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Many of the pioneers in the body of Christ right now are facing great opposition as fear, despair and dread rear its ugly head. Many have been asking the questions as to whether they are in the right place, doing the right thing, in the right timing, and why the battle has been so fierce of late.
There has been raging fires all around them that the enemy is setting to attempt to burn them up, coming to steal, kill and destroy, and the enemy is SO mad because what these Pioneers in the body of Christ are actually doing is they are paving pathways through their prayers, through their sowing, through their obedience to Him, and leading the people of God into a place where they have never been before, the VERY PATHWAYS the Lord uses them to carve are the VERY PATHWAYS that is going to usher in an IMPARTATION OF LIFE into the body of Christ that we have not seen before.
I saw the Pioneers walking down the pathways they were creating and they were fighting hard. They were fighting hard through their prayers, through their decree, through their choice to continue to stand even when it feels like they are not moving anywhere, but I felt the Lord wants to HONOUR the PIONEERS. He wants to HONOUR those who are working hard in the Spirit, not by striving, but by contending and standing, to lead the body of Christ into taking new ground.
The new breed that is arising that is bringing forth the new wineskin. I saw these ones being attacked ferociously and this is a strategic attack from the enemy to get these Pioneers to give up, because they are on the brink in their partnering with Him, in seeing the greatest breakthrough of their pioneer journey yet.
As these Pioneers continue to stand, continued to be faithful in what the Lord had asked them to do and forging new ground, even when they don’t understand, or know what it looks like, or the outcome, but are moving in obedience to the leading of His Spirit, I saw the power of God fall upon these Pioneers and it looked like they were being electrocuted, but then suddenly I realised what was happening.
These Pioneers as they had remained positioned and not given up were now moving into encounters with the power of God like they have not known before. These encounters with His Power and His Glory was breaking off the ‘residue’ of the attack that many were feeling. The heaviness, the fear, the dread, it was being BROKEN OFF.
In these encounters the Lord was reigniting with impartations of His life, the areas the enemy had hit hard in this season in their hearts and lives that had bought them to the point of weariness. A point of weariness where parts of their heart felt so tired and not sure how many more steps forward they could take. A feeling of “losing vision”, a feeling of “losing hope”, but these parts were suddenly being REIGNITED. As these impartations of life were being released into the hearts, souls and lives of these Pioneers, not only were they moving into a whole new level of freedom and refreshment, I saw the Spirit of God lift them up SO HIGH above the battle they had been facing in this season and place their feet firmly upon a mountain. I then heard the the words “A NEW LEVEL”.
As the battle has become more and more intense over these Pioneers as the weeks have gone on, the Lord is now lifting them onto new levels in the Spirit. A greater awakening was happening in the hearts of the Pioneers. Awakened to Him as their Beloved, awakened to His power, awakened to His authority and their identity and authority in Him in a SIGNIFICANTLY increased way.
The battle has been SO intense the past few months over the Pioneers because the enemy has been wanting to keep the Pioneers from moving into this new level of breakthrough. I then saw the Pioneers moving out of these encounters with His Power and Glory and moving through the Bride of Christ and they were shouting with loud voices of authority “WAKEY WAKEY”.
 As they shouted the VERY impartations for the new that they had received were being released right across the body of Christ, that was releasing a seed of awakening in the hearts of others. This seed of awakening that was being released into the hearts of others, was activating “spiritual senses” in them in a whole new way.
Areas where many have felt they were “asleep” and there was lack of vision, lack of hearing, lack of sensing, lack of seeing what is to come, that was all SUDDENLY SHIFTING with an IMPARTATION OF AWAKENING. Pioneers, be encouraged, the battle is raging and it has been fierce, but the Lord is HONOURING YOU and your faithfulness to Him and obedience to what He has asked you to do.
He has seen how HARD the ground is, how TIRED many of you have become, but I feel Him saying “TAKE HEART for you are moving into the greatest breakthrough of your pioneering journey yet.” There is a refreshment being released, springs in the desert being released over the Pioneers, a new level of freedom and fresh vision to SEE the “OUTWORKING OF THE NEW” in the area the Lord has given you leadership over.
Your work has not been in vain. You work has not been for nothing.You are creating a PATHWAY in the body of Christ for a new move of God, a worldwide awakening of the Church.
Where the Bride has been sleeping, the Lord is going to release impartations into the body through you, through revelations in the power encounters that are going to AWAKEN YOU to such increased levels of sensitivity to His Spirit, to hearing His voice and seeing blueprints for the new, that as you SHOUT in your areas of influence “WAKEY WAKEY”, a great shaking will take place by His Spirit and others will suddenly come to life, be awakened and arise from their sleep.
You are not only fighting for your breakthrough, but a STRATEGIC breakthrough for the body of Christ. Pioneers, the body of Christ NEEDS YOU. Don’t let the enemy take you out. You are moving into your “for such a time as this” moments.
You are moving further into your “appointed time” and the battle has been fierce because the enemy is SCARED of what the Lord is releasing and ABOUT TO RELEASE THROUGH YOU. You are a KEY TO THE NEW!
Be encouraged, you are about to see the “SHOOTS OF LIFE” begin breaking through the hard ground that you have been faithfully contending to see broken open by the Word of God and the power of His Spirit. (Amos 9:13)
The Lord is using you to bring the BRIDE TO LIFE. Laugh in the face of the enemy as He screams fear, despair, and death to you, for you are moving into a significant shift in seeing the LIFE OF GOD manifested. (John 10:10)


