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I saw many of the people of God standing looking at a HUGE mountain of trial before them and it was causing huge amounts of despair and discouragement.

There are areas of the people of God’s lives that just continues to be a constant struggle void of breakthrough. Void of shifting, void of moving and growing disappointment, these mountains continue to arise.

I then saw Jesus standing beside these ones and He was reminding them of the truth of His Word. The power of declaration of His Word. Reminding them of His grace over their life, His supernatural grace to overcome. His hope and goodness that even with the twists and turns and disappointments something GREATER awaits.

I then saw Jesus encourage His people to look past the trial to remember the promises and heavenly vision He has given to them. Encouraging them to believe again and have faith and trust again in His goodness. He then pointed past the mountain of trial and a mountain DOUBLE the size was on the other side of the mountain of trial. It was a HUGE mountain FLOWING with milk and honey and had such abundance of fruit.

Many have found the beginning of 2015 one of intense hardship and that is because there is great blessing, increase, abundance and blessing waiting for you on the other side of this mountain of trial. Keep moving forward!

Don’t give up! Keep putting one foot in front of the other each day knowing He has something BIGGER and GREATER for you on the other side of this mountain of trial. There will be SIGNIFICANT SHIFT and CHANGE. No more sighs, but a life of greater peace, joy and victory as you continue to trust Him.

This trial WILL lift and you will move into a significant divine shift! God will open doors of gladness, opportunity and joy!

Remember His promises and His vision, a mountain of blessing, increase and abundance await you on the other side of this trial.

Grace Place Farms


If you have an unexpected “twist” in your journey with Him that has left you disappointed or discouraged, take heart for the Lord is positioning His people into BIGGER and BRIGHTER things than they could imagine. (Eph 3:20)

Get ready to experience a greater kiss of heaven’s favour over your life. For what He has planned is greater, more beautiful, more glorious and will fill you with more joy than ever and is CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU!!!

Trust in Him and the plans He has for you, for they are GOOD and greater doors of opportunity, creativity, favour and heavenly potential await you.

Guard your heart from disappointment and know that you are about to step into some of the greatest heavenly appointments of your life.

It is a new dawn, a new day and there is a new way but you are going to FLY!!!!!

Grace Place Farms


I have seen increased opposition for many this week in the areas of fear.

Fear attempting to keep many in their comfort zones, fear attempting to steal hope and HEAVENLY LIFE vision for the future, fear of failure and fear of remaining in the unchanging void of breakthrough status quo.

These FEAR mountains before you need to be faced head in with an intentional choice to TRUST HIM and WALK OUT that trust in whatever way, shape or form that takes for you to combat this fear in your life.

The Lord is building a company of people who will NOT be shaken! That their trust in Him and His goodness and love will not be moved, shaken or overcome.

These intentional choices and actions to place confident trust in Him is thrusting His people into new realms of faith, knowing their authority, vision of His glorious nature and filled with greater hope and joy.

I saw Jesus restoring hope. Those who feel like their hope has been “taken out”, I saw Jesus come and breath life and hope again into their lungs and they arose with great confidence and faith in Him to continue the journey.

He is meeting His people! The key is trust! Trust, trust, trust Him and watch fear fall to the wayside as His perfect love is demonstrated over and over again.

Fear is attempting to keep many from their destiny, their appointed moment of release into greater levels of favour, influence and responsibility. The fear is intensifying. You are about to be thrust into new realms of what He has called you to do.

Do not be afraid. Step forward and trust Him! He is faithful and will not let you down! All will be provided for! The goodness of God that you saw in this past season will be the FLOOR of this next season.

There is such incredible increase waiting for the people of God on the other side of radical trust.

A glorious new realm of intimacy with Him awaits you!!!!

Take His hand, move forward even feeling afraid for you WILL overcome and you will be thrust into new realms. Increase will be added to you as you steward your heart and life well by radical, complete abandoned trust in the One who loves you more radically, passionately and wonderfully than anyone has ever loved you. AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN you will see His love and provision and faithfulness for you as you continue to walk with Him and hold His hand.

