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This morning I had a vision and I was taken up above the United States of America and I could see the enemy and demonic forces with all his schemes and plots to stir up darkness across the United States. 
As I am watching the enemy and his demons attempting to stir up these whirlwinds of darkness across the nation, suddenly my vision became very focused and “zoomed” in. 
I saw children kneeling beside their bed crying out to Jesus on behalf of their nation. I watched as the children prayed and I saw Jesus standing beside them. They were having encounters with Jesus and the Lord was sharing messages from His heart concerning the heart of the nation. 
As these children prayed, children of all ages, I saw them beside their bed praying with such childlike faith and purity and then they got up and walked to their windows. 
They looked outside with intentional vision and opened their mouths to declare over the nation what Jesus had told them to speak. As they opened their mouth and they began to declare the heart of God over the nation, I could see Him, the Lion of Judah reflected in their faces and a ROAR being released into the heart of the nation from these children. 
As I am watching this I heard the words “Pay attention to the children and what they are saying and praying in this season, as they are arising across the nation with prophetic words of hope and freedom for the heart of the nation. Many will be awestruck at My Glory released through what the children declare and unlock in the spirit in this season… Watch, watch, watch, for the truths and breakthrough that will come “OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES”
“Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read, “‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?” (Matthew 21:16) 
I saw an army of children rising up, awakened to His love and power, moving forward in childlike faith and purity and signs and wonders exploding all over!!! A mighty move of God is being released through children, exploding onto the streets and bringing healing, restoration, freedom and encounter with Jesus! 
As the children declared and prayed, there were changes taking place in the spirit all over the nation. 
I am then taken up above the nation a second time and I can see little lights shining everywhere and they were all the children in the nation praying and declaring His truth. 
I then saw other lights flickering and appearing all across the USA. These were youth and adults and they were praying for the nation and seeking the heart of God. 
Suddenly there was a thunderous roar from heaven and I saw fire falling and it was sweeping through the all the areas where these flickering lights were. It was a rapid move of His fire. As the fire of God swept through these houses, churches and places where people had gathered to pray, sudden awakenings, freedom, healings and transformations were taking place. It was like I was watching Penetecost explode in every place that the fire of God swept through. 
As each person from children, to youth, to adults embraced His fire, the burning fire of His love, they were awakened and alive like they had never been before. They felt more alive than ever! The revelation and awakening to John 10:10 was exploding in hearts and homes as they saw Him! As the fire of His love fell and changed everything. 
As the fire of God swept through these houses and places I saw people who were “carrying and holding walls” of prejudices, protection, entitlement and offenses were being thrown into the fire. A great freedom and deliverance was taking place all across the nation in the homes and lives of believers. 
Instantly I heard what sounded like a loud trumpet. It sounded like a clarion call, a call to war but the atmosphere was filled with such love and awakening! I saw people all across the nation from the children to the youth to adults, hearing the call, hearts stirred at His call. It was a call to UNITY again! 
Instantly people were running from out of their houses and different places with hearts burning for unity and they ran outside, into streets, churches, everywhere and they were finding their brothers and sisters in Christ and reaching out. Hands were joining all across the nation. Lines upon lines upon lines of hands connecting, hearts connecting.. All for one cause… JESUS!
From different backgrounds, denominations, different walks of life, and different life stages, they were joining hands. A MIGHTY move of the Spirit is taking place across the nation joining the body as one like never before. 
I saw a culture of honour building across this nation and the fire of God moving in hearts and lives. Honour from children and youth being released to mothers and fathers, and honour being released from mothers and fathers to youth and children. A significant GENERATIONAL EMBRACE was taking place, breaking generational chains all over the nation. 
As I watched these lines forming, I was taken above the USA a third time and I saw the people of God that had embraced His fire and reached out to others, standing all around the outside of the nation. It was like if I was to trace around the outline of the United States of America, the people of God were standing there, hand in hand.  
I then noticed standing behind them hand in hand were angelic hosts. Angels of fire had taken their place. 
Then in one accord I heard God’s people begin to sing. As I leaned in closer I heard from the children to the youth to the adults all singing their own songs of praise to Jesus! Different songs, different expressions, different words all around the nation as they stood together. Even though they were all singing their own song of praise to Him, all their individual sounds were joining together and there was ONE LOUD CRY of intercession being boomed and declared into the heart of the nation. “DO IT AGAIN LORD!!!” 
A cry for revival, a cry for awakening, a cry for a mighty move of the Spirit of God. A cry for Jesus to be glorified in this beautiful nation in exponential ways! 
As God’s people praised Jesus, lifted Him high, declared life into the heart of the nation, I was then taken back to the start of the vision where I saw the enemy and his demons putting plots and schemes into place. Suddenly I saw more angelic hosts were being released from heaven and they were entering the United States unseen by the enemy, and they were positioning themselves above the enemy and where he was establishing his next move, when suddenly, I see the throne room and Jesus looks down at prayer bowls and He declares loudly “RELEASE!!!”. 
The angelic hosts then released what I can only describe as balls of fire upon the enemy and instantly the plans of the enemy across the nation were being disintegrated. I wondered what the fire balls represented and as I did, a sense came over me that the Lord is igniting all the prayers and intercession that have echoed His heart for this nation with His fire, to bring an explosive move of His Spirit right across the nation. A great awakening! 
Where the enemy was about to take ground, through the strategic prayers of the saints and standing together in unity, the Lord was “MAKING WAY”. 
He encouraged His people… “Despite what you see
, PRAISE! I AM making a way! I AM making a way!” 
As I watched I wondered what He was making way for and then I heard a thundering voice… 
“I am making a way for the greatest awakening the United States has ever seen! United States get ready to be SURPRISED by fire! MY fire! A BAPTISM OF FIRE!!!!! The fire of My love exploding all across the nation.”
I saw it raining fire all over the United States, the darkest hardest places being impacted and changed by the fire of God and His beautiful love and fireworks began exploding all across the nation. 
“LOUD expressions of My goodness and love are about to be seen all across the United States of America!”


