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I had a dream last night where I saw the Lord highlighting “strategic positioning” again. I saw the Lord bringing two cog wheels in a clock into PERFECT POSITIONING and I heard the loud CLICKING TOGETHER, FALLING INTO PLACE happen in my dream. The “sweet spot”.
I then heard the Lord in my dream.. “All the preparation has been leading to such a time as this.” The sense filled me in my dream of many feeling like they have been prepared and pruned, shaped, shifted and sifted over the years, over and over, but the clarity is now resting upon His people, that is has all been to lead to “such a time as this”.
Who can say but that God has brought you into the palace for just such a time as this?” Esther 4:14 (TLB)
There is such a strategic positioning happening right now in the body of Christ, where many will begin to look at where the Lord is positioning them and with a hearts cry of thanksgiving, lift their hands to heaven and cry out “Praise You Lord, I have been waiting ALL MY LIFE for this moment.”
The WAVES of appointed time have ARRIVED!!!! Unity is ESSENTIAL right now. Do not isolate yourselves, do not allow the enemy to isolate you. The Lord is connecting His people at a deeper level right now. A divine networking that is bringing about the manifestation of dreams and callings manifesting in FULLNESS.
This is a “FULLNESS OF TIME” season. Steward what He has placed in your hands well, steward it from the place of intimacy for the birthing of strategic positioning is happening over His people right now. The appointed time in the spirit is meeting the appointed time in the natural.
I was watching a movie on the plane to one of my ministry appointments recently and one line was spoken in the movie and the Lord brought it back to my mind today as I was pondering this dream.
“The living manifestation of your destiny is meeting your mission”.
You’ve hit the strategic season.. For such a time as this!! Step in!! Press in!
The living manifestation of destiny’s are being unveiled.


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  • Donna

    Wow Lana! Powerful and timely word. I was just “whining” to the Lord this morning about turning 60 and still “feeling like” I’m never going to get past the place of getting “prepared and pruned, shaped, shifted and sifted over the years, over and over,…” and move deeper into my destiny. Your word was very encouraging, as always. Thanks and blessings!

  • Elsie Bouwman

    Looking up in the sky the other day, a flock of Canadain geese flew in a long V formation. Each one is helped by the one closest by in flight, and in turn helps the next bird close in flight!! They are one flock in flight!!

  • Lidia

    Amen, thank You Lord God, my prayer to You O’ Heavenly Father, please open my understanding, wake up my spirit, increase, and activate my faith, my hope, Lord God don’t let me faint, I need Your strength to remain standing still, living, believing, and exercising my faith, trusting, waiting upon You, in the Mighty Name of the Lord Your Only begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!!!