Grace Place Farms


I had a vision this morning during worship of the Angels of heaven being released to the people of God to bring healing to those with broken hearts.

Hearts broken by discouragement, hopelessness and disappointment. I saw these angelic hosts come before these ones and place their hands over their broken hearts. Then suddenly one after another these ones who had broken hearts began to FLY! They flew high and fast to incredible heights like a rocket taking off.

He had come with healing in His wings as His angelic hosts ministered to His people and they were released to levels of faith, revelation, wisdom and insight that they had not been on and at an accelerated pace. There as such a glorious invitation from the Father into huge increase! I heard Him calling His people higher. “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things, which you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

I sensed the Lord encouraging those who feel broken by discouragement, hopelessness and disappointment to NOT give up!

Stay aligned, stay positioned in Him for He has not turned His face away from you. He is close to you!

I saw within the heart of the Father in the different chambers of His heart shelves and shelves of bottles containing the tears of His children. Every tear has been collected. Every tear of disappointment, brokenness and intercession, He has every one.

I then saw the Father take a bottle at a time and pour these tears over the lives of His people. As it poured out over their lives I saw the tears were coated in the most glorious gold liquid love of the Father.

Immediately I knew that He was saying He has taken all the tears of pain and hurt and has TURNED these tears into tears of LOVE!

He is turning mourning into dancing and sorrow into joy. As these tears coated in liquid love fell upon the lives of His children suddenly life began to arise. The most beautiful coloured flowers, one after the other arose.

“Restoration” He spoke. Restored to more than before. Blessed a thousand times over in increase (Deuteronomy 1:11)

NOTHING has been wasted! He has counted every tear and is TURNING those tears! Hold on, hold onto Him and hope in Him for His love is about to be displayed to you in radical restoration a thousand times over. This restoration is going to elevate you to a higher level of encounter with Him and His RADICAL love!

Health, finances, relationships, jobs, promotions, hope for the future RESTORED… ALL in Him and the Father’s GLORIOUS love!!! We are in a tipping point season of increase and restoration. Don’t let hopelessness, disappointment and discouragement take you out.

There will be many tears
In this season, but tears of JOY as His love restores!!!!

Grace Place Farms


Last night I lay awake in the middle of the night and was facing some pretty intense opposition. Lies from the enemy being shot at me one after the other to bring about fear.

In the midst of the battle I am talking with the Lord and holding to His Word when I felt Him speak.

“The prophetic words I have given you over your life for this season that you know are from Me, these are another weapon for you and My Church in the battle.”

Suddenly I realised the power of the words He has released over my life and suddenly there was a shift.

These prophetic words accompanied with the promises of His Word disarmed the enemy.

As I began to declare His Word and prophetic words over my life for this season I was quickly moved back into perfect peace. I was able to move forward in breakthrough and victory.

I believe this is what the Lord wants to encourage His people with. Hold tight to His Word and the prophetic words He has given to you over your life for this season and others that you know are from Him, USE THEM! Declare them!

Many have lost their peace over disappointments, continual trials and difficult circumstances. Sudden shifts, encounters with Him and peace restored is happening as His people REMEMBER the words spoken over their lives, His promises and declare them!

Do not FORGET, the enemy is attempting to hinder you from taking the next destined step for you.

The enemy has come to tilt you and knock you off balance. The Lord has given you the weapon to SHIFT YOU in greater things.

Grace Place Farms


I saw many feeling targeted by constant opposition, fear and a “targeting” in the area of healthy (one thing after another). Take heart!!!!!

For the VERY area many have faced fierce opposition in especially this week is the very area the promise of God is going to manifest! Your very NEXT area of breakthrough!

The enemy is targeting the areas the Lord is bringing a shift and miracle in as His people activate their faith. I saw this happening especially in the areas of health, finances, tormenting thoughts and inability to sleep/restlessness/night terrors. Also lifetimes of physical ailments and especially illnesses causing extreme fatigue are falling away as His Word is activated. Areas in health that many have thought “I will just have to live like this forever”.. Repent of this and keep standing on His Word. Areas of your health you thought you would never see breakthrough are STARTING TO TURN!

