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In this season there is a lot of fire. The fire of God is igniting all the right places (hunger for Him, passion, giftings, revival fire) and burning away all the wrong places, all the places where the enemy attempts to find areas of our “soul” to “land upon” and bring oppression and torment upon many. In this season it is CRUCIAL to embrace the fire of God, embrace Him as the all consuming fire and all the purging, pruning and testing that He wants to do. I have been saying a lot in this season, that this season of fire, is preparation for us partnering with Him in new ways to see revival and a great awakening spread through the body of Christ and all across the world.
(Habbukuk 2:14)
There are new levels of favour, open doors, opportunity colliding with destiny and greater levels of courage required in this season. The spirit of fear is coming hard against many in this season, BECAUSE you are standing at the door of your destiny. Hold on and embrace the fire. The Lord is going to deal with the spirit/stronghold of fear in many lives once and for all in this season, a divine wrecking ball of His Love is going to come swooping into your life and knock out fear in Jesus name.
A FEARLESS people are going to arise into the earth KNOWING the One who is PERFECT LOVE, knowing more deeply in this season of awakening who they are and were created to be, the manifestation of their destiny and offer hope through the power of testimony in JESUS, as His name is lifted high and glorified in and through their lives.
The Lord was also speaking to me about how the enemy is “looking” for the trigger points in the hearts and souls of God’s people in this season. He is looking for those “open doors” and “past wounds” to come in and stir them up to usher in torment, fear and despair. The Lord is working and networking His people, right people, right place, strategic encounters to bring healing to these places. The Lord wants our permission, our yes and He will do the rest!
As when a wound of heart or soul is touched there is a manifestation that happens emotionally (fear, anger, walls go up, a huge over-reaction etc) I felt the Lord saying He IN the healing He is bringing to those “trigger points” of the soul, He is also releasing DIVINE TRIGGER POINTS over His people.
He is touching TRIGGER POINTS in the spirit that is ushering in EXPLOSIVE breakthrough into he lives of His people. Where the Lord is putting His finger on and activating these diving trigger points, “BREAKTHROUGH AND MORE” is MANIFESTING.
Divine trigger points are being activated by the Lord, the moment a strategic breakthrough in the lives of God’s people that ushers in a momentum of successive breakthrough upon the people of God. Your faith in this season is one of your greatest keys. Don’t trade your faith key, for the fear key. Trigger points for explosive breakthrough are being met by God’s people across the body of Christ.


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  • Yahna Greyeagle

    Oh, Lana, how you touched the heartstrings of my heart today with this Word, which is EXACTLY what He has been showing and teaching me in the past several weeks. Even the part about the Spirit of fear being dealt with once and for all. Thank you for the best part, about being able to step into my destiny and to hold on. I SO needed to hear this word today, on an evening when my body was hurting physically and I was unsure that I would even be ready for the rapture. Thank you for speaking forth this Word!

  • Mimi

    Lana: I had two messages yesterday from different people about “Divine.” It was a day of wailing and begging God for Him to show me my next step, my purpose in life. So many things have come against me in the past 5 years that are life changing experiences. They have brought me closer to Him yet it seems I take a couple of steps forward and get knocked back again. I am desperate to fulfill my purpose here and I waited for the 3rd message to come to me. I knew it would be from you and kept waiting for it. When I woke up — there was your Divine message. Thank you for fulfilling your purpose here and for being an encouragement to so many of us who are seeking Him in a deeper way. Fear has shown up at my door and is trying to keep me from walking through that door of my purpose. His Divine Love will eradicate that fear and 3 different people have told me that. Looking for signs and they are there! Boldly proclaiming Fear Be Gone! thank you and xoxoxo

  • patricia sperandio

    WOW! What an awesome word! Just yesterday on my job a customer had a uniform on that said FEARLESS FIREMAN! That’s wild! God is so cool!

  • christine laboy

    Lana, right before I read this word I was wailing before God about something that I feel I’ve missed in my walk with God..(something a christian tv preacher was saying, opened up a wound inside that I really thought was gone)So anyway I walk over to my puter and there you are speaking…about the enemy looking for trigger points..etc.and old wounds…boy I just broke down again…Im still so sad about it and I dont know if it ever will be resolved…been yielding for years and suffering in agony and trusting for help from God..and for a while things are ok but then..well here we go with it all again….still walking tho..will not give in to the misery…still trusting… Your ministry to the body in this time is God’s hands holding us…protect it.

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Lovely song came: “Perfect love casts out fear. Perfect love casts out fear. Perfect casts out fear. Perfect love casts our fear.”

  • Lidia

    Amen yes Lord, you have my life and my family’s all in Your divine hands; Lord we praise, and worship You, amen!!!