Prophetic Words


Last night I lay awake in the middle of the night and was facing some pretty intense opposition. Lies from the enemy being shot at me one after the other to bring about fear.
In the midst of the battle I am talking with the Lord and holding to His Word when I felt Him speak.
“The prophetic words I have given you over your life for this season that you know are from Me, these are another weapon for you and My Church in the battle.”
Suddenly I realised the power of the words He has released over my life and suddenly there was a shift.
These prophetic words accompanied with the promises of His Word disarmed the enemy.
As I began to declare His Word and prophetic words over my life for this season I was quickly moved back into perfect peace. I was able to move forward in breakthrough and victory.
I believe this is what the Lord wants to encourage His people with. Hold tight to His Word and the prophetic words He has given to you over your life for this season and others that you know are from Him, USE THEM! Declare them!
Many have lost their peace over disappointments, continual trials and difficult circumstances. Sudden shifts, encounters with Him and peace restored is happening as His people REMEMBER the words spoken over their lives, His promises and declare them!
Do not FORGET, the enemy is attempting to hinder you from taking the next destined step for you.
The enemy has come to tilt you and knock you off balance. The Lord has given you the weapon to SHIFT YOU in greater things.