Prophetic Words


I sensed many doubting the power of their prayers as they are feeling like they are not being “heard”. They feel like they have been in a dry and weary land for so long without breakthrough.
“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” – James 5:16
This morning in a dream I saw a explosion of great colours and in the middle of the explosion was the word BREAKTHROUGH. He is on time and has not forgotten. Keep walking in righteous and know that your earnest prayers are about to birth the answers. Fulfilment of His promises, divine wisdom and direction is being released.
There has been a shift in the Spirit with angelic hosts having been released to assist the people of God. Angelic visitations will be on the increase releasing divine direction, insight and wisdom. The Lord is ushering in increase. Do not doubt the power of your prayers. For all the moments of faithful intercession have led to the point of a “suddenly” of everything coming together. You are not alone. You are being assisted. Keep your eyes on Him, you won’t miss it!