Prophetic Words


I saw a bridge between Australia and the United States of America. On this bridge I saw angels moving back and forward into these nations as the people of God were praying and crying out to the Lord for revival and restoration in their individual nations.
I then heard the Lord saying:
"Australia and the United States of America I have called you to a partnership for such a time as this. I am calling you to stand in the spirit as allies and some of the greatest moves of My Spirit are going to be released into your lands as you pray and cry out to Me.”
I then saw two large hands and on one hand was written Australia and on the other hand was written The United States of America. As these two hands joined together there was a divine handshake taking place.
As these two nations through the prayers of the saints were ‘shaking hands’ there was a great shaking happening in both nations. Suddenly I saw the enemy’s kingdom and fortresses that were built up in both of these nations. As this “divine handshake” was happening the enemy’s kingdom began to shake violently and the foundations of his kingdom was beginning to break. All around the nations of Australia and the United States of America, I saw fortresses and strongholds of the enemy beginning to crumble and fall. The very areas where the enemy had locked into the nations “heart” and “inheritance” were beginning to crumble and shake and come tumbling down.
Through this divine partnership and handshake areas that the enemy had ‘overtaken’ and was causing havoc and releasing such evil works were beginning to lose their footing in these nations. I saw the enemy begin to rise up in great rage with great force and full of evil and violence he was moving in full force into different areas of these nations to create greater destruction and hinder the move of God.
Suddenly, I saw two gates before me and instantly I knew these were the gates to both of these nations. As I looked closer at these gates the edges of these gates were puzzle pieces.
I then heard the Lord speak..
I then saw the people of God, millions upon millions of people joined together from the United States of America and Australia and they were standing behind the gates and the echoed what the Lord had spoken “TAKE YOUR PLACES”
Instantly, these gates joined together and it was a perfect fit. Like joining two puzzle pieces together that were meant to be joined together in the grand design of a jigsaw puzzle. I was overwhelmed again and weeping feeling the heart of the Lord for these two nations to stand together and it was the grand design of heaven.
As these gates joined together a HUGE fortress was created all around these nations in the areas that the enemy was attempting to get into and create even greater destruction. He was blocked in so many ways by the gates of these nations joining together.
He spoke again:
“It is divine time for both of these nations to come into their destiny. It is divine time for both of these nations to take their places. It is time to stand, it is time to contend, it is time to join together and see the enemy’s rampage squandered. Some of the greatest demonstrations of My power and My victory are about to be demonstrated in these nations as the people of God join together in the Spirit and cry out to Me.”
As I looked at these gates it was like I could see two things at once. I could see the fortress that was set up against the enemy by the prayers of the saints but on the other side of these gates they were opening more and more as the people of God worshipped.
“Worship is also crucial in this time to open up the gates in these nations. Ancient gates that have been locked in these nations, prophetic words, treasures stored up for these nations, greater revelation of their destinies that have been locked away are all opening up and being released as the people of God worship and declare My promises into these nations. There is going to be greater insight being released into My plans for these nations destines. What I placed in these nations from the creation of the world to birth and move in are about to be unlocked in dreams, visions, words, songs as the people of God worship and cry out to Me on behalf of their nations. As the people of God in Australia cry out for the United States and the people of God cry out for Australia, DOUBLE PORTIONS shall be given to their nations.”
I was then taken back to the bridge that I saw at the beginning of this encounter, and I saw the angels standing at the edge of each of these bridges almost waiting for the command. As the people of God began to pray and cry out for the nation that wasn’t theirs the angels began to move back and forward across this bridge. They were carrying HUGE POTS and they were filled to the brim with gold, with treasures of heaven, revelation, increase, healing, abundance and across the front of the pots was written the words “DOUBLE PORTION”. I then saw them come to the gates of these nations that were joined together like puzzle pieces and they stood on top of these gates and poured out double portions all across the lands.
As the double portions were being poured out revival fires were being released all across these nations, especially in areas where the people of God have almost given up because evil seemed to be reigning so heavily in those areas. These revival fires were burning the brightest in these very areas.
Both of these nations were at their tipping point and they were moving from tipping point to TIPPED not only as the people of God rose up and prayed, interceded and continued to contend, but also as they moved in heavenly "echo".
