Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
This is a season of new beginnings. I am feeling very strongly the past few days new beginnings being birthed that are unlike anything that has been seen before. The Holy Spirit is breathing upon this new beginning and bringing refreshing and new life. The beautiful wind of His Spirit is bringing refreshing to your heart and to your soul. The pressure of the season is being removed and there is a whole new field of promise upon you.
I see a new scent filling the air and it is declaring new life all around, it is declaring the season of flourishing has begun.
There are angels of EXPECTANCY being released to you to minister, impart, and assist you in this divine CHANGE and great EXCHANGE.
The wind of the Spirit blowing upon you bringing refreshment is increasing and releasing greater joy and hope for this new beginning.
The golden field is before you and you are moving into this golden field. It’s a field of EASE in the RELEASE and blossoming of the yielded hearts desires and promises fulfilled.
The "dreams and desires" you have "put on the shelf" the Lord is now breathing upon and placing them in their "appointed time" position for release. I see many have sown faithfully into the call of the Lord through the dark nights, and now the Lord is releasing the harvest of the "shelved dreams and desires" in significant ways.
The Lord is releasing these angels of expectancy upon those "dreams and desires" to release the increase.
"The bondage of your barren winter has ended, and the season of hiding is over and gone. The rains have soaked the earth and left it with bright blossoming flowers. The season for singing and pruning the vines has arrived. I hear the cooing of doves in our land, filling the air with songs to awaken you and guide you forth. Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of My plans and purposes are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers: "There is change in the air" – Song of Songs 2:11-13 (The Passion Translation)


  • Steph D

    Dear Lana, thanks for bringing this word from God. I remember one or two other posts regarding things that were gold. And today, a golden field. I’m so excited to see that word again, for i have been seeing gold since mid May this year. I’ve also started seeing orange (particularly the month of August). Steph

  • Michael Shea

    Receive the word for deliverance from nearly a three year battle with cancer, and the wonderful life to follow as serve Him with my amazing wife.

  • Heather Guerry

    Yes, the season of change is among us. I can breathe again! It time to exhale and breathe in the fresh air of promise. The extremely long wait is coming to an end. Thank you Father for giving us strength during the waiting and reminding us to trust in your faithfulness. ?

  • April

    All praise to the Beautiful One from Whom All Blessings flow. No matter of time in the desert or hell on earth shall compare to the EXCEEDING GREATNESS He I slavishing upon us. Father, I decree it over ever person within the sound of Lana’s word the time of manifestation is NOW. We are kingdom-first seekers. We are the people of lower still. And You WILL get the glory for every move of the transition & multiple breakthroughs. I decree an Eph 3:20 season manifesting right NOW- in Jesus name and strength, AMEN

    • Elisha Craw

      Thankyou for that now Word so on Time.. Lana last Sunday the 27/8/2017 our Fellowship. I saw a Branch with Buds on it like Cherry BLossom.. Spring is here both Spiritually and naturally 4 many.. Yes Expectency is in the Air as well as re-establishing the old wells.

  • Carol

    I receive this. Thank you Lord. I do believe you sent an angel yesterday to bless us. How beautiful are your ways.

  • Patricia Davis

    God bless you Woman of God,
    The lord strategically led me to you its lime whatever my feelings and thoughts were, whatever my spirit has been speaking to me about he has confirmed it through the holy spirit through you…please tell me how I can plant a seed in su h fertile ground to minister hope to the nations…
    ,.Blessings Patricia Davis

  • Melissa

    There’s such a sense of hope in this word. Especially at this time. Where so many including me are going through such whirlwinds personally not to mention the situation in Texas and attack on children. This word brings with it fresh oil. So we can fill up for this wave of expectancy! Thank you.

  • Robearh

    Hallelujah, Glory to God, Yes, Yes, Yes, indeed so bring it on Angels, assigned to me, in Jesus name. I thank thee Father, for the Release of Abundance
    headed my way, for it is my due season to reap all I have sown into the Kingdom for your purpose for me. Amen !!

    • Jenifer Catlin

      I am also praying for my 24 year old son who is striving to be a singer with dreams and visions… thats a world that’s difficult

  • Gabriel Hanson

    YES!!! I receive this Word on behalf of my family and loved ones. Let it be so! God Bless You Lana and all who receive this Word!

