Prophetic Words


This morning I had an encounter with the Lord where I was sharing some things with Him that was weighing heavily on my heart. Situations in my own life that I have no idea how they are going to work out, no idea what the "way through" is, and feeling quite burdened by these circumstances I was facing.
All of a sudden, I started to feeling a bubbling excitement come out of nowhere in my spirit, a bubbling of excitement and expectation of the Lord moving.
I then have a vision and see Jesus standing before me and He is BEAMING with joy and BEAMING with excitement. I see Him rubbing both of His hands together in pure excitement and He says to me:
"Oooooh you just watch and see how I will come through for you!!!!!"
I was deeply moved with peace but also a joyful expectancy of how I was going to see Him move in these circumstances in my own life.
He then began to speak to me about many in the body of Christ facing similar situations. Things that we weighing heavily on their hearts, anxiety peaking, fear is creeping in and the "way through" cannot be seen.
He then brought Exodus 14:13-14 to my rememberance:
Moses told the people "Fear not, stand still (firm, confident, undismayed) and see the salvation of the Lord which He will work for you today…… The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest"
No matter what you are facing, fear not, stand still. Even standing in situations where you are in over your head, STAND STILL. Be confident, He is going to surprise you, how He is going to come through for you.
Remain in position!!!!!!!! The Lord is going to fight for you, and He is going to come through for you in a great way! He is not going to come through for you in a way that leaves you lacking. He is going to come through for you in a spectacular way. He is SO excited for the breakthrough and provision He is going to bring into your life.
He is asking His people to stand still and WATCH. Be alert! Don’t let worry, or anxiety, or fear, or stress take your eyes off looking at Him. WATCH HIM, for He is about to move not only supernaturally but EXPONENTIALLY. (Double!!!)
This is a fight over your heart, over your peace, over your rest. Where are you going to let your heart rest? Where will you put your faith? Where will your expectation be?
As the bubbling excitement of the Lord is released over your lives as you draw near to Him, repentance is taking place for wrongful expectations, beliefs of Him and declarations not aligning with His Word. He is breaking of hindrances and chains that are holding the people of God down from standing up and standing still and remaining peaceful, confident and at rest as He moves and provides.
The Lord is going to fight for you….
Watch and see how He is going to come through for you…
By yet another demonstration of His love, you shall be undone…
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  • [email protected]

    Abba Father You are an amazing Daddy to us through Your Precious Son Jesus. We love You and thank you for all that You are about to do in the lives circumstances of Your children! Have a blessed day Lana.
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  • Terry

    Wow this is so amazing I have been so broken from fear and doubt about my current situation today. I been soaking to ihop-kc live stream and praying for God to break in and I sensed bubble like joy springing up out of nowhere. Your words are conformation this just happened right before I read this. Thank you so much for standing in the gap and listening on behalf of the body of Christ. I really appreciate your persistence and commitment to stand in this hour. I believe God will send my family back with me to Colorado and I believe I will love my family like God created me to love them and I believe my wife will be healed and delivered from all false accusations that the enemy has pinned her down with for so many a years. Lana you and your husband are such a gift to the body of Christ. I want to be a mighty warrior someday soon.
    Terry Vos 402-779-1356

  • David Abraham

    What an awesome and timely word! Thank You Lord!! Grant me peace and grace to hold still, though things seem unyielding! I’ll await the victory by Your Hands.

  • [email protected]

    Hi Lana
    Thank you for being so faithfully posting every day encouraging words from God to us; building the body of Christ.
    I would like to encourage you to keep on walking on the water in faith, knowing that Jesus is walking with you. You are not alone. Each step of the way He is there to guide and keep you.
    Jesus is very happy and proud of you and His face is shining upon you as you walk faithfully with Him.
    Every storm in your life He will calm; He will not allow that you sink – keep on walking, trusting God.
    Be blessed
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  • Elsie Bouwman

    Ha, ha! Now I know why this tiny little 3″ by 1″ paper on the side of our refrigerator caught my eye this morning as doing dishes. This is the scripture verse cut and posted there: “Ex. 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.”

  • Donna Muller

    Thank you so very much, Lana,
    Your daily words are so encouraging to me!
    Praying for you!
    Donna Muller

  • Dianne Climie

    Dear Alana. I am so encouraged by this Word. I too am in the very same boat as you, discouraged waiting for answers. My question is, when you had the vision is it for you personally and you just sharing it with us, which is wonderful for you but I am reading your experience of JESUS rubbing His hands, He didn’t come to me so can I claim that Word for me. I am so discouraged, it seems like suicide is the only relief from this financial burden I will get. Words give me encourage for the moment but life never changes no matter how much I trust God for the answer. Delay after delay, how do I stand to see a turn a round. But God is the answer, Right. Please write me and tell me God has this Word for me personally. Please give me some hope.
    Sent from my iPad

  • darcydowning

    Yes! Yes! and Yes! This morning, 4:30 early, I was up praying. I could feel a battle beginning over my peace and the peace in my family. When the family got up and ready for school I could still feel this battle. On our drive to town to drop everyone off for school my husband asked me to pray. I told him that he needed to pray and an inner battle began in my heart and head of why he should be the one to pray. I realized the battle was with pride, repented and I prayed for God to realign our family with His vision and to “fortify our hearts” (a prayer I have been praying for my husband). After we all said Amen I saw myself holding onto a jail cell, screaming, “Let me out!!!” Then God showed me the open door and later, while smiling, he showed me that I was actually holding onto the bars from the outside of that jail cell! As I entered the coffee shop to write after dropping everyone off, I said to myself “I need to be ready even though I’m waiting.” Then I heard God ask me to check my email and there was the confirmation I needed. Jesus, I kiss Your face, Your holy, lovely face. Thank You for Your anointing that rests upon the prophet Lana.