Prophetic Words


 By Lana Vawser 
Recently I had an encounter with the Lord regarding the state of California and this prophetic word flowed forth.

“California you shall be known as a place of purity. For My eyes are upon California and I have not given up on her. My eyes are roaming California continually looking for those who are listening to My heart. Those who have no agenda, but are seeking Me for My heart for this place. For many are being distracted by what is going on in the natural, but I am calling My people higher. I am calling My people to a higher perspective to see California as I see her. I am calling My people to a place of divine insight and clarity, a place where I am discipling My people from the heavenly perspective of what to pray and decree into her.”

“…call into being things that don’t even exist yet….” – Romans 4:17 (The Passion Translation)

“For the time has come for a great shaking upon California. Many will receive it and many won’t, but the shaking that is coming is birthing forth the greatest birthing that California has ever seen. The greatest birthing of My Spirit to bring about the greatest fire of My cleansing and purifying that has been seen. For I am not sitting on the sideline and waiting, I am active, I am moving, and I am preparing My people within California to see a mighty move of My fire. For there has been great injustice, there has been great rebellion, there has been great sin that has taken place within California but My heart is to bring purification. My heart is to take what the enemy has used to steal, kill and destroy and to bring turnaround. 

For the turnaround coming is not what many expect. The turnaround that is coming is coming in a way that is unexpected and it will take eyes to see and ears to hear to hear and receive the divine turnaround of My hand. For nothing is impossible for Me, and I am committed to California. I am committed to bringing My purposes and plans forth in California.”
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” – Isaiah 55:8-9 (English Standard Version)

The Lord is honouring all the intercession and prayer that has been sowed into the state of California, and now there is a greater wave of intercession that is about to significantly increase.

I heard the Lord say:
“For there has been much intercession and prayer that has been poured into California. There has been great times of mourning, repentance and standing in the gap for this state, and the wave of intercession is about to significantly increase. The wave of intercession and tears is about to increase, but My people do not be discouraged by the wave of intercession that is about to gain greater momentum. For this wave of intercession, mourning and repentance must come forth to bring forth the birthing of breakthrough and purity that I am wanting to release.

I am looking for those who will partner with Me and will carry the wave that is about to come crashing in and increase. For in the increase of intercession that is about to significantly gain momentum, those that lean in, those that want to hear My heart, will receive My heart in greater ways. They will see as I see. They will speak as I speak in greater ways than they ever have. I will entrust My secrets of California to those who are coming before Me without agenda, and seeking My heart to partner with My ways and what I want to do in California. Those who are giving Me room to move on My terms and how I want to.”


I had a vision and I saw Jesus standing before a HUGE GOLDEN VAULT. I then saw a small door leading into the room where Jesus was standing before this vault. This door reminded me of the door I have seen many times in this season, it was TINY and I knew it was the door of “humility”. It was the door of surrender and entering in with humility. I could feel the invitation from the heart of God to enter into this room with Him, but it would take humility. It would be the place of surrender to His will and His ways to enter in, to be willing to hear, see and receive what He wants to release on His terms and in His way.

I saw SO many of God’s people and intercessors throwing clipboards down and I knew straight away on these clipboards were notes of expectations of how God should move in California, or when He should move, or where He should move. As they threw them down to the floor, there was a FRESH “YES” of surrender and humility that resounded. They entered through this small and tiny door and I saw the Lord’s face beaming. His face was beaming with such delight at those who were coming in to hear and receive what He was going to release. 

I then heard the Lord say:

“I am now opening a VAULT of My secrets and greater revelation and strategy for California for My people to receive, that as this wave of intercession is about to significantly increase, these divine secrets will be released as arrows of strategy, to pray and to unlock and disarm the landmines of the enemy all throughout California. I am releasing these secrets from the VAULT of heaven that have been stored for such a time as this. These revelation, secrets and strategies will look different than many that have been received and used before, but it is a deeper unlocking of revelatory strategy from My Word to bring about the great VOLT OF MY POWER.”
“He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding; he reveals deep and hidden things, he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him.” – Daniel 2:21-22 (English Standard Version)


“And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness.” – Acts 4:31 (English Standard Version)

As many of God’s people had entered this place of intercession receiving new strategy, revelation and insight from the VAULT of heaven, they were soaring higher with eyes like eagles and owls, with the insight and wisdom of heaven. There was not a reliance upon the “way things have been” or “man’s wisdom” but it was a higher place of partnering with Him to release His heart and decrees into California that was going to bring about a great “DISARMING”. 