Believe HIM! You may have felt targeted by the enemy, but you have been targeted by HEAVEN for a breakthrough and flood of His promise manifested!!!!

You have been targeted by heaven!!!! The mountain tormenting you is being levelled. Activate your faith!

Grace Place Farms


I had an encounter this week that I felt the Lord wanted me to share as an impartation for greater encounters will be released through the power of testimony.

As I believe that not only was this a ministering experience to me but I sensed God saying is also what He is doing for many in the body.

I have had some circumstances in my life that have really triggered a battle between my soul (especially emotions) and my spirit.

I was renewing my mind and staying in His presence but I was so tired and discouraged.

During worship one morning, so tired and discouraged before the Lord I cried out to Him. I was then taken into a vision where I saw myself standing before the throne.

I saw myself standing before Him dressed in my royal robes as His child and confident. I knew this was my spirit before Him. My spirit was worshipping Him and connecting with Him.

I then noticed behind me was my soul and my soul was crumpled in a heap. My soul was tired, discouraged and had, had enough.

I then saw Jesus next to me and heard His booming loving voice of authority and He said “SOUL COME INTO ALIGNMENT!!!.”

As soon as He spoke, I saw the Holy Spirit come and lift up my soul high into the ceiling of the throne room. The Spirit was ministering to my soul with such love, such compassion and such tenderness.

The next moment I looked and saw my soul standing in PERFECT ALIGNMENT to Him and to my spirit.

Since that day, the intense struggle of emotions, discouragement and despair broke ushering in TREMENDOUS PEACE, confidence and JOY. Fear was broken and my footing was re-established.

We have AUTHORITY over our souls and we renew our mind with the Word and live in a place where our spirit leads and soul follows.

Sometimes when situations overwhelm and pressure increases, our focus can become our soul and what we are feeling.

I sensed incredible compassion of the Lord, such tender love. He sees many have struggled and struggled and are so tired and have tried to continue to obey, renew their mind and “do all they are supposed to do” but with no shift.

I sensed the Lord saying to be encouraged. He understands and He is going to encounter many and He is going to bring the shift. HE is declaring “SOUL COME INTO ALIGNMENT” for many who have just been too tired to stand and continue to “fight”.

He is here to minister to His people in compassion and tender love. Things will shift as you encounter HIM!!!!

Your soul WILL come into alignment as you encounter Him and the heaviness, fear, fatigue and discouragement will fall away.

Here He comes with healing in His wings, to bring perfect alignment in your heart and this alignment will bring equilibrium back to the hearts of many of His people.

Grace Place Farms


Many who have been entangled by fear, who have continued to press in for breakthrough from fear on so many levels. Fear of failure, fear of being rejected, fear of being alone, fear of death, fear of sickness, fear of vulnerability etc are being BROKEN and HEALED by radical demonstrations of His love and kindness.

I saw LAYERS upon LAYERS of fear all over the body of Christ being broken. Melted away by His love.

I saw many of His people having encounters with Him and the revelation of the Cross and His resurrection. Encounters during worship, encounters in visions, encounters in dreams, encounters in the Word seeing their eyes and hearts opened WIDER to the revelation of the price paid at Calvary but even more so what FUELLED His sacrifice… LOVE!!!! This is a season where decades and lifetimes of fear are finally being broken for many. The ROOT that has tormented them for years and years DISSOLVED as greater revelation of His love is poured out.

I also saw the Lord’s kindness and love being highlighted by the Lord fulfilling hearts desires. The Lord showing His people even in the smallest ways how He pays attention to their heart. That He is a good Father and longs to lavish good gifts upon His children. There will be more and more moments in the body of Christ where His people will have “wow, He really loves me” moments. Where secrets hearts desires will be fulfilled. His kindness will lavish increase and blessing upon His children in ways that MEAN SO MUCH to them and only HE could have known about and to deliver it in the way that would be so impacting. The result of these radical demonstrations of His kindness will be these strongholds of fear GONE! His people falling deeper and deeper in love with our radically KIND God!!!

