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By Lana Vawser
This is quite a lengthy word, but I feel it is very important for the United States right now.
I have been hearing the words over and over “America, this is the day you have been waiting for – this is your day of destiny!!!”
As I sat with the Lord and was pondering what He was saying, this word flowed and came forth. I believe it is a weapon alongside the Word of God to decree into the United States of America right now to see a greater UNLOCKING of the destiny of the nation manifested in Jesus name.
“America, Oh America, this is the day you have been waiting for. You have been crying out for the manifested sons and daughters of Mine to arise and they are being awakened. America, Oh America, you are about to begin to receive in greater ways a realignment to and manifestation of your inheritance. You will know life, you will know healing, you will know restoration, rebuilding, recompense and increase, but most of all you will KNOW Me and My Glory. Who can stand against the plans and purposes that I have for you My beautiful nation? Who can stand against what I desire to bring forth and manifest in and from the heart of the nation? I am unstoppable and My Spirit is an unstoppable force. I am decreeing over you My beautiful America that this is the day you have been waiting for – this IS your day of destiny. I have been preparing My army, I have been preparing My people to stand with Me, to partner with My heart, to decree what I see and see a great healing and unity begin to be unlocked within you in ways that you have never dreamed. Many have condemned you My beautiful America, many have said your days are over. Many have assigned you to dark and darker days, but in Me, as My people move out, as My people continue to cry out, your BRIGHT FUTURE IS BEFORE YOU! United States of America, you are about to undergo a Holy Spirit revamp. A Holy Spirit reset. A divine facelift and how you shall SHINE bright to other nations. How you shall be a BEACON OF HOPE, standing tall as a testimony of My power and Glory moving amongst a nation when the righteous stand and cry out. I have been moving and will continue to move in ways that many do NOT expect, but the OUTCOME shall be greater than you IMAGINED. (Ephesians 3:20) A season of intense contending, of intense intercession, of intense warfare, has been for this day, this season where America will finally begin in many new ways to step into the unlocking of greater manifestations of her destiny. A significant realignment and recalibration is upon you America, and you shall look more beautiful than ever once I’m done.”
I kept seeing TURBULENCE and I saw very dark grey clouds, and lightning and thunder and as I looked at the sky over the nation of America it looked like a VERY VIOLENT STORM.. and I heard the words “There is about to be the SOUND OF A STORM, but STAND My people, it is not how it seems, it is SMOKE AND MIRRORS.”
The sense surrounded me that the enemy is really about to “put on a show”, the wind may howl, the thunder may roar, the lightning may strike loudly but REMEMBER it is JUST NOISE!!!!! It is SMOKE AND MIRRORS. It is NOT REALITY!!!!! When you hear the sound of a violent storm, STAND, it is not as it seems, NOTHING has changed. Stand firm and DECREE what He has spoken, it’s nothing but SMOKE AND MIRRORS. The Lord is going to “disempower it all”.
I saw the Lord with an iron fist and He was decreeing “WHO CAN STAND AGAINST WHAT I HAVE PLANNED AND DECREE. I WILL RULE AGAINST INJUSTICE WITH AN IRON FIST. THE DESTINY OF MY HEART IS ABOUT TO MANIFEST!!!!!! The enemy is attempting to have ONE LAST ATTEMPT, but it will NOT MANIFEST as My people stand and decree with Me.”
“There is about to be SUDDEN TURNS in CITIES FOR VICTORY!!!!!!!” The STAKE of VICTORY has been struck into the ground by the prayers of the saints and the HARVEST, breakthrough momentum is about to manifest like a deep WELL of water being struck open and OVERFLOWING with POWER and FORCE to bring LIFE, REFRESHING and HEALING!!!”
“My people, in this new season there is a new invitation upon you, to come into a new day of destiny. I require your YES, I require your surrender and yieldedness and DREAMS are about to manifest in ACCELERATED MOMENTUM. The enemy has been fighting VIOLENTLY to abort the dreams that I have given you My people and the dreams I have for the nation, but in the partnering with Me, you are now moving into a season of seeing a POWERFUL move of My Spirit to bring the SUDDEN BIRTHING OF DREAMS. Not only have you been contending in this season My people for the dreams I have given you for your life, but the dreams of the NATION.”
Instantly I had a vision, and I was lifted above the nation of the United States and written in red across the entire nation was the Scripture, Isaiah 22:22
“I will give him the key to the house of David–the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them.”
I saw the AWAKENING to the Gospel, the invitation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that HE opened a door to eternity for ALL that NO MAN can shut, being spread across the nation with great speed and fire. It was like WILDFIRE. As I was watching it spread I heard the words “The season is upon you where the fish are going to JUMP INTO THE BOAT!!!. This is the season of SUDDEN SALVATIONS!!!!!!” The harvest is about to SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in the United States of America like has never been seen before. The Gospel is about to COME ALIVE with the FIRE OF HIS LOVE that is going to leave the people of God in AWE of His heart for ALL. The beautiful reality of John 3:16 is going to BURN ACROSS THE NATION LOUD and CLEAR.
“People and nations will come to you for HOPE My beautiful America, because of your TESTIMONY of how I moved in this season. People of God, be READY to give an answer for your hope (1 Peter 3:15), an answer for your faith, but also for the TESTIMONY of how I moved within your nation to turn a CURSE and herald in the season of BREAKTHROUGH and HEALING. Testify of the power of prayer, decree and surrender. SO MUCH HOPE shall flow out of you and out of America to ALL THE WORLD from this season!!”
“Your greatest Glory days are upon you!!! My people, you are going to SEE MY GLORY and experience the weight of My Glory in such tangible increased ways in this season, it will leave you UNDONE by My power and love. I am bringing you BACK to a place of AWE in who I am and My power and the reality that NO ONE can stop what I am doing!!!!!!!! A tidal wave of My Glory will explode from within your midst and spread THROUGHOUT the ENTIRE NATION declaring “AMERICA, SEE THE GLORY OF JESUS! AWAKEN TO THE GLORY AND LIFE OF JESUS! AWAKEN TO YOUR SAVIOUR, not a man, but JESUS CHRIST!!!!”
In this new day of destiny, I saw DOORS of opportunity EXPLODING OPEN like DOMINO’S for the people of God in the United States. The KEY is to GO LOWER STILL, GO DEEPER, KEEP SAYING YES!!!!
I heard the words “In this new day of destiny upon you My people a THREE-FOLD CORD of FAVOUR is being released to you. Favour, Favour, Favour to release the NEW FLAVOUR. Authenticity is being birthed in the body of Christ as I purge, cleanse, purify and heal My people in the United States of America. The flavour of authenticity and LOVE is going to be tasted in new and fresh ways far and wide across the nation in these days of destiny. You will not be able to envision the provision I am releasing into your lives in this season. The upgrade and increase that you will experience will be exponential and IN YOUR NEW POSITIONING taking place now, from this point, watch and see how I am going to move through you with POWER to see My Glory extended. As you stand My people, as you decree My people, as you awaken and partner with Me to bring CHANGE in ME to this nation by saying “YES”, America is going to be KNOWN as a RIGHTEOUS NATION of PURITY, INTEGRITY and HOLINESS where My GLORY RESIDES. This IS your moment!!!!!!!! This season has been your moment, and NOW the breakthrough has begun!!!!”


