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By Lana Vawser
Recently I had a vision of the BOWLS OF HEAVEN being FULL to the BRIM with the prayers and intercession of the saints and they were at TIPPING POINT. The interesting thing I saw is that these BOWLS were at a “TIPPING POINT” over the lives of believers and over the United States. They were both connected! I was really intrigued the “connection” between the two.
I then saw the Lord dispatching angelic hosts into the lives of believers that have been standing in faithful intercession and remaining uncompromised in their devotion to Jesus and purity in their heart motives and surrender to Him. I saw these angelic hosts were landing in the lives of believers and in the nation of the United States simultaneously. I saw them landing into HUGE bodies of water with the CURRENT OF WATER moving strongly in certain directions. The direction that the surface currents were moving in were so strong and looked unmovable.
I saw these angelic hosts holding RODS and at the Lord’s command they drove these huge RODS into the ground like stakes. As they did, the water that looked SO STRONG and moving in one direction was suddenly STOPPED and in greater acceleration TURNED in the other direction and the angels sang “THE TURNING OF THE TIDES! THE CHANGING OF THE CURRENT HAS ARRIVED!!! THE TURNING OF THE TIDES, THE CHANGING OF THE CURRENT HAS ARRIVED!!!”
Instantly I saw a TURNING happening SUDDENLY over the lives of believers and in the United States of America all at once. CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES and any “CURRENTS” moving in a direction against what God is speaking, as the people of God stay aligned in declaration with Him, He is TURNING THE TIDE! HE IS CHANGING THE CURRENT!! As the CURRENT and the TIDE was turned, there was great ACCELERATION, FAVOUR and ESTABLISHMENT of the Lord’s plans and purposes and what He had decreed MANIFESTED. Such a strong sense surrounded me of the TURNING of CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES into HIS direction. Opposing currents were being STOPPED and HALTED.
I kept hearing the words “PAY ATTENTION TO THE UNITED STATES – A PROPHETIC PICTURE IS BEING DISPLAYED!!” As I heard those words I began to see the significance of the “connection” in the spirit in the vision. The United States and the body of Christ have reached a TIPPING POINT MOMENT. A moment of DECISION, to DECIDE once and for all what you will DECREE!
I heard the words “Do not be SWAYED by CIRCUMSTANCE! Stand with Me! Choose today whom you will serve!!! Choose to decree what I am saying and not be tossed “to and fro” anymore. Shake off doublemindedness and SEEK ME, HEAR ME and the DECREE!!!”
The vision of the angelic hosts driving the stakes into the ground appears before me again and I heard the words “THIS LAND BELONGS TO THE LORD! VICTORY!!!”. There was a STRONG DECREE from heaven over the UNITED STATES and the lives of believers of the Lord having the FINAL SAY! No matters hat circumstances look like, no matter what’s happening on the SURFACE, no matter what, the Lord is DECREEING His FINAL SAY and we MUST stand in agreement with that.
The Lord began to speak to me about all the turmoil and division that has been happening amongst believers in the USA concerning the current election. I felt the Lord saying “What is going on in the United States right now is BIGGER than just the USA. The WAR that is going on in the spirit over the elections is a prophetic picture of not only what is happening in the nation but in the body of Christ. There is a WAR happening right now. The enemy is attempting to do all he can to “keep his ground” but I am taking ground. I am decreeing My authority and plans over the USA and lives of believers. This UPROAR is the enemy attempting to ‘keep his stronghold’ but I am decreeing that the enemy is LOSING GROUND and those strongholds in the USA and the body of Christ are COMING DOWN!! I have sent My angelic hosts to TURN THE TIDES! I have sent My angelic hosts to CHANGE CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES, but My people you MUST agree and intercede with Me!!! I am decreeing CHANGE, I am decreeing a TURNING OF THE TIDES in favour of My plans for the United States and lives in the body of Christ. See PAST what is happening in the natural in the USA right now and see with the eyes of the Spirit, what I am saying for the nation and the entire body of Christ. CHANGE!! The tipping point has arrived, but you must stand in the gap and agree with Me, that no matter what happens over in this season and the next, I AM HAVING THE FINAL SAY!!!”


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  • Estrelita Alberts

    Wow Lana Wow!!! GOD is the Great I AM!
    HE brought Prov 21:1 in the Message Translation to confirm this mornings WORD for America as well as the positioning of HIS leaders across the world!
    “GOOD Leadership is a channel of WATER CONTROLLED by GOD! HE directs it to whatever ends HE CHOOSES!!”ThankUJESUS!

  • Estrelita Alberts

    Ps118:16 “The Hand of GOD has TURNED THE TIDE!
    The Hand of GOD is raised in Victory!
    The Hand of GOD has TURNED THE TIDE!”
    Amen JESUS!!!!!

  • Cj Little Hawk Randolph

    Powerful word from The Lord! We stand up & agree!
    God said to me, “I gave this land of milk & honey for you!” God took us to Israel for 40 days to declare & decree His will there! Then God sent us back home to the USA, w/a holy passionate fire in the heart ❤️ & belly to turn our nation around to face & abide in YAH’s ways & will once again! God said to me, “I need you to help Me ‘Reinstitute the ancient path’.”

  • David Hood

    This is great and a confirmation of a strange picture given about a week ago.
    I saw a passenger liner, of the old type, the Queen Mary, but it had been modernised, And the ship which represented the church, was sailing left to right on a large ocean. And was beginning a turn, downward to the front and left. And in a moment, suddenly, the water that was at the bow of the ship, all of its volume to the far unseen right side horizon, in a moment, placed itself at the stern of the ship, and took the place of the volumes at the stern to the farthest left horizon.
    And instantly, at the same moment, the volume of water, to the far left unseen horizon that previously had been at the stern was placed at the bow, its volume filling the area…

  • Nanette McDowell

    Love and appreciate you so much, Lana! The Lord is using you like a Deborah to keep us focused on His heart during this time of great turbulence. The enemy has magnified evil, but we will magnify the Lord!!

  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!! Yes Papa God, Your Word is Final, Praise to You Lord Jesus! ??
    Thank you Lana, God bless you Princess??

  • Geri

    With all of the turmoil going on over this election the one thing that has been on my heart is that it is all about GOD! He will have His way again in this nation! I agree He wants what’s best for America, listening to His Heart about this country will help us vote for the right candidate.
    Keeping Him as our King is the only way for us in America and as individuals.

  • Jesh StG

    YES! God said something similar to me this week – saying not to look at the circumstances – that he had something different in mind, and will use people with other characteristics people would want (speaking about the government and elections). Am so thankful this turning is NOW:):)
    thank you for being faithful to keep us in the USA encouraged – this has been a long haul, but He never leaves us alone.

  • melissa m.

    Father will have His way as His people pray. Praying what Holy Spirit gives to pray. Listening and praying accordingly.
    Thank you for your word.

  • Willa Croft

    I’m so glad to hear this word, most of the prophecies we hear regarding my country are gloom/doom and death/destruction. I’ve been a Christian most of my life but recently God put his spotlight on my heart and revealed deep issues that He wanted to take care of in my spiritual life. It was a 3 week process and painful but I’ve been refined and want to be a part of His work in this nation. If He has put me through refiner’s fire I can’t help but think He is refining other Christians as well perhaps for a time such as this.

  • Rose

    I awoke this morning, the US on my mind, and the words from last Sunday’s
    worship specifically coming to me this way…
    “I come alive, come alive when You breathe through me…”
    “Awake! Awake my soul! God! Resurrect these bones..”
    My heart was in prayer, with the help of Holy Spirit…