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I had the word “enrich” on my heart which means:

1. To supply with abundance.
2. To adorn or decorate.

I saw the Lord supplying great abundance to His people. Provision was flowing in great measures. The windows of heaven were opening and great abundance flowing especially in the area of finances.

Provision is going to flow for the vision the Lord has given His people. He is taking care of things very well and you will have all that you need to accomplish what the Lord has put on your heart.

He is now putting WHEELS ON DREAMS! Dreams that have been delayed or the people of God have been waiting upon His provision to move forward, it is being released. Once the wheels are put on the dreams, get ready to zoom!! For there is an acceleration in the Spirit and as the people of God are faithful to steward what He has given them, more will be added.

Many are about to birth greater creativity. Once the doors open for those expressions of new creativity walk through them boldly knowing that He is going to birth a new creative expression of His heart through you. He is going to adorn and enrich you with such creativity that the world will turn its head. Throne room encounters are happening on a greater scale as the Lord releases these creative expressions of His heart, that carry such deep revelation of His love and goodness that monumentus breakthrough is exploding not only in the lives of His people but in the world.

“The kindness of God leads us to repentance” – Romans 2:4 is going to be seen in the world in tremendous ways as the kindness of God is displayed in new ways through new avenues of creativity that will see an increase in harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom!


Embrace your creativity! Do not fear! He is putting wheels on dreams!

Grace Place Farms

Say YES!

Saying YES to God and walking through the doors He is opening is not only going to see amazing opportunities and increase released but a whirlwind of favour released upon you that will carry you to higher places than you have imagined. It is going to be bigger, better and more glorious than you are even thinking. Favour will be stewarded well as you keep your roots deep in Him.

EFFECTUAL doors are opening and the whirlwind of favour that is being released is not only going to lead to numerous breakthrough’s but also set things up ‘suddenly’. Things are going to happen a lot quicker than you realise as you walk through the doors He opens with your hands HELD HIGH in praise and a big YES in your heart to Him and whatever He asks.

Grace Place Farms


I sensed many doubting the power of their prayers as they are feeling like they are not being “heard”. They feel like they have been in a dry and weary land for so long without breakthrough.

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” – James 5:16

This morning in a dream I saw a explosion of great colours and in the middle of the explosion was the word BREAKTHROUGH. He is on time and has not forgotten. Keep walking in righteous and know that your earnest prayers are about to birth the answers. Fulfilment of His promises, divine wisdom and direction is being released.

There has been a shift in the Spirit with angelic hosts having been released to assist the people of God. Angelic visitations will be on the increase releasing divine direction, insight and wisdom. The Lord is ushering in increase. Do not doubt the power of your prayers. For all the moments of faithful intercession have led to the point of a “suddenly” of everything coming together. You are not alone. You are being assisted. Keep your eyes on Him, you won’t miss it!

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Do not doubt, He is bringing a new level of restoration into your life.

You will receive double for all you have endured. The Lord knows you are weary and your faithfulness, trust and obedience has not gone unnoticed by Him.

What has been broken, stolen and lost in your life, He is restoring to you above and beyond what you had before.

There is a multiplication happening and will birth in the restoration.

God is restoring and will give you eyes to see the new day dawning.

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1378656_799962136713608_1637336617240828176_nThis morning I walked past the table where my husband has all his necessary ‘bits and pieces’ for a model plane he is building. My eye was drawn to a can of spray he uses on the plane called “BLAST ACCELERATOR”.

Immediately, I sensed the Holy Spirit say that there is about to manifest a “BLAST of ACCELERATION”. That HE is the BLAST ACCELERATOR as true long lasting acceleration can only come from Him. I felt an encouragement from heaven for those who are weary and have stood firm, prayed and believed and are so tired of the “waiting” that a blast of acceleration shall be released upon them. That NOTHING has been lost in the waiting but EVERYTHING gained. Everything gained because His people have trusted and waited on Him. He is well pleased with His people that even through the discouragement, the weariness and trials they have not let go of His hand and stopped trusting Him. Double portions will be released in these acceleration blasts with extravagant fulfillment of His promises leaving His people “awestruck”. He has not forgotten His promises to you.

I also saw the One who is the “blast accelerator” blow upon His people who have been given seeds of breakthrough and have begun to steward what has been put in their hands. As they stewarded these “seeds” well, there is tremendous explosive increase and abundance happening. Double mantles, provision and extraordinary favour birthing supernatural demonstrations of His goodness.

The one who is the “BLAST ACCELERATOR” is releasing a sudden blast of acceleration of His people that is bringing radical transformation. “Things can change overnight” is about to be a demonstration over His people with radical healings and salvations at the demonstration of our Mighty loving wonderful “BLAST ACCELERATOR” God.

Grace Place Farms

The Lion Of Judah Roared…And Sowed Seeds Of Light – Lana Vawser


“For He sows seeds of light within His lovers, releasing a harvest in the souls of the righteous. Seeds of joy burst forth for the lovers of God!” – Psalm 97:11 – Passion Translation

Again, I was taken back to an encounter with the Lion of Judah. He roared upon His people who were tired, weak and feeling dismayed in what else to do to be positioned for long awaited breakthrough.

I saw Him roar again and out of His mouth flew seeds of light that were like balls of fire. These balls entered the hearts of His people and there was a great explosion. I saw within the hearts of people a HARVEST. The unraveling manifestation of His promises. This harvest is bringing much needed healing of the weariness and battle wounds of this season. The “tipping point” of all moments of sowing and believing, the harvest had come. Souls were coming into wholeness. Peace, and strength, hope, healing and life again. I then saw a second bursting and JOY exploded.

The Lion of Judah has roared and the opposition has been turned and now the harvest is being TURNED TO YOU. Your soul will explode with the harvest of heaven and the Glory of God which will result in unimaginable joy despite circumstances. What the enemy attempted to take from you, He is returning to you in great harvest, healing and joy.

No longer will His people be bowed down in weariness, hopelessness and despair as they are positioned before Him. He is fighting for them and they will STAND TALL in Him again.

Get ready to spontaneously combust with joy in His Glory!