Prophetic Words


I saw angelic hosts being released from the heavens and they were carrying baskets of fruit and delivering increase to the people of God. As they were moving towards the lives of the people of God they were encountering the forces of darkness that were coming against them to attempt to bring about a hindrance and delay. The battle was raging in the heavenly places.
There is great turbulence in the spirit and many have been picking up on this ‘war’ that is waging in the spiritual realm.
Beyond that “sense” there have been increasing levels of anxiety for many out of the blue. Anxiety seems to be rising and rising and rising. Many have been woken in the night hours with waves of anxiety and panic, waves of fear hitting them at a level they have not known before.
Fear, anxiety and panic will steal the peace of God’s people and because of the rumbling going on in the spirit many are feeling greater levels of unsettledness.
I saw Papa God on His throne and He called to His children “Come up here and sit with Me. Tell Me your petitions and requests, and let Me share My heart with you.”
As the people of God some feeling anxiety, some trembling in fear, some almost crippled by the anxiety swirling around them, they climbed onto His lap and began to share their petitions, their requests and their heart. It was then that I heard Philippians 4:6-7:
"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
As the people of God shared all that was on their hearts I saw a cocoon being weaved around them and the Father and the throne. They were being completely enveloped in this cocoon.
I then heard the words:
“Cocoon of intimacy”
Around this cocoon of intimacy I could see anxiety swirling and swirling and swirling, such unsettledness. But in the cocoon I could see the love of the Father ministering to the hearts of His children. I could hear His words of truth being spoken over them. Hearts were being healed. I saw hearts with ‘trauma’ being healed by the Father and anxiety was falling away. I saw childhood woundings being healed. I saw mindsets and beliefs being reversed as His love poured out into the hearts of His people. I saw hormone levels being healed as the love of the Father and His affirmation was being spoken over His children. Fears and tormenting thoughts were being completed melted away and drowned in His glorious perfect love. Generations of anxiety – BROKEN. Decades of anxiety – BROKEN. Years of anxiety – BROKEN. Months of anxiety – BROKEN. Weeks of anxiety – BROKEN. Days of anxiety BROKEN. Hours of anxiety – BROKEN.
I could see two things happening at once…..This cocoon of intimacy was so beautiful. The deeper the people of God were nestled into this cocoon of intimacy, the more I could see them “FLY”.
Papa God was calling His children deeper into Him and no matter the level or the cause of the anxiety, it was BREAKING in His perfect love. All the people of God needed to do was position themselves on His lap and open their hearts to Him. Share their hearts and His love was enveloping them. Perfect peace was flooding their very beings. Peace that many have not known before, “peace beyond all understanding” that they have read about their whole life but not experienced, they were NOW experiencing.
Deep rooted anxiety issues that had stolen sleep from the people of God was being broken and healed. Sleep restored as the perfect peace of God guarded their hearts and minds at a deeper level. I saw many who have had sleep taken from them due to anxiety, moving into deep sleep and encounters with Him in prophetic dreams where He is healing hearts and breaking strongholds.
“There will be a corporate breakthrough and healing in the area of anxiety as My people “Come up here” and press into greater encounters with Me as their good Papa.”
I then saw intercessors that were picking up on the turbulence that was happening in the spirit and they were praying through the unsettledness they were feeling. Many were feeling high levels of anxiety and unsettledness and were not sure why. There was no physical explanation or reason to be feeling such anxiety. I saw that the Lord was allowing them to feel what is happening in the spirit to “pray it through”.
In this “praying it through” few weeks, I saw many discouraged as they felt the battle raging in the spirit but felt their prayers were hitting a brick wall. It was then that I saw really hard ground that had been hit SO many times with prayers and was about to EXPLODE OPEN.
Intercessors, do not give up! The unsettledness is about to lift. Your prayers have been powerful and brought tremendous atmospheric shifts and have made more of an impact that you realise. A lot of the unsettledness you have been feeling is the war that is being fought, but your prayers have created a pathway for breakthrough and victory. The angels of the Lord that have been caught in a heavenly war, are but moments away from breaking through to release the increase. March and April has seen tremendous turbulence and warring in the spirit BECAUSE OF the increase the angelic hosts are carrying. Many have experienced March and April to be some of the worst months this year, but take heart, the turbulence seems violent but you are moving into TREMENDOUS INCREASE and BREAKTHROUGH.
Intercessors the Lord is releasing “tenfold” blessings upon you as you have fought and waged war through your prayers for the body of Christ. Well done intercessors, well done! Keep pressing in, you are but moments away in the spirit from seeing the fruit of your intercession. I also sensed for many intercessors to keep an eye on the news for many of you shall see the fruit of your prayers in the news. Atmospheric shifts and national shifts will be seen.
I also saw the Lord releasing greater anointing upon the people of God as they minister to each other and those who do not yet know Him, with words of knowledge to unlock roots of anxiety and see its hold broken and hearts healed within moments. Out of these words of knowledge will come a great increase of salvations, especially on the streets as the people of God “go about their day”. Keep your spiritual ears atuned to the Spirit as He will be speaking to many of His people in greater increase as they go about their day to minister to those they come in contact with. Freedom will reign!
Climb up on Papa’s lap, people of God! Keep pressing in! Keep pressing through anxiety and open your heart to Him. Share your heart with Him, your prayers and petitions and let His love minister to you. Anxiety’s power is being broken and the people of God moving into deeper peace that is already theirs because of our beautiful Jesus.
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