Prophetic Words


The areas that you feel have suffocated you, overwhelmed you, hindered you from flying and moving to the next level… As you have remained surrendered to Him and held His hand, you will now raise the flag that says “CONQUERED”.
You are moving into a greater level of freedom as you continue to remain sensitive to His Spirit and leading. He conquered the grave and in Him you are MORE than a conqueror and you are going to step further forward into the victory that is already yours.
The battle to keep you “grounded” (not in a positive way) and hinder you from flying has been so intense because you are about to fly higher than you ever have.
He is empowering you and bringing breakthrough. You are conquering the enemy, the obstacles that have tried to stop you and fear that has attempted to clip your wings.
You are moving into a new season, a new land, you are about to take a greater stand and CONQUER!!!!!! You are moving into an abundant flourishing PROMISED LAND.
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