  • SylviaJune Montpellier

    Thank you Lana for this Prophetic WORD,,, it IS Right on target for me, as soon as I began reading I weep & weep cause the Word is confirming to me, it’s Christie clear,,then I’m laughing in hysterics, “dreams and desires,” God is sending me angles to help me through All the strugling I’ve experienced in this past 3yrs, since I drove a little 23ft Motorhome into.Gonzales Louisiana, Nov,11th 2014, Then Feb,1st 16, Holy Spirit led!!! , drives me to New Roads LA,70783, False River Lake, designed like a horse shoe,, I met a LADY who’s name is Angel,, A God sent Angel,,,She takes me into her home,puts my little dog Haley & I into her parents master bedroom with a king size bed In It,, a desire of my heart to sleep in a real bed for a change, her parents pass on many yrs ago,.Angel lives alone, never married,.That’s why I laugh,,.God plants the desires into my heart,what ever it is I need,, and brings every ONE to fulfilment,,its always the perfect Moment,,& Season for me, “,My God gets All the GLORY All the Time,, I was able to minister love to Angel in the 5wks, Haley& I lived with her, .Little miss Haley& Angel Loved each other,,pets know who needs Love,.She is13yrs old Aug,24/17.The Lord picked her for me at 5wks old,, & were never out of each other s sight,, Praise God for my puppy still,.Were still living In the Shoe box living area in my Motorhome no room to move around in here,and I’m fed up completely, cause every thing has broken down and needs repairs, mold & mildew in the small bathroom area we breath in All the time, No funds to ever fix things up,,.I’ve cryed out GOD I’ve had enough of this living condition, God showed me the house on stilts high up, 2yrs old, beautiful view of the Lake it’s up for Sale by owner, & Holy Spirit said there’s your view, your Name is on that house, I’ve talked to owner& builder he’s a Christian ,we prayed together& he’s working with me to. Purchase this beautiful home,. It’s definitely God,. AMEN I’ll keep you informed, Lovingly in Christ Love SylviaJune,.

  • R Carter Thomas

    Yes and Amen in Him! I just moved my counseling practice back into a church, which is where it began. On 12-2-11 I saw my 1st client with my New business. Yesterday on 9-2-17 I saw my 1st clients in my New location, in a church my good friend leads. Glory to God!

  • Ford

    I want to thank my guardian angel who has saved me and my family time and again. I welcome the new angels into our lives and give thanks and praise to our Lord. Bless you, Lana. Amen and Amen.

  • Lea

    I am trusting you, Jesus! Every time I start to lose hope, you tell me to hang on. It’s been such a long, cold, hard and dry season with so much warfare. Why do I continue to be stuck here when I really want to be out there? Because you have called me to be much alone with you, help me to focus and concentrate and be intentional with this time. You are worthy, Jesus!

  • Shagufta Mulla

    You wrote ‘ease’ and ‘release’ in the same sentence and what popped out at me is that EASE is within/a part of the word Release!

  • (Sam) Setiawan Widjaya

    Yes, since yesterday, I have been sensing Holy Spirit winds of refreshment and encouragement blowing gently toward me at the morning hours. Thank you Lord Jesus. Halleluyah!

    • Violeta

      Amen! This is a confirmation for me. New beginnings! The Lord spoke to me about leaving my job over a few months ago. My last day of work was on 8/8/17, I worked with my company for over 13yrs, now I’m trusting and walking in obedience to the voice of The Lord in this hour. Greater is here for the body of Christ. Walking by faith and not sight. God bless you Lana for this word.

  • hummingbird1112

    I pray this is true for my life, in Jesus name. I have been going through my dark nights (of the soul), complete with demonic attacks, for some time now. I have been pressing into Jesus, pressing into Jesus, pressing into Jesus for answers. And I am waiting, waiting, waiting for my God. I wait for the Lord, more than watchmen wait for the morning (psalm 130). I ask God for mercy and justice, and to experience his glory. I humbly accept all prayers on my behalf. 🙂

  • L.M.

    I receive this new season of Ease in the Golden Fields. My Health, Finances, Stolen Goods, Opportunities,Freedom, Creativity, Restoration, Recompense are All being returned to me in Jesus Mighty Name. I Welcome My New Angels of Expectancy. NO MORE DROUGHT, HINDRANCES OR DELAY. MY SEASON OF FULL ABUNDANT HARVEST IS HERE AND IS UPON ME. I WELCOME MY NEW SEASON OF JOY AND INCREASE. NO MORE DROUGHT.

  • Jeanette Lewis

    I received this word from God our Heavenly Father and Jesus our Lord and Savior thru Prophetess Lana. A divine promises I long to see over and over thru theses years come to manifest now in. His people’s lives. So excited.

  • Annette

    Indeed!!! I do sense this new season of refreshing and rain falling all around me for His glory and to His service! “The Lord is releasing these angels of expectancy upon those “dreams and desires” to release the increase.” Amen! Open, lift up, you Ancient Gates and let the Lord of Glory come in! in Jesus name!

  • Elayna McMillan

    9/7/17 I just read your blog about the angels of expectancy.
    I was diagnosed in July 2011 with Progressive MS. My legs turned into cooked spaghetti noodles, I became a mobile instantly
    When I got the diagnosis, I said “Oh! This must be a test of my faith. A test of loyalty.”
    I chose to always turn the negative into good. To be positive. It annoyed everyone around me but I always had a smile and they smile back.
    It’s now seven years after the diagnosis. My doctor took me off of MS medicine & this caused my resolve to falter; I persevered great pain and questionable tests that my husband was shocked by.
    I had great faith that Jesus was my great physician and that everything would work out just fine. And you do it until they took me off of MS medicine.
    BUT I always forced myself up to have great expectations and high hopes, a positive outlook and faith that moves mountains.
    When I read your blog today, all of the anxiety that has been persistent in trying to wear me down seemed to be lifted.
    It seem to be a terrific confirmation of the revelatory revealment but I had just received our earlier. It was as though The Mists of Darkness that seemed to be a distraction suddenly begin to be lighter.
    Upon reading your blog, I suddenly realized that it was as if God’s light had pierced the darkness, and the light was slowly dispersing that cloud
    Elayna McMillan, Independence Missouri