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  • Rose

    Christ in me, my hope of glory, “Oh! MY! WORD!”
    This is the THIRD time the following song-words have come to me. I awoke just now, hearing them, and with full curiosity looked at the clock beside our bed to see the time: 3:16 a.m. (yup! JOHN 3:16 – no brainer!)
    The song-words are from the song “Multiplied” by the group NEEDTOBREATHE!
    The re-occurring phrase (this started on Sunday at Church), which came to me later in the week, then my husband awoke yesterday saying these song-words woke him up…and now again, December 1, 2016 at 3:16 a.m. I was awoken with these same words, “His love is…like radiant diamonds, BURSTING inside us, we cannot contain…” My blog is called, “BURSTING!” talk about…

  • Yisraelle

    Don’t apologise for length, it’s Word perfect! As usual. His Word is always perfect! Never apologise for what He tells you to say.
    This is MASSIVE confirmation for me!!! I’m ridiculed for at least 5 major miracles I’m believing Him for but I am looking forward to testifying and getting to share the Gospel! I was divinely healed of a 14yr chronic illness. Have been on this exquisite journey, ups n downs n all for the past 5yrs. But the time is NOW! I know it.
    Last week He led me to buy an army top. Later I realised it was exactly a year from when I served 3 angels who came to church dressed like a rag-tag army crew. Like Abraham’s 3. Spent the night in my church prayer room on major breakthrough I need. Oh who is there like Him…

  • Becky

    Amen! Hope and expectancy in His great plans are alive and burning in our spirits! A new day is dawning for our beloved America!

  • Nancy

    I have been feeling this in my spirit for several months. The enemy is going to strut and bluster and make a lot of noise, but as you say, he will go quietly into the night. This train is leaving the station NOW! Let all who want to be on board, get your tickets because it is leaving with or without you. What a glorious ride it will be, getting to take a victory lap for JESUS!

  • Linda J Pontnack

    Awesome this prophecy shows me that I AM in alignment with Jesus as he has me interceding in warfare prayer for President Trump & Family and my nation America.

  • Wayne

    (October 31, 2016) I awoke suddenly thinking/speaking this:
    “Wake up oh barren women! Give birth to a new thing.”
    I was a little puzzled by this. (Especially since I’m a man) I thought it was scripture, but I didn’t find any thing that really matched it closely. After reading this prophecy, I’m thinking the “barren women” is America.
    I don’t know… just a thought.