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By Lana Vawser
This week while at the Australian Prophetic Summit I had a vision where I saw a slumbering spirit that has been in the nation of Australia, increasing in intensity to “steal the vision” of God’s people. I see this spirit moving through the body of Christ with hordes of demonic figures with needles in their hands looking for those they could bring a slumber to.
I saw the “aim” of this attack was to bring the slumber so God’s people would not SEE and PERCEIVE what He is doing in their lives and the nation. I felt an urgency and warning from the Lord to BE ALERT!
This spirit and demonic spirits were moving into the body of Christ looking for those who were not “taking the time to see and seek His heart”. Many believers had already been affected and this slumbering spirit was about to increase in intensity. This slumbering spirit was bringing a complacency and open doors to temptation and compromise.
I felt the heart of God and urgency to really press in, and cry out to SEE. Ask for eye salve and for Him to open our eyes. (Revelation 3:18) This is a time to stand your ground, be listening to His heart and pray against a slumbering spirit. This is not a time to fear, but to press in and know that there’s an UPGRADE of DIVINE SIGHT, CLARITY and WISDOM being released to the body of Christ in Australia. There is a great AWAKENING happening in this nation and the enemy is attempting to bring the church into “locked down slumber”, but he will not be victorious as we press in.
The Lord has been speaking to me a lot about the “urgency of the hour” and how we as the body of Christ in Australia need to get deeper into the Word. The Lord is going deep into our foundations to bring cleansing and healing. He is reminding His people of biblical, foundational truths, He is reshaping and uprooting any “foundations” we have built anything upon that is contrary to the Word of God. There is a strong divine highlight right now and in 2017 to dig deeper into the Word of God and build upon it with purity.
He is uprooting and dealing with areas of pride, insecurity, compromise, complacency and impurity to bring healing and freedom and establish a stronger foundation in Him and His Word.
As we get deeper into the Word of God in this season there is an accelerated cleansing and purifying that the Lord is doing. He is preparing new wineskins.
“…Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” (Ephesians 5:26b-27)
The shaking that is taking place is recalibrating and establishing.
I had a vision of Jesus and He stuck a HUGE thermometer into the nation of Australia and into the Australian Church and the “temperature” was at “warm” and I then heard the words “IT’S TIME TO BURN!!!” ~ “PURGE, PURGE, PURGE” and the sense surrounded me of the temperature is about to rise to HOT.
Such a strong sense surrounded me of a DEEP CLEANSING that is taking place and about to take place at a deeper level first in the Church and then in Australia. I then heard the words “Australia and the Church of Australia is about to go through a deeper PURGING.
There was an acceleration of His fire to bring cleansing and purge. The invitation to “embrace the fire” was still LOUD in the spirit. The fire of God was going after ANYTHING in the hearts and lives of believers that was stopping them from burning with hunger and passion for Jesus and the fire of His love. I was surrounded by the sense again of “FIRST LOVE” again, and this deep longing in the heart of God of many still haven’t “got it” and the Lord is working deeply to bring His Church in Australia deeper into the place of intimacy. Hunger and passion for Jesus is about to be IGNITED to unprecedented levels.
I feel the fear of God in the ‘weightiness’ of what God is about to do in our nation, what He is about to release there is a HIGHLIGHT upon STEWARDSHIP!
I couldn’t shake this feeling of “this is a critical moment” in our nation.
I felt an urgency on the PURE STEWARDSHIP (with integrity, character and humility) of what God has placed in the hands of His people – especially leadership. I saw a deeper soul cleansing, refining and shaping coming to the leadership in Australia and then into the Church. In the natural I also saw the Lord doing a “reshaping” of Church leadership in the nation, but it’s not a “demotion”, it’s Him setting the stage for greater promotion (I saw pieces being moved around on a chessboard) because we are about to take more ground, BUT the SOIL and FOUNDATION MUST be right.
In this PURGING I saw an ACTIVATION of a TURNING which was then establishing an even greater POSITIONING of His people in the nation and I heard the words “The shaking that is coming in this nation will require My people to AWAKE and TAKE THEIR PLACE!”
I remembered flying into Australia after an 8 week trip to the USA and seeing the “kidneys of Australia failing” in the spirit, and a huge boil filled with ‘infection’ in many parts of the Australian Church/leadership and in the nation. The sense was this “boil”, the Lord is about to “pop it” to clean it out, but that ‘shaking’ to get the ‘infection’ out is a GOOD THING because He’s bringing healing and restoration.
“I am re-establishing, I am removing, I am rearranging, and going deep to foundations and roots but through the PURGING a POSITIONING is taking place.” People of God will be positioned in the SEVEN MOUNTAINS of CULTURE in Australia in SIGNIFICANT WAYS in 2017.
I saw the Lord “SETTING THE STAGE”for a great move of His Spirit as this accelerated cleansing of the foundations of the Church and the nation took place. I kept hearing the words over and over “I am going to the roots! I am going to the heart! I am doing heart surgery to cause the HEART to RESTART!!!”
Instantly I saw a picture of the heart of the nation and the heart of the Australian Church being worked on deeply by the hand of God and then SUDDENLY shocked to greater life with His resurrection power.
Five Fold Ministry is going to be SIGNIFICANTLY extended in influence and responsibility to EQUIP the saints for the work of service at a level and way we have never seen before in this nation. He is awakening and activating the FIVE FOLD to really ‘take their place’ in this nation.
ISAIAH 43:19: See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
I had a dream recently that I was on a bus and I turned around to all around me and I was saying “You MUST have eyes to see and ears to hear right now, you MUST be hearing what the Spirit is saying to RECOGNISE how He is going to show up, because He’s going to SHOW UP DIFFERENT to how you expect. You must REALLY know Him, so you don’t miss Him when He shows up and chooses to present Himself.” I felt such a strong sense of God’s call for deeper intimacy, surrender and discernment in Australia. God is highlighting purity. (Matthew 5:8) He is “cleaning house” to prepare the people of God for what He is about to pour out.
The enemy has been hitting MANY very hard in this season because of the “crossover” that’s taking place, and the new season we are moving in.
The Lord is going to give the leadership of Australia and God’s people eyes to see the “NEW DIVINE STRATEGIES and BLUEPRINTS” to navigate the new thing that He is preparing to release in this nation. We haven’t even seen a GLIMPSE yet (Ephesians 3:20). We are about to take NEW GROUND!
I felt such a fear of God as I saw His eyes roaming across the Church of Australia looking for those with hearts fully committed and surrendered to Him. Those with “clean hands” and “pure hearts”(Psalm 24:3-4) that He is going to release specific keys of “strategy, increase and favour to” in this next season that will see them positioned in places they never imagined to bring a great UNLOCKING of the nation of Australia and to see her move further into her destiny CLOTHED in purity!
Yesterday the 5th November, everywhere we drove and outside our house there were butterflies everywhere, anywhere from 20-50 at a time. Everywhere we went there were butterflies! The Lord began to speak to me about this season here in Australia and the SUDDEN TRANSFORMATION that is upon us. God is raising His people up and awakening them to their identity. There is the MANIFESTATION of the sons and daughters of Glory that are being to arise and awaken in Australia. Butterflies have incredible SIGHT and it’s a prophetic sign of the Lord extending vision.
There has been incredible pressure in this season, but the Lord is bringing deep healing, breakthrough and freedom to His people in Australia. Where they will fly with great peace, sight and joy as the ‘confines’, ‘limitations’, issues of the soul and mind are healed. Freedom is manifesting! SUDDEN manifestation and transformation of the NEW LIFE (John 10:10, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Colossians 3:10, Romans 6:4) that is and always has been ours in Jesus!!!! God’s people in Australia are being transformed at a deeper level as we “embrace His process”. It’s time to SEE and walk in greater victory!!! It’s time to FLY!!!!!!!!


