Prophetic Words


“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice behind you saying “This is the way… Walk in it.” – Isaiah 30:21
I sensed many laboured with questions.. “Which way, Lord?”, “What do I do?”. Many have tried certain things and walked certain ways and they haven’t worked. Many have done all they can to position themselves for breakthrough but have been left tired, disappointed and weary.
I had a dream this morning where I heard the Lord reciting Isaiah 30:1 with such love and compassion. He is bringing directive, confirmative alignment.
He wants His people encouraged and not in fear for He is bringing specific revelatory direction that is leading His people into larger areas of freedom, opportunity and breakthrough. It is time for an extension.
Remain surrendered and in peace knowing that He loves you SO much and is working for your best. As you continue to seek Him, He is bringing greater alignment into your life. Let the pressure of “missing it” fall off your life as you delight in Him. He is giving you new sight, to see the WAYS you are about to take flight.
Keep your ears close to His heart, and as He speaks, even if you don’t understand, continue to obey and know that His provision is on its way.
You are being aligned to His purposes as you stay surrendered. Be expectant and KNOW He is leading you. Heavenly directive blueprints and instructions are being released to release you into your greatest level of extension yet.
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