"My people in Australia, My people in the United States of America, moving into heavenly echo is a powerful powerful weapon. Watch what you speak over these nations, over their leaders, over the government, over the heart of these nations for your words have power. It is time to align yourselves with the echo of heaven and declare."
I then saw millions upon millions of people all across the United States of America and Australia and they were on their knees, some individually, some corporately and I saw scroll after scroll after scroll being released from heaven into the hearts of His people.
On these scrolls was the heart of God written out plainly for the people of God concerning the destiny of these nations. I sensed the heart of God for His people to partner with His heart for the nations and what He was speaking. He is calling His people to echo what He is saying. To continue to call out the gold in these nations and these decrees had the power to bring these nations back into alignment. Alignment with Him and their destiny.
As the people of God in Australia and the United States of America were decreeing what they were seeing for their nations, downloads were then happening for the nation that wasn’t theirs. As they decreed and moved into the heavenly echo for the other nation, I saw a huge wave, it was a tsunami sized wave and it was moving into the nation and the waves was FULL OF LEAVES. I then heard Revelation 22:2 "the leaves of the tree were for the healing and the restoration of the nations." As the people of God committed to pray, partner together and move in love for each other and heavenly echo for each other, great healing and restoration was being released into the nations from this divine partnership.
"As My people join together in these nations, I am coming with healing in My wings and bringing a great restoration."
Many within these nations are on the brink of losing hope or have lost hope. They look around and all they can see is the way the enemy is seemingly prevailing. I felt the Lord saying it is time to re-see and believe. The Lord is releasing divine hope again in these nations as the people of God in these nations join together and pray for one another. Hope is being restored.
"I said, ask Me for the nations (Psalm 2:8) and I will give them to you as your inheritance. Do you believe Me? Test Me on My Word and you shall see. It is time to believe again. I am the God who loves, forgives, redeems and restores. It is time to take your place and contend together as a partnership for the destiny of these nations to arise and for them to take their place and more shall be given unto you as you give out more to one another. You will be entrusted with much. My heart is for these nations to shine My Glory and righteousness. My kingdom to be established. Revival fire to burn throughout the nation that will see an awakening released in these nations that will not be quenched. It is time for you to call this in."
I then saw the seven mountains of culture in these nations (Religion, family, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, business" all being shaken violently and a rearranging taking place as the people of God joined together to pray and call righteousness in these mountains. They were being transformed, and shaped for the Glory of God. As the people of God prayed, Kingdom keys of revelation and creativity were being released for these seven mountains of culture and there was a great exchange taking place. Not only were Kingdom keys being released to unlock their own nations but also Australia was receiving kingdom keys for the United States and the United States were receiving Kingdom keys for Australia. In this partnership there was greater ground being taken for the Kingdom. People from each nation going back and forth carrying these keys and when their feet stepped on the ground of the nation atmospheric shifts were taking place and the Kingdom keys released bringing about huge change.
Australia and the United States of America, it is time to join together. There is a partnership being formed at a deeper level by heaven. This partnership is going to unlock destinies, open portals of greater revelation and encounters, create pathways for the King of Glory to come in. History will write about this partnership. It is time for the tipping point to move to TIPPED.
It is time to cry out, time to echo, time to worship, time to re-see and believe. God is inviting His people to partner with Him and call it in. Call in what He wants to do. Call these nations to their destiny. One of the great moves of God is upon these nations. It is time to stand together and commit to pray and wage war, and God will make a way where there seems to be no way.
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  • Joanna Morgan

    Good morning from the United States!!!
    Thank you Lana for all your energy spent, and spot-on Words of HOPE spoken into our lives. After taking the past 4 months off from my Blog I know a small glimmer of what it takes for you to write and bless so many every single day. And I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH!
    My Hubby and I have been Going through some intense warfare for the Promises of God and your Words give us such hope to keep moving forward and pressing in when fear and doubt and the world tell us to just give up.
    I finally bridged the gap and took your hand in prayer and financial partnership this morning. One small offering of gratitude that I pray God will multiply 1000-fold in your life, family, and ministry.
    Bless you for your diligence, perseverance, and following hard after God!
    Have a GREAT day!
    Joanna Morgan
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