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I saw many feeling the “pressure” of transition, the waiting, obstacles and unfulfilled promises getting heavier. Especially this week the “pressure” and “tension” has seemed to increase dramatically.
There is significant opposition within the last week for many as the enemy is fighting the “alignment” that is happening right now.
The enemy is fighting the alignment coming into believer’s lives and the deeper alignment between God and His people.
Do not be distracted. Do not look to the left or to the right. Keep your face as a flint towards Him. The river of breakthrough is flowing and the enemy is attempting to bring obstacles but many shall see mountains turned into flat roads before your very eyes.
Do NOT lose your hope!!! FIGHT for your peace. He is going to cover all your NEEDS and you will see needs met and many hearts desires fulfilled as you continue to make Him your utmost delight! Take a deep breath in the pressure, you are actually at a new level of breakthrough. Don’t lose your fight, He is giving you new sight.
There has been another shift this week bringing greater alignment into the lives of many of His people. A greater direction, insight, clarity and provision, yet as it has happened the opposition and pressure has increased.
Be encouraged you are stepping into a greater measure of heavenly alignment and assignment.
Do not try and “work things out” with your mind. Stay surrendered and trust and watch the hand of God THRUST you forward.
Continue to make the choice to trust Him and all that you need to know and have will be given to you. For as you hold His hand you will be thrust further forward than you could ever imagine.
Everything is going to work out, stay expectantly surrendered. The revelation of His heavenly alignment will surely ASTOUND and be booming with the SOUND of heaven over you… The sound of immeasurable, unfathomable LOVE the Father has for you and His DELIGHT to lavish good gifts upon you!
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  • tompia47tpiasecny

    thank you. so many dyas just not giving up seems like a victory. it s been so long, so hard, not sure how much more i can endure. but yet ive endured more than i ever thot i coud. i’m claiming the peace and well being He paid for. taking communion a few times a day, anointing mself, got Bethel to pray via skpye this week. making extra effort to be thankful. my chest hurts so much and it has gotten a lot harder since tuesday this week. thank you lana
    Appreciatively, Tom
    Cell: 1-704-564-3496