All the years of crying out for breakthrough from fear, all the years of pressing through, repentance and renewing of the mind – believing His Word, the scales are being tipped and breakthrough is here.

A fresh, new, brace, courageous adventurous spirit is being released over the body of Christ!!! Hearts arising that partner with Him in His adventure without fear!!!

No more restraint, no more holding back and cowering away in fear but the bold people of God moving forward, destroying the works of the enemy because they KNOW they are victorious in Him and GREATLY LOVED and where you are perfectly loved, you are perfectly safe and there is NO MORE FEAR!!!!

Grace Place Farms


“Be encouraged I am here with you, I have never left you and I am heralding in the greatest breakthrough and freedom of your life…YET!!!!!

For I know the plans I have for you to prosper you, and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11) YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT!”

2014/2015 has been the hardest year yet for many in the transition, in the waiting. The stretching in the beginning of this year seems to be increasing and the pressure is on… That my friends, is because we are in a season of such incredible favour and promotion, the Lord is using circumstances to EXTEND His people so they may ASCEND higher into the realms of the supernatural, signs and wonders, understanding the language of the Spirit and carry the greater release of His Glory and anointing.

BUT MOST OF ALL… To go DEEPER into His heart! The pressing is leading you deeper and despite how you feel or what your feelings scream as you press in and press in and press in to Him YOU ARE BEING MADE STRONGER!

There may be mountains before you, HUGE ONES staring you in the face but you have the GRACE from Him to OVERCOME!!! If you were not clothed and covered in the grace from on high to face this mountain, you would not be facing it. No matter what life, what the world or enemy throws at you as you live surrendered to Him and in Him you have the GRACE to overcome because you live IN the victorious one!

The heat has been hotter, the pressure more intense, the trials more difficult but that is because you are moving into some of the greatest manifestations of freedom and breakthrough in your life YET!

Things that have constrained you for DECADES are being broken. All the “I cant’s” by your own heart and words of others (you can’t) are being turned in Him to “I CAN’S” because of HIM!!!! Do not be discouraged and afraid as He leads you out of your comfort zone and for many of you to face your fears…You are being released to walk deeper in the freedom of Christ and JOY of who you are in Him and loving Him!

I sense His heart saying “You will express yourself in worship with reckless abandonment of heart and without fear. I am expanding your heart so that you will live even more confidently in Me as your all sufficient, trustworthy, kind, faithful, loving One.”

Be encouraged! The Lord is with you and He is heralding in some of the greatest breakthrough and freedom manifestations of your life thus far!!! Be encouraged even when you feel it is so hard… You are covered in GRACE and His POWER is being made perfect in your weakness!

You are being set up to ERUPT with joy and peace in His freedom like you have never known.

Grace Place Farms


This is a season where the Lord is opening eyes to see how much we need Him as His people.

Be encouraged, in the brokenness, in the struggle, in the conflict, in the hardship and trial, the Lord is highlighting in hearts, the glorious truth and revelation of our need of Him.

Our gloriously loving God is not simply highlighting how we as His people need Him on a daily, second to second basis but highlighting it because HE IS GOING TO MEET US IN GREATER INTIMACY!

He is highlighting the “need” and He already has the answer. HE is the answer.

Many have felt like they are at breaking point and seeing their need of Him. Press in deeper to our glorious God because as you do the breaking will turn to elevating.

He is giving His people new eyes to see that as His people we need to go deeper in our dependency on Him and awaiting is is a glorious new level of freedom and intimacy with Him.

In this deeper place of dependency and intimacy His people will have eyes to see, to see Him and in seeing Him chains and burdens will break and His people living deeper in the truth that “He gave His life so I can be free”.

Embrace your need of Him. You are going deeper in dependency and walking into new realms of intimacy and the glorious things He is going to release, restore and reveal you cannot even begin to imagine. Heaven has decreed and you are stepping into one of the greatest adventures you have ever seen. This is a must see!!!!