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  • Julie Barnett

    I personally can confirm the portion of the word concerning shaking foundations. I received a similar word in August, that deep foundations are being worked on by Father at the deepest, removing footings that are not from Him with water from throne. The water is going to expose and wash away human system based rubble and foundations not based on God’s foundations, even though they have been in use a long time. God is going to be building on His foundations, Kingdom foundations. I am excited to see what God has in store!

  • Mary

    As you have prayed for the US and our election, I am lifting you up for protection and blessing. And praying for Australia. Hosea 6:2-3. “He will restore like the dawn greets the morning”(especially the AMP version). His going forth is prepared and certain as the dawn….and comes to us as the rain”. Blessings to you and your family. Mary from Minnesota

  • Patricia Byers

    You have been so faithful Lana to hear the Lord, to speak boldly & with great encouragement into our country (USA). Thank you! And now we will stand in faith & agreement with Father’s words for Australia. Let His kingdom come & His will be done!

  • Esther Mutua

    This is about Australia, but I think it can also help the body of Christ everywhere. May the Lord open our eyes to see what he is doing, the deeper work that He is doing in us to bring us to a place of intimacy with Himself. I love the insight you shared about butterflies. I see so many around my house too!!!

  • TT

    This my be for Australia but as I read this, I was beginning to shout! Father God has been leading me through revelation, and in the Word of His desire to dwell WITH us here as we have never experienced. He is also giving answers, clarity as to what is happening and why at such an amazing pace, it is difficult to keep up! When you ‘turned in the dream’ “You MUST have eyes to see and ears to hear right now, you MUST be hearing what the Spirit is saying to RECOGNISE how He is going to show up, because He’s going to SHOW UP DIFFERENT to how you expect. YES SOUNDS EVEN ‘FEEL’ DIFFERENT… I experienced butteries, also. Once by myself; another time with my sister; He never told me why. More revelation yesterday, PTL