As they were partnering with God’s heart and His decrees, stewarding His secrets with His wisdom in intercession and the prophetic I watched as shockwaves of His power were sent all the way through California. It was like an earthquake of His power spreading all across the state and everything was shaking. He was rearranging, He was moving, He was shifting, He was bringing down and raising up, and the atmosphere was full of a decree of a great rearranging and aligning by His hand to bring California to a place of greater purity. That California would be known as a place of purity and it would take only the hand of the Lord to bring about such a miraculous cleansing and turnaround. 

As the power of God spread throughout California I heard the Lord say:

“Life must come back to the heart! Life must come back to the heart! Where there has been great heart failure, the shockwaves of My power and shaking will bring LIFE back to the heart. California WILL breathe again. California WILL breathe again. California in the move of My hand, you will breathe again.” 

“The sound of My heart beating in California will sound different to what it has been before, the rhythm of My heart will be released and heard in a different way as I am doing a new thing in the state. I am birthing a new move of My Spirit. I am bringing My people deeper into the place of walking in the RHYTHM OF MY ROAR!!!!! The rhythm of My heart that releases My ROAR! For the new sound of My heart is being released to release the lifeblood back into California. It is time to revive the heart of California. In the darkness, in the shaking, in the rearranging, I am reviving the heart of California and bringing a great cleansing and turnaround.”

“In what looks and smells dead, in what looks like death, look past it in the natural and look to Me knowing that the VOLTS of My RESURRECTION POWER will be released to bring LIFE again, LIFE again, LIFE again!”


“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” – Isaiah 43:19 (English Standard Version)

I heard the Lord continue to speak:

“Many of My people will look in the natural and say “Oh gosh, it is dark like night, but I am decreeing “NO, it is a NEW DAY!!!!! Do not be discouraged, do not be perturbed by increase of darkness, do not be anxious by what you see in the natural, for even though in the natural it may look as dark as night, My decree over California is that a NEW DAY is upon you. A new day is upon you to see Me move and transform, to shake and to rattle, as I step in!!!!!”

“For My Church is rising and will continue to rise up in California in a whole new way. There is a great shaking that will take place in the body of Christ in California that will bring forth a great maturity in Me that will be required to carry what I am releasing into the state. So do not despise the shaking, but embrace it. Know that I am moving to establish, to fortify, to mature and to strengthen My people to receive all that I am releasing. For what I am going to do in California may offend many, it will cause a “breaking of boxes of agenda and wrong expectations” but in the shaking, embrace Me, embrace what I am releasing, do not turn away from what I am doing because it looks different. Embrace Me and know that I am the God of justice, I am the God of love, I am the God of restoration, I am the God of increase, I am the God of turnaround, I am the God of healing, rearranging, cleansing, purifying and I am the God of FREEDOM.”


”Be silent, all flesh, before the Lord, for he has roused himself from his holy dwelling.” – Zechariah 2:13 (English Standard Version)

I then heard the Lord say:

“A silence will come over the Church of California, it is a holy silence of reverential awe of who I am. The fear of God being restored to the Church of California. How I am stepping in, how I am moving, how I will move and what I am going to do is going to see FEAR, AWE and HOLINESS restored to the Church of California. A quietness and silence will come over congregations, come over Churches, come over meetings as I step in and reveal My holiness. The King of Glory stepping in. As I step in, the silence that comes from the awe of seeing Me and My Glory will bring a great cleansing and maturing to the Church of California. It will bring about a beautiful trembling awe in My presence of who I am and My power. You will be left never the same. The way I step in, the way you see Me take My place, will leave you speechless. For I am uprooting, I am cleansing the altars and rearranging within My Church, the great preparation to receive that which I am releasing into California.”


“Bless the Lord, O you his angels, you mighty ones who do his word, obeying the voice of his word!” – Psalm 103:20 (English Standard Version)

“In the shaking that will increase and take place in California, I encourage you My people to not be afraid. For there is an intense holy shaking that is taking place that will continue to increase, and also the enemy is bringing about a great shaking as well. In the battles and the shakings that will increase as the new day begins to burst forth, do not be afraid. For Michael the Arch Angel is being sent in with angelic reinforcements to accomplish that which I am birthing and releasing. For even in the shaking there will be greater demonstrations of angelic activity, assignments and movements in California to bring about My desired victory in California. Keep your eyes up, keep your eyes on Me and know that no matter what you see, I am moving in California and I have plans for California.”

