding for us. While many say we are crazy to stay, I believe God is calling many of us to do just that. Can’t wait to see His next moves!

  • Wanda

    I believe God has called me to California and this is a beautiful confirmation that this time is near. I saw people getting baptized in the ocean, and standing in lines filled with the Holy Ghost before baptism. So, Amen & Halleluyah!

  • christine schumann

    Thank You Thank You Thank You. for the California word. We have labored here in CA for so long and been so close to giving up and leaving the state . You are breathing much needed life into the heart of intercession over the state and we are truly grateful.

  • Deborah C

    Come, Lord Jesus come! For about a week, the Holy Spirit has been highlighting the scripture… the eyes of the Lord looks to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on the behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. I was wondering what was He referring to? When I read this word, it makes so much more sense! Thank you for sharing it!

  • neonsplashes

    Just this morning waking up I looked and saw the front feet of the Lion of Judah- His paws were so huge and they were perfectly groomed, Golden color and so beautiful!! I did have the thought He was now here and His enemies would not survive in His territory. I was in my yard and He was about “one foot” away to the right and coming towards me.
    even so, come Lord Jesus- The Spirit and Bride say come and have your way in California!!

  • Carol

    I wish people would stop using the ‘Joseph’ story as some sort of Testimony Modern Day Equivalent. The fact is if your were Joseph today you could never be employed by Pharaoh because present day Criminal Laws do not allow you to work for any Gov, City, or State Position. We need to update these Analogies. (also the story of David retrieving his wives 1 Sam 30:18 -and kids from the Bandits would also not be tolerated as it would be assault in todays terms.)

  • Lisa Austin

    How cool! Geographically, the CENTER of California is the Central Valley which specifically is a conservative heartland, and has significant healthy on-fire churches that have been contending, praying for, and interceding for the HEART of our beautiful State against the moral decline that has saturated the large metro areas along the coast. I believe we have been in a significant battle against darkness, and as a native Californian it has grieved me to see how far our State as a whole has run from the Lord. Our beautiful state needs refreshing and hope so badly. This word from the Lord was like a blazing arrow shot across the ocean straight to our community, our church, our home, my heart! Thank you Lord for hearing and delivering a personal message! Thank you Lord for promising to come in glory to California! Praise God! We ready our hearts Lord. The community of contending churches welcomes you with upraised arms and exclamations of praise on our lips. Come Lord Jesus! May it be as you say!!!

  • Luane Watkins

    Praise God!! We Californians have suffered too long and conservative Christians have been forgotten in this state. Let us be heard Lord!

  • Ron and Donna Lenz

    We wanted to tell you that there are two of us and another couple that come to together for prayer every week. We have been praying and decreeing this word over Calif every week!! We just had our midterm primaries for our upcoming midterm election in Nov and in all the major races we have a Republican running in each office instead of two Democrats. We are believing that the Lord will pour out His Spirit on California and that the Lion of Judah will Roar. Thankful for the Lord and His Word through you!! Ron and Donna

  • Jeff Martinek

    The Era ending is Christianity the Religion . That ties in with what you said about The Word , there is no Christianity there and no one sees it . The New Era will be about The Word too and making crooked paths straight so that when all Israel return to Adonai , let me put it this way , The God Of Jacob will not allow Israel to become Christianity the religion , I mean Christianity has zero words about in Adonai’s Holy Scripture , so it is in the way of The Promise . Jesus did not start a new religion called Christianity or it would say so in Scripture , but things were allowed to happen this way so that we will see the Jesus has done it all and we did not help at all . The word Christian in the bible is not a self-identity from Adonai . That has to go too or You are automatically still a part of the Religion Christianity that is NOT mentioned in Scripture . See it is a lie to claim that Jesus started Christianity , He never heard of it .

  • Sophia Valentina Buller

    This IS TRUE! I’m in California and there is a remnant here that LOVES GOD! We’ve been praying for God to bring revival to California!!! I know that God used the fires to wake people up! People ARE waking up!!! God protected my whole street from being burned in the woosley fire and my street was untouched by flames!! God IS GOOD!!! I believe that God allowed my home to be in the area where the fire was burning so I could have a testimony of God’s GOODNESS and I do have a testimony of God’s GOODNESS! My whole street is untouched by the fire that was here 😀