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  • Connie Bumgarner

    I was just saying today that it feels like the Lord has left me. I have been in problem after problem and have managed to get through it with grace, peace, and even some joy! BUT it has intensified and snowballing. Sooooo, your word from the Lord brings hope and perseverance to me! Thank you.

  • carrie braun

    God’s Message: the God who created the cosmos, stretched out the skies, laid out the earth & all that grows from it, who breathes life into earth’s people, makes them alive with His own life: ” I am GOD. I have called you to live right & well. I have taken responsibility for you, kept you safe. I have set you among My people to bind them to Me & provided you as a lighthouse to the nations. To make a start at bringing people into the open, into light; opening blind eyes, releasing prisoners from dungeons, emptying the dark prisons. I AM GOD, That’s My name. I don’t franchise My glory, don’t endorse the no-god idols. Take note: The earlier predictions of judgment have been fulfilled. I’m announcing the new salvation work. Before it bursts on the scene, I’m telling you all about it.”…Jesus Christ, as God’s Servant, brought the new covenant to His people (see 53:4–6; Jer. 31:31–34; Heb. 8:6–13; 9:15). The covenant is also called the “covenant of peace” (54:10), the “everlasting covenant” (55:3; 61:8), and the “new covenant” (Jer. 31:31)…The recipients of God’s light are a new community of light-bearers in a dark world (9:2; 49:6; 51:4; 60:1–3; Luke 2:30–32; Acts 26:17, 18, 23)…Israel’s salvation from exile prefigures a spiritual deliverance through Christ from the blindness, bondage, and darkness of sin. These “new things” include renewal of the covenant, restoration to the land, the messianic kingdom, inclusion of the Gentiles, and the new heaven and earth. God plans, proclaims, and executes. His word will come to pass.

  • Robin

    I received a dream/vision a while back about being a scout on a wagon train. I had no idea what it meant. Thanks to this word I really have a better understanding of what the Lord was saying. Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Liliana

    Thank you Lana for your obedience and faithfulness to sharing God’s word!! I receive the word you released at the perfect time!! Just reading the word brought breakthrough and it encouraged me that I’m on the right track. God bless you and your ministry!

  • lana

    I must say that I have just went through this time. I was so desperate to hear from God. I was confused, I felt hopeless, depressed, and so forth. I felt like I was dangling off a cliff with no more strength to hang on. I cried out to God, why have you left me.
    Then I had a dream that I was shouting in the face of Satan saying get under my feet in Jesus name! Since the dream, I have been delivered. God has restored my hope, joy, and the vision he has placed in my heart. I praise God for his faithfulness.

  • Patty Johnson

    This word is very strategic for me. The words electrified my spirit because they threw me back to a prophetic word given to me in Sept 2008 that speaks of “gonna cause you to pioneer a pathway… gonna cause you even to pioneer a way… gonna cause you to be a pioneer…” As I got my journal out and read through that prophecy I was given freshly ignited understanding and peace as to my current circumstances. Thank you, Lana!