Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
Do not be afraid of the divine interruptions of God. The Lord is divine interrupting right now and these interruptions are going to bring more joy to you than you could ever have imagined possible.
Don’t attempt to work out in your "head" or the "logic" how things are going to work with this DIVINE INTERRUPTION that He is highlighting, just trust Him and jump in. Trust Him and dive in.
These divine interruptions and change of courses, change of pathways, change of direction, are actually leading you to a place of greater increase, greater joy, greater multiplication and greater breakthrough in the plans He has for your life.
You may look at these divine interruptions in the natural and think "how is it going to work"?
The Lord has a plan and the Lord has a way!
I see the Lord with Holy Ghost Oil and He is adding the OIL to the extra WHEELS He is adding to the vision, and in the divine interruption, in the addition, you will know greater grace, ease and flow than you have ever known.
These DIVINE INTERRUPTIONS may look unexpected, the timing may be unexpected, the way may look unexpected, but I felt a strong urging and urgency from the Lord "DON’T GO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW"…
Don’t go with what you KNOW or have KNOWN before because you are scared to follow the leading of this DIVINE INTERRUPTION. Step in, jump in and let Him take care of the details, because the DIVINE INTERRUPTION is leading you to GREATER INCREASE than you would ever receive by continually going by the way "things have always been".
This divine interruption is leading you in HIS WAY that will lead you into a GLORIOUS NEW DAY. It’s on the horizon, trust Him! He knows what He’s doing!
"Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there" – Proverbs 16:9 – The Passion Translation


  • Jackie Battle

    I hear you Lodd! You are getting us, your church on one accord for your divine visitations! By faith, I embrace this new season uou have promised Abba Father! Thank you Lord. For this message at 4am in DC. Metro area! Bless you Holy name!!!

  • Cliff Schaeffer

    I received three different anointing oils from The Elijah List today. The Prophets Mantle, The New Jerusalem and The Balm of Gilead. I’ve been going through the most difficult time of my life and I’m 61 years old. 11 years ago I met a young man of 24 years at a Prayer House called San Francisco House of Prayer for All Nations (SFHOPFAN). It was the day of Battle Cry which I went to. While there, The Lord said to go to the prayer meeting which was going on. So I left and went to Treasure Island where it was located. It was my first time there, I am close friends with one of the directors Anne Trumbo. Plus I was only 1 month out of having life saving emergency surgery. This young man that I met there, Blake I felt drawn to. About 1 month later at the church that he attended in SF after having met him 4 times since the prayer meeting he came up to me and said, “My dad died about 2 years ago and I’ve been praying for a spiritual father ever since and you’re it.” I said, “Well I’ve been praying for a ministry partner so you’re it.” One thing lead to another and he ended moving in with my mother and myself. I was care giving for my mom. She passed 3 years ago. Blake and I share a 2 bedroom Appartment now, but lately he has been in a serious backslide and has discarded to move to Hawaii to live with his mom. Leaving me on the lurch. I as far as I can tell I can not make ends meet without him and or Jesus stepping in I don’t know what to do. I’ve been going through sever grief, depression, fear etc. And I don’t bare witness to Blake leaving. Just before I read this word from you Lana I anointed all of the walls in our Appartment with all of the anointing oils that I received today in the mail. And prayed. Needless to say I was surprised by your word. I’m not sure why I’m writing this except to say that I believe that Jesus wanted me to. If anyone senses god on this please pray for Blake and I. I’ve been feeling most devastated and need a breakthrough in all of this. Thanks to all for listening. Blessings!

    • Thomas Nodoubt

      A word from the Lord, ‘Perfect love casts out all fear. He who fears has not been perfected in love. You are not to fear My hand in this for I have you covered under My wing of protection. This is a time to draw close unto Me. This is a time to enter in to your prayer closet, to close the door behind you. Come into My presence and sit with Me. I have more of Myself to reveal unto you and as you quiet your mind and still your thoughts, you will hear a word behind you saying, ‘This is the Way. Walk in it.’ That will be My voice. That will be Me. I Am the One who is moving each of you into the position of My choosing. Allow Me to move in your life and you will stand and see the glory of Your God move in ways never before seen upon earth. Allow Me to be the All in Your Life. I have so much more for you than you can imagine or think. And My love shall never be removed from those whose hearts are stayed upon Me’

