Prophetic Words


Many who have been entangled by fear, who have continued to press in for breakthrough from fear on so many levels. Fear of failure, fear of being rejected, fear of being alone, fear of death, fear of sickness, fear of vulnerability etc are being BROKEN and HEALED by radical demonstrations of His love and kindness.
I saw LAYERS upon LAYERS of fear all over the body of Christ being broken. Melted away by His love.
I saw many of His people having encounters with Him and the revelation of the Cross and His resurrection. Encounters during worship, encounters in visions, encounters in dreams, encounters in the Word seeing their eyes and hearts opened WIDER to the revelation of the price paid at Calvary but even more so what FUELLED His sacrifice… LOVE!!!! This is a season where decades and lifetimes of fear are finally being broken for many. The ROOT that has tormented them for years and years DISSOLVED as greater revelation of His love is poured out.
I also saw the Lord’s kindness and love being highlighted by the Lord fulfilling hearts desires. The Lord showing His people even in the smallest ways how He pays attention to their heart. That He is a good Father and longs to lavish good gifts upon His children. There will be more and more moments in the body of Christ where His people will have “wow, He really loves me” moments. Where secrets hearts desires will be fulfilled. His kindness will lavish increase and blessing upon His children in ways that MEAN SO MUCH to them and only HE could have known about and to deliver it in the way that would be so impacting. The result of these radical demonstrations of His kindness will be these strongholds of fear GONE! His people falling deeper and deeper in love with our radically KIND God!!!
All the years of crying out for breakthrough from fear, all the years of pressing through, repentance and renewing of the mind – believing His Word, the scales are being tipped and breakthrough is here.
A fresh, new, brace, courageous adventurous spirit is being released over the body of Christ!!! Hearts arising that partner with Him in His adventure without fear!!!
No more restraint, no more holding back and cowering away in fear but the bold people of God moving forward, destroying the works of the enemy because they KNOW they are victorious in Him and GREATLY LOVED and where you are perfectly loved, you are perfectly safe and there is NO MORE FEAR!!!!


  • Heather Mitchell

    Wow!! I am so excited! This I know is for Patrick and I’m claiming it for Ryan too! The tide is rising!!
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  • mccomicsteve

    I know this, for He has been giving me unbelievable signs in the skies, in my dreams and speaking to me daily I cannot believe how things have change for me since he revealed himself to me in the skies over my home in my backyard September 30 and again during the evening of the fifth day/game of the World Series. I cried out in my garage one evening because I was so frustrated with not hearing from my father and I screamed and I yelled and I pounded on the ground and the next day miracles began to happen but he doesn’t call them miracles he calls them blessings. He continued and gave me 2 more blessings over the next two days as he told me the first night he was going to give me three blessings over the next three days. My first blessing was in the evening of the first night he spoke to me. He had me lay on the ground in my backyard and face the sky. Then he told me that my flesh father was nothing more than an acquaintance of mine while I lived on earth and that He/Jesus now is my father and I am his son. ( I might tell you my father is an atheist. And never giving me guidance in my life having divorce my mother when I was in kindergarten). Then he told me from now on I will call him father and he will call me son. He told me he would give me my first blessing that night. He had me look in the skies, so i did, the skies were completely overcast. Then he told me to lay on my belly with my face towards the ground. As he continued to talk with me and I talked with him on and on. Then without him reminded me I turned around to look at the sky to see my blessing. And I saw a beautiful clear sky with the picture frame and a cross beautifully done with fine lines in the picture frame. I was so overwhelmed and marveled that he had done this for me. It what’s the size of 10 football field. Then he told me, son you kept talking and talking for so long I was afraid you were going to turn around and the wind would blow your blessing away. The first thing I thought is, well he has a great sense of humor. I know most people will not believe this, but this is true and this happened and that’s it and that’s all. But for those of you who do believe be encouraged and never stop seeking him out because he will come to you one day and all his might and glory. I’m so blessed, I hear his still small voice every day no he is my God and I am his son. I waited my whole life to be this close to Jesus. Oh how I love you Lord

  • areyoushe

    Hi Lana, thank you so much for this word!!! I stumbled upon it this morning and everything you just spoke of and wrote literally happened to me on the day you wrote this! While I was at a worship service at Petra International in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the leaders of the service asked everyone to come forward who had a fear of water. As I stood in front of them and the elders of the church started to lay hands over me, the Spirit led them to break off the strongholds of fear on my life. They then went after the ROOT of my torment (which is molestation) and cast the demons out. It was an amazing, overwhelming experience but I have never felt lighter and such a love from God. He wants all of us not only set free, but whole and delivered. Thank you again for your on-time word. You are such a blessing to the Kingdom of God.