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By Lana Vawser
I felt a real urgency on my heart today as the US election approaches in a few days.
I saw a wind being blown into the body of Christ but it was not a wind sent by the Lord, it was a wind sent by the enemy. As I saw this wind blowing I heard the words:
“CONFUSION and DELUSION are about to rear their ugly heads in a greater way in the next few days leading up to the US election, but My people NO MATTER WHAT YOU SEE, keep your eyes ABOVE and ON ME. Keep your eyes on My heart and crying out for a “DIVINE RESTART” and My RESURRECTION power to manifest. I am going to release greater CLARITY and INSIGHT and a powerful demonstration of My resurrection power as you continue to cry out My people. You will see greater increase of angelic activity as you pray in the next few days. Angels of Heaven are being positioned in your intercession. I have been calling you My people to agree with Me for a new day dawning over the USA and in the midst of that the enemy is attempting to bring a ‘sandstorm’ to hinder your vision My people, but in the midst of this “sandstorm” as you press in, I am going to bring down all of his attempts to steal your vision. I am going to give you KEYS to pray into to see My victory unlocked and manifested in the nation FAR SURPASSING what manifests in the next few days. The enemy is attempting to hinder the manifestation of heaven’s vision.. it is CRUCIAL right now that you STAY POSITIONED!!! STAY POSITIONED… STAY POSITIONED…STAY POSITIONED…Can you hear the sound of victory?”
The heart of this word I feel is a strong encouragement to NOT stop praying!!!!! Keep decreeing the victory of God into the nation leading up to and AFTER the elections. God is looking for hearts in agreement for HIS VICTORY to manifest in the USA. His people to partner with Him to continue to pray and birth VICTORY in the United States of America. The enemy is sending the sandstorm to discourage and to cause a “hindrance of vision”, but it’s CRUCIAL to keep your eyes UP and DECREE what HE SEES, there is going to be a great tumbling of victory!!!
“Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” ~ 2 Chronicles 7:14


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  • Yisraelle

    So refreshing and strengthening to wake up to this. For me it is personal as usual. The ugly head of delusion and confusion raised a few hours ago and it is such a blessing to know He saw it. I had been overwhelmed and did not do the decrees as per your last post and that is what has been highlighted here again… Guess I know what I will be doing today. Thank you Lana, Abba’s messenger of hope, peace and love. Thank you God of all comforts. Hallelujah!!

  • Christine Ross

    At the beginning of the Iraq war, a fierce sandstorm decended that brought the progress of the US troops to a standstill. See report from CNN: ‘US Troops Weather Sandstorm’, March 25 2003. At the time, I sensed the Holy Spirit showing me that this was no ordinary sandstorm, but a device the enemy was using to hinder the troops and that the outcome of the war hung in the balance.
    I have just read the CNN report again and it goes on to say “A sandstorm that kicked up on Monday continued to pelt US troops as they moved forward on Tuesday. The storm limited the coalition troops ability to see more than a few feet ahead of themselves and it largely prevented them from calling in air support from fighter jets or helicopters”.
    A call to…

  • Christine Ross

    As I wrote last comment, BBC breaking news is :’ US-backed force announces operation to capture Raqqa which is Islamic States ‘capital’ in Syria.’ I suggest this is a time to interceed on behalf of America that the Lord will enable the people to take back political ground that has been ‘lost’ to the enemy in the USA. Lets also pray and believe that we will see the enemy loose major territory in the middle east. Lets pray for revival in Syria and Iraq and God’s wil be done and His kingdom come in the USA both in the election and in the aftermath of the outcome. Blessings from Ireland. Christine Ross

  • Rev. Phillip LEMKIN

    Yes, IF the true BELIEVERS in YESHUA, JESUS of Nazareth, MESSIAH of Jew & Gentile together as the One New Man AWAKEN FROM THEIR SLEEP, Donald Trump will be PRESIDENT No 45. The sleaze of the Media and Clinton criminals will fall back upon their own heads. GAL 6:7,
    Obamacare is a scandal of immense proportion. BRIBERY & CORRUPTION & INCESTUOUS CONNECTIONS OF EVILDOERS is unprecedented. TREASON & CRIMES of Clintons will NOT PREVAIL any longer as Righteousness exalts America and all the SIN is UNCOVERED. We praise GOD for the VICTORY

  • Lisa Riebel

    Thank you , thank you Lana, for decreeing powerful words over the USA & fighting with us for the restoration of America !! You have strengthened our hands !!! May you & the great nation of Australia, be blessed !!!

  • Yisraelle

    He appoints rulers and kings… Let God be true and every man a liar!!! Amen and Amen.
    Well done my sister for speaking what He said regardless of the flack you must have gotten for it. I knew it was Trump even before your Word was published, infact the night before you published the first word about it I had just been telling my son he was going to win because it is the 70th Jubilee since Israel left Egypt. Trump turned 70 this year. It is the year of the trumpets and he is named Trump. I mean did people really think it was all coincidence??? Game changing President Trump! God’s choice. Hallelujah!!! Well done brave sister and keep connected.