  • Felicis

    I have a daughter who is bipolar schizophrenia severely depressed and who tried several times to kill her self. She has a 4 year old. She has gotten upset with family due to trying to guide her and probably watching over her to closely, she is 26 yrs old.
    She left home and has not return. Do not know where she is.
    Please pray for her safety. She lives with me, her mom, and her son. I feel that this post was for me to read
    I am trying let go and let God do his work so also pray for me. Really my whole household seems to be coming unglued not on one accord husband and I.
    Thank you

  • Anita Davidson

    Anita Davidson
    We have been in a 10 year battle. After receiving words we will do the work of David and Solomon in one Generation the Lord led us through a season of great wilderness. We are now at a place of breakthrough we heard the Lord say to start this ministry for chrisitian songwriters and Musicians. He said to record them at no cost to them. We are financially in a place if He does not make a way there is no way. We know that we know that we heard Him . He also gave us a vision on how to speak the message to others in the body of Christ on how to support these songwriters / musicians. The ears have not been opened to others most don’t see the need
    to support and release these levites in this day and hour. Please pray for us for strategies from heaven, Kingdom conections. The Lord showed me the pattern of is the Tabernakel of David., it was the first recording studio in the History of man kind, the musicans did not pay and they where supported by the body of believers around them. This is the pattern the Lord showed us the model of the ministry we are called to raise up.We are in need of breathrough. It will release songs that would have never been heard and recorded otherwise. We thought of a plan on how to raise the funds . So far it did not bear much fruit. Anxiety and fear is a constant battle . The words from Lana are always right on. It has been a extrem battle for 10 years to stay faithful to the calling. Thank you for your word today to jump in and trust Him He has a way to do things. I need to trust Him !!!

  • Betty

    Thank you Lana for this vision of “Change”. Began reading “The Way Back” yesterday. Awakened before 6 am this morning, started reading again. The writer is describing the fallen condition of America. His recommendation for America is found in Jeremiah 6:16, Proverbs 33:12, and I stand on 2 Chronicles 7:14. We must teach this generation about the Gospel. Betty

  • Robearh

    Lead me, guide me, Father God, prepare the way for I am moving forward this day, in Great Awesome expectations
    as my heart is steadfast upon you. I take delight in your words, this day, am ready to move forward to all you have
    for me, for it is my set time for advancement into Kingdom Purposes. I step into, jumping in now, to all and all and
    everything which is indeed headed my way. I thank you with highest of honor and praises. Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas NoDoubt

    I thank You Father for I am looking to You for Your divine direction, instructions and guidance now. I pray that You show me clearly each step to take from here on in to Your kingdom has come fully in earth.
    Lead me not into temptation and deliver me from the evil one. In His Mighty Name, Yahuwshua haMashiach.
    Let each one of us, your anointed be shown clearly each step of the Way, the Truth and the Life here on in. Thank You again Father. Thank you Lana, may His angels be placed around you, before and behind and no power nor principality shall come nigh unto you but you shall only look on with your eyes to behold and see the reward of the wicked.

  • Jeanette Lewis

    Father your timing is everything to your children’s , the way you speak and the way your actions is being made Dr shown unto us. Father !!!!! no one greater than Thee . Can’t wait to see the manifest of your plan. Your Daughter always forever Love.

  • Chaplain Delaine

    Amen! I receive this word for my life. I will not be afraid of divine interruptions, neither will I be afraid to flow it in Jesus Mighty Name! Chaplain Delaine

  • (Sam) Setiawan Widjaya

    Amen Lana, I welcome the Lord’s Divine interruption that will accelerate me onto His new place. Thank you Lord Your intervention.

  • Tree

    Let me dive in to YOU, Jesus, and trust. I am not even sure I know what this means… but there is no place I want to go that You are not leading the way. Let me dive into my closet, dive into worship, dive into prayer, dive into connection with you…let my eyes look straight before me, locking with Yours.
    Keep my WHEELS turning… keep my moving forward from glory to glory from victory to victory.