Prophetic Words


I saw many walking through a valley of ‘weeping’ and lately have been fighting against discouragement at huge levels. Even when they could see the Lord moving and working there has been an unusual discouragement that continues to come against them. This discouragement has been heavy and at times has felt like they were pushing against a brick wall. Unusual heaviness has been a constant companion.
As I saw the people of God pushing against this "wall" of discouragement it led to feeling like they were walking through a valley of weeping. There was a measure of "birthing" that had taken place and manifestation was before them, but they have now hit a wall.
There is a war being raged in the spirit and the enemy has been relentless in his efforts to hinder the people of God moving forward, but even as the people of God are pushing against this wall of discouragement I saw their faith muscles INCREASING. The people of God had HUGE HUGE muscles. Every time they looked at discouragement in the face, even in the weeping and took another step forward into the cocoon of intimacy, and another step forward into aligning themselves with His Word and promises their muscles grew and grew.
I heard the Lord say..
Lift your voices and sing! Sing to Him, when you feel most discouraged, and the wall seems taller and stronger than ever SING LOUDER.
As the people of God sung to Him, the wall of discouragement started to crack. The cracks were not visible to the people of God straight away, but the more the sung, the more cracks appeared and the wall began to shake.
I then saw a brick fall out of the wall and I saw beaming light coming through the hole and I leaned against the wall and looked through and I saw a delivery room and in HUGE words across the doorway it said "IT IS TIME TO DELIVER AGAIN."
I was then reminded of a dream I had where someone had just given birth to a baby and then suddenly they were pregnant again. They were pregnant so soon after one delivery and I woke up with the sense of a supernatural accelerated pregnancy and delivery.
The wall of discouragement has arisen soon after a birthing for many because in the previous delivery God simultaneously released and sowed into you all at once. As you delivered, you were impregnated again with something BIGGER. It defies ‘natural logic’ and ‘natural process’ but on the other side of this wall of discouragement you are going to birth something bigger than you have before and in a much accelerated manner. This wall of discouragement is so big, and so heavy, because it wants to keep you from moving into that birthing suite.
The weeping and heaviness has come out of nowhere for many, for others circumstances has brought about this weeping and a heaviness that is heavier than you have experienced, but you are going HIGHER. You are moving deeper into the realm of being with Him, the cocoon of intimacy that is going to lead you to a realm of LEAPING in supernatural acceleration, victory and breakthrough than you have previously.
The weeping may last for a night, but JOY comes in the morning! On the other side of this weeping is JOY. You are MOVING THROUGH into your DESTINY! (Psalms 30:5)
I was then taken back to the place where I saw the people of God standing before this wall of discouragement and heaviness and they were still singing. I could see where the one brick had fallen out and now crack upon crack was appearing. As they sung their faith muscles got bigger and bigger and I saw them pull their arms back with great force and they sung loudly "MY GOD IS FOR ME, MY GOD LOVES ME" and they released a great punch through the wall and there was a huge explosion and a pathway was made. They moved freely into the delivery suite.
As they moved into the delivery suite they looked around and in frames all around the walls were their dreams written on paper in these frames. I saw Jesus standing beside the bed where the people of God were to deliver and He smiled and said:
"I never forgot your dreams. I never ever forgot. They are just the starting point. You will receive your dreams in Me and much more."
The people of God began to weep. Disappointments were being healed and the overwhelming sense of His love encircling them as the timing of the Lord was not wrong. He was simply expanding them and strengthening them to carry the fulfilment of their dreams and MUCH MORE.
Walls of disappointment and anger towards Him melted away. They lay on the bed, He held their hand and I noticed they had supernaturally gone from impregnanted to fully pregnant and ready to deliver in such a shorter time than the 9 months it takes in the natural.
He smiled… "Are you ready? Here we go… PUSSSSHHHHH"

"You can do this, in Me you can do all things. You have been prepared for this. PUSH."
Suddenly everywhere I looked in the room it was FILLED with gems, heavenly treasures, heavenly keys hanging from the ceiling, shelves upon shelves of jars overflowing with gems.
"Welcome to another realm of fullness"
I saw Him laugh and laugh and laugh, He took the hands of HIs people one by one and danced with them.
"It was worth the wait, wasn’t it? All of this and more has been prepared for you, for such a time as this."
Suddenly, the wall of discouragement made sense, it’s aim to keep them from moving into this new realm of deep intimacy with Him and fullness. Its efforts futile as the people of God pressed through.
The people of God lifted their voice and sung.. "ALL GLORY TO YOU OUR KING!!"
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  • Ruth

    Please pray for me and my family. .it’s super tough right now and can’t take it any more. .thanks Ruth

  • Terry

    This post is very encouraging. I had a dream that Jesus gave me supernatural strength in the spirit. I actually saw myself rise up in confidence and punched the lies right back into satan’s mouth.
    This confirmed to me Jesus has my best interests In mind and to press into Him and He will develop my emotions as I marinate in His Glory.
    I was so ready to give up over the weekend. I just returned back to Colorado from Alaska. I was there to meet my new born son and to reconcile and bring back my wife, daughter Selah Grace, and our son Luke. She decided to stay for a while longer until we are more healed and when she is fully ready to be reconciled. I was so hurt and confused because that was the point of the trip was to bring them back as we discussed. It all quickly changed abruptly and she changed her mind and wants to stay in permanent seperation . On the plane ride home Saturday night I realized that no matter what I’m going to Love her. I’m choosing not to be a victim I’m going to press into the word of God and walk by the spirit. I’m going to arise and ask that God helps me to be steady in my mind and emotions. I pray for my wife’s heart and her mind and her emotions that we would align as one in the Holy Spirit and in a dwelling place with God.
    I’m sorry if I’m not supposed to respond to this email. Getting this out is like talking to someone.
    I pray I stay steady with God. That I better love my wife that I walk in holiness, purity, and Love. I miss my my family I will never stop fighting for them and I will never stop loving my wife. Please pray for us!
    Terry Vos 402-779-1356