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By Lana Vawser

This morning I kept hearing the words over and over “Boomerang Breakthrough”. When I asked the Lord about this I saw many of God’s people faithfully sowing into the breakthrough of others. I saw them sowing seeds from prayer, finances, love/kindness, resources, encouragement, prophetic words, messages, books, sermons, friendship and meeting practical needs amongst many other things. The sense of this vision was the Father had seen the ‘seeds’ that have been sown by God’s people to sow into and extend the breakthrough and favour of others. As this was taking place, as the seeds were being sown, they suddenly turned into BOOMERANGS.
The seeds that many of God’s people have sowed into the lives of others for THEIR breakthrough, with no agenda, for no personal gain, not for what you can receive, but simply to LOVE and SERVE another, those seeds that have been sown are about to return upon them in TENFOLD portions.
When you have been believing for you breakthrough, yet you have continued to sow into the lives of others, and sow faithfully into the breakthrough of others, the Father has seen. The Father is so delighted and your pure stewardship and love for another has moved the Father’s heart.
What you have sowed into others for THEIR BREAKTHROUGH is about to COME BACK TO YOU TENFOLD!!!


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  • Susan M

    oh how deep and precious the Father’s love for us… that He would teach us to die to self, to follow in His Son’s way of sowing our ‘all’…and then to surprise us with receiving so much more than we could ever imagine…
    This is beautiful, dear Lana…bless you…and Praise Him…who first loved us…

  • Michelle Strong-Swift

    I have to laugh out loud and smile from ear to ear on this 1!! Lord have mercy, Thank you jesus!!! I see whats going on lol JUST AMAZING!! I serve a good good FATHER!! My god! GLORY!!! HALLELUJAH JESUS!!!????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Cheri

    I sew seeds of prayer on behalf of the people held captive by Satan to do his will. I thank You Father for the deliverence for those practicing witchcraft and sourcery in the occult. This is a battle for the souls of people, but Your bigger. Thank You for exposing the devil and delivering Your people Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.