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The Lord is redeeming failures and false starts! 

Where previous seasons have been marked by these for many, there is strategic ALIGNMENT, DIVINE TIMING and FAVOUR being released right now to resurrect dreams and promises that were delayed and buried by these ‘seeming failures’ and wrong timing. 
Where there has been FALSE STARTS, God is bringing FAITH STARTS! An increase of faith is being birthed through deep revelation of the perfect timing and divine alignment, of the Lord.
Where previous seasons have screamed IT IS OVER.. This season is declaring “THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!”
The God of PERFECT TIMING is about to be seen CLEARLY! Get ready for a FULFILLMENT of DIVINE TIMING! Kairos moments! It’s explosive APPOINTED TIME breakthrough!


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  • elly

    It is so interesting how God uses all of His creation to get His point across. Lately, God has been very clearly telling me I haved reached the end of my personal ordeal — even though nothing in the physical reality has changed yet. I think He is preparing me for sudden change.
    Three years ago, God kept leading me to this verse in Habbakuk that I had NEVER seen before. I had been doubting whether what I felt He had given me knowledge of prophetically was even correct. Eventually, I began to doubt the very fundamental basis of my relationship with Jesus because I was so confused.
    This verse seems to fit nicely with what Lana just said so I will quote it for others in case they haven’t heard it before. God gave it to me many times during those dark days of doubt. Sometimes, even when life doesn’t change fast enough, we think God isn’t there or isn’t going to answer our prayers. It’s tough to realize His timeline is SO MUCH slower than our own…but it is always perfect in the end!!!
    “For still the vision awaits its appointed time;
    it hastens to the end—it will not lie.
    If it seems slow, wait for it;
    it will surely come; it will not delay.” (Hab 2:3 ESV)

    • Connie

      Thank u Elly for reminding me of that scripture. God has made me a promise n I’ve grown weary of waiting for it. I know God is faithful. God bless

      • elly

        I constantly am being reminded or have to remind myself that God’s “Soon!” is not really the same definition as my “Soon!” Ugh. Every additional day always seems SO painful but as time passes I find myself becoming more patient and calm as I learn to find some joys in the journey. Sure would love that “Appointed Time” to happen, like, TODAY. I sure do appreciate this word from Lana! Keeps the hope alive! : )

    • Charlotte

      Thank you Elly! I too am walking a similar walk and timing and your comment really spoke to my heart! I’m going to take that Scripture to the Lord in my God time. Thank you so much and thank you Lana for this very timely word of encouragement and hope!

  • Marcy Willis

    You always seem to have the exact word we need at the exact time! You are truly a major blessings to us!