Prophetic Words


I had an encounter this week that I felt the Lord wanted me to share as an impartation for greater encounters will be released through the power of testimony.
As I believe that not only was this a ministering experience to me but I sensed God saying is also what He is doing for many in the body.
I have had some circumstances in my life that have really triggered a battle between my soul (especially emotions) and my spirit.
I was renewing my mind and staying in His presence but I was so tired and discouraged.
During worship one morning, so tired and discouraged before the Lord I cried out to Him. I was then taken into a vision where I saw myself standing before the throne.
I saw myself standing before Him dressed in my royal robes as His child and confident. I knew this was my spirit before Him. My spirit was worshipping Him and connecting with Him.
I then noticed behind me was my soul and my soul was crumpled in a heap. My soul was tired, discouraged and had, had enough.
I then saw Jesus next to me and heard His booming loving voice of authority and He said “SOUL COME INTO ALIGNMENT!!!.”
As soon as He spoke, I saw the Holy Spirit come and lift up my soul high into the ceiling of the throne room. The Spirit was ministering to my soul with such love, such compassion and such tenderness.
The next moment I looked and saw my soul standing in PERFECT ALIGNMENT to Him and to my spirit.
Since that day, the intense struggle of emotions, discouragement and despair broke ushering in TREMENDOUS PEACE, confidence and JOY. Fear was broken and my footing was re-established.
We have AUTHORITY over our souls and we renew our mind with the Word and live in a place where our spirit leads and soul follows.
Sometimes when situations overwhelm and pressure increases, our focus can become our soul and what we are feeling.
I sensed incredible compassion of the Lord, such tender love. He sees many have struggled and struggled and are so tired and have tried to continue to obey, renew their mind and “do all they are supposed to do” but with no shift.
I sensed the Lord saying to be encouraged. He understands and He is going to encounter many and He is going to bring the shift. HE is declaring “SOUL COME INTO ALIGNMENT” for many who have just been too tired to stand and continue to “fight”.
He is here to minister to His people in compassion and tender love. Things will shift as you encounter HIM!!!!
Your soul WILL come into alignment as you encounter Him and the heaviness, fear, fatigue and discouragement will fall away.
Here He comes with healing in His wings, to bring perfect alignment in your heart and this alignment will bring equilibrium back to the hearts of many of His people.


  • Robin Aveni

    Your words from The Lord are so tender and healing to my aching, broken heart. This Word is perfect for me tonight and I thank you for your faithfulness to share it. Lord, let it be for me.

  • Lorna A.

    I am in tears. BIG tears. This was directly for me, I am sure others as well, but most definately for me. GOD BLESS YOU

  • Terry

    Your words for the last 4 months have been like you been telling my life story it’s exactly where I’m at. Many days recently I was ready to give up and to think what I was hearing from God and your word that you sent out were so similar and I really wanted to believe that this is for me. Over the course of my 11yrs of being saved I have seen maturity and growth and I Love Jesus so much and want to walk in holiness and purity. I should know better as a 39 year old man that this area of sin has held me back and has been a generational curse. I feel all my dreams for me and my family are right in front of me and I feel like God is asking me to do my part and He will do His. I need help I need to get delivered from one area that I have had temporary freedom. I would find freedom for months and even years at a time over the past 11 yrs. I know it’s wrong and I’m so ashamed of my choices and I blame no one but myself. Your last post struck me to the core of my inner man. I have tried about everything to get free from this struggle. I have had accountably partners but still found myself skirting past them and continued in my sin. I’m asking God to come and deliver me I really mean I need to have a Holy Spirit encounter where it will crush my desire to smoke marijuana. I want to do my part and not excuse this any longer but I need deliverance. I tried to quit on my own and failed. I found freedom then by my own choices I put myself back into prison. I’m sorry if this is not the place to send these requests. I’m desperate I had enough I want the dreams that I have seen and felt in my heart to come to pass. I know there is a better way a better life that is pleasing to God. I had to get this out and felt this was safe. I miss my wife and babies. God help me.