“In the shaking, guard your tongues! Speak only what I am speaking! Do not be careless with your words and what you speak over California. Speak what you see in the VAULT I am releasing. Speak what I am releasing in the Word! For there will be a great temptation to speak what I am not speaking over California in the shaking.”

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” – Proverbs 18:21a (English Standard Version)

I then had a vision and saw word curses that had been and were being spoken over California not from the heart of the Lord, but as God’s people were rising up and hearing what He was saying, seeing what He is releasing and revealing from His Word, the true revelation of His heart, I saw in the echo of His decree, angelic hosts were being sent out into California with sickles in their hands and they were cutting the vines and the tares of word curses. The tears of the saints, the tears of intercession were paving the way for a mighty ‘clearing’ for the King of Glory to come in. These word curses were being broken, and paving the way for a great harvest, a great harvest to be received. 


I heard the words “It’s California time” and I had an strong sense of the “delays” that the enemy has attempted in so many ways to bring forth in California. To bring about a great delay of what God is doing and the turning He has wanted to bring, but now it’s time for California to shake and rearrange to see God move in power. 

The way the Lord is training His people in California right now and in the shaking that will increase to discern what He is saying, what He is doing and the time and season, is going to see a great move of TIMES AND SEASONS prophets rising up out of California with greater discernment, to move into the body of Christ and the world training others to discern the times and seasons, the sons of Issachar. (1 Chronicles 12:32) In the shaking, God will increase discernment, open eyes and ears to His ways and His strategy and timing, that is not only preparing God’s people in California for a great harvest, but to be sent out to train, impart and equip others in discerning and understanding the times and seasons. 

“There will be a great domino effect that will ripple forth from California. Keep your eyes on California, for what I am doing and about to do in California will be a prophetic picture for many other places in the United States.”

“California WILL BREATHE AGAIN!!!” 



  • Coleen

    Amen and Amen! I live in California and have contemplated leaving this den of sin but somehow never have. I will now stay and pray for God’s will and restoration of this beautiful State. Excited to see what God will do! Thank you Lana!


    Prophetess Lana
    I’m encouraged today
    In what my God is going to Do.
    Our time pray every Thursday for California.
    Lord I thank YOU for this Prophetic declaration

  • Betty Lucas-Cardoza

    Praise the Lord! I pray for strength and courage and most of all discernment! Come Angels of God and shake us all up!

  • jedidiahpaschall

    Thank you for this powerful word and the encouragement to persist in prayer! I want to affirm and receive what the Lord has spoken to you Lana. God has placed his Name on California, the name is derived from a Spanish rendering of the Arabic word caliph, which means ‘leader’ and it was a legendary land in the mind of medieval Spaniards long before it was discovered. The names of great saints are all over the mountains and valleys and cities of the state (San Francisco, San Fernando, San Diego, etc.) and at the heart of the state is the sacramental presence of the Lord himself (Sacramento), and the road that connected the cities of the saints is named El Camino Real – ‘The Royal Highway’. These names were not given haphazardly, they were named by the Lord himself for the work he is going to unleash during the great movement in the present age. This epicenter of a great spiritual movement will be in California, but it will shake the earth.
    But, as the Lord spoke to you, this will be birthed in humility. We will wait on the Lord and seek his face in prayer as he does his work in our state as he accomplishes his glorious purposes from heaven on earth. The Name of Christ will be lifted high and the gracious will of God will be vindicated in the face of the enemy’s schemes.

  • Luane Waktins

    This is so good to hear. We have been in such a barren desert for sooooo long. It is refreshing to hear that God hears our longings and our hopes and dreams are coming soon. Thank you for being our messenger of Hope.

  • Dannette Berch

    Praise God and may He bless you and your ministry, Lana. We are in Sacramento, California and are following you on your website now. Thank you so much for sending these words of hope from the Lord for us here. It is an ugly battle, but we are staying in the fight for our home and praying for God’s Breaker and Seer Anointing to be poured out from heaven this coming Pentecost (May 20, 2018). Just like on Mt. Sinai and in the Upper Room, may His Fire rained down on California and across this land and spread around the world in this new season! Blessings from the USA to all of you, our family in Christ!! Jesus is Lord and King and may He Reign Forever!! AMEN

  • Jeff Martinek

    What could God do to fulfill this word? I believe it is closer than ever before , delayed but the delays will bring an even greater shaking so that there won’t be any loss to what The Father will do , nothing can stop it because it is tied to his Promise to Israel being fulfilled .