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  • Deb

    Amen and Amen!! Many that I know here in the United States have been praying for such a move of God for some time.

  • Julian Jordan

    KJV Malachi 4
    5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:
    6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

  • Carmilla Malgren

    This is such an exciting word! I am so looking forward to seeing this happen now! Thank you!

  • Lynn Edgerton

    So encouraging, Praise God, yes Lord, do it again, do it again. Thank you Jesus. Have Your way and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
    Thank you Ms. Lana for your obedience to share what God has shown you. Praise God, Praise God.

  • Deborah Lobo

    Hallelujah! AMEN! YES, “UNITY”
    AND”AWESTRUCK” are very important words, thank you Lana, God bless you?

  • Mark D Geier

    Thank you for your love for the US and all the words you give over her. I thank you that you listen to the Father and speak what He shows you.

  • Jake and Judy

    Been reading your Words for over 4 years. Why just doesn’t he just do it already? Words after words after promise. Its time for him to Just Do It!

    • elly

      All His pieces have to be in place. That’s the most frustrating, agonizing part for us. God says, “Soon!” and we think “Tomorrow!” but He means, like, 10 years from now.
      In my own personal circumstances, I have begun to notice that God wants us always prepared for the Bridegroom to arrive because that is a major part of His offensive strategy against Satan. The only time I can accurately predict events is when God wants me to be prepared for a hit from Satan. He will calmly say things like, “The police are coming to your house today.” He gives me plenty of time to cancel plans, clean house and take a nap. It helps me look all calm and sweet when the police arrive! (And I usually have NO idea why they are even coming but that isn’t the important thing for me to know so God usually leaves out the “whys!”)
      On the other hand, I have found when God is going to make a *major* offensive move, He will tell me something is going to happen YEARS in advance — like these words from Lana. He wants us like the servants waiting for the groom with their lamps burning and watching. When God prophetically tells us something, He is also telling Satan and his forces. If we knew exact events or times (like the police coming to my house, for instance), then Satan would fortify his forces on that front too. What good is that? I have also noticed that sometimes God will have me preparing for something specific but play a surprise card by having me do something unexpected instead — something that neither me nor the forces of Satan expected — and Jesus is glorified because of it. If all God’s advance words years in advance make it frustrating at times for us, think of how maddening it must be for Satan!
      If you notice with Lana’s words, there is an increase in a certain timing and element of them. Personally, I do believe God’s “Soon” is actually becoming a “SOON!!!!” The signs of it are becoming louder in so many areas and in so many ways. In the end, we will be so grateful for His timing — even if at times I, myself, want to cry, scream in frustration or sigh in defeat at God’s “delay!!”

  • Joyce Cundiff

    Dear Lord bring the fire. the unity, I am overwhelmed by Your Love, Your Grace, Your Mercy. Let It Be In Jesus Name.

  • Liz Re

    This word stirred me to be more diligent about those nudges to pray that I know I sometimes push aside. Thank you.

  • Alicia Lutz

    Lana! I love your posts…In January I ask the Lord what the word for 2016 was and He said, “UNITY” then in February I happened to sit down and listened to Perry Stone and he said that in Hebrew 2016 is the year of UNITY! Hallelujah! NOW YOU GOT UNITY!!! Glory to God…He is TRULY amazing! Much love and many blessings…Alicia Lutz


    So beautiful and exciting. I saw an army of love about two years ago and also small pockets of fire all over the US. Come Lord Jesus! Make Yourself great in America again. We love you!!!

  • Katherine Cranford

    About four years ago, at a weekly intercessors’ meeting I was attending, double the usual number of intercessors arrived. This has sometimes happened when God is beginning to reveal something urgently. Several people had had dreams that very night, each one showing how the attention of God’s people was so fixed on their own lives and the attractions of the world, that they had become completely indifferent to His Presence and His attempts to get our attention through His mighty works. As we were praying into the situation, I suddenly saw the United States as in the shape of the map, but the entire nation was just dry dust, and the borders of the nation and the States were formed by dry, scrubby grass. As I watched, a huge, beautiful waterfall, all pink and gold, angled across the nation, and as I looked at it, God declared, “I will pour out My mercy on America!” No one else there saw or heard it, and it would be some time before I would encounter and join a large group of intercessors from around the nation who meet together at regular intervals to pray this very thing into existence, as well as in weekly phone prayer cells. God requires our fervent, persistent, focused prayers, so Judy and Jake, if waiting is all you’ve been doing, I suggest you begin thanking Him for revealing His plans and praying into them with faith and gratitude. He doesn’t reward whiners, He rewards warriors!