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The Lord is redeeming failures and false starts! 

Where previous seasons have been marked by these for many, there is strategic ALIGNMENT, DIVINE TIMING and FAVOUR being released right now to resurrect dreams and promises that were delayed and buried by these ‘seeming failures’ and wrong timing. 
Where there has been FALSE STARTS, God is bringing FAITH STARTS! An increase of faith is being birthed through deep revelation of the perfect timing and divine alignment, of the Lord.
Where previous seasons have screamed IT IS OVER.. This season is declaring “THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!”
The God of PERFECT TIMING is about to be seen CLEARLY! Get ready for a FULFILLMENT of DIVINE TIMING! Kairos moments! It’s explosive APPOINTED TIME breakthrough!


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  • Nahomie Riche

    The Lords Appointed Time for me..cant wait. Looking for encouragement again and title really spoke to me. Can’t wait for that appointed time. I know there is a set time when my Wilderness Season will be over, hope Im ready now. Refiners fire very unpleasant and painful. Got to do some worship dances and praise outside in front of satans people. Wasnt first time. My goodness the things they tried against me with their dark powers. Was fun to boldy praise The Lord and declare His Word. I mean i hve got some stories to tell with the things The Lord has brought me through. Love The Lord, Praise His Holy Name❤❤