Prophetic Words

Say YES!

Saying YES to God and walking through the doors He is opening is not only going to see amazing opportunities and increase released but a whirlwind of favour released upon you that will carry you to higher places than you have imagined. It is going to be bigger, better and more glorious than you are even thinking. Favour will be stewarded well as you keep your roots deep in Him.
EFFECTUAL doors are opening and the whirlwind of favour that is being released is not only going to lead to numerous breakthrough’s but also set things up ‘suddenly’. Things are going to happen a lot quicker than you realise as you walk through the doors He opens with your hands HELD HIGH in praise and a big YES in your heart to Him and whatever He asks.


  • Rose

    oh…my…word… I just catapulted here from a link to your 2 December 2016 post…through my WordPress Reader…
    I feel stunned…and I am in desperate need of courage right now.
    I just wanted to pass on something that moved me…a quote I saw today from Jonathan Cahn.
    “A principle, in God, that applies not only to the Temple Mount and the itinerary of a pilgrimage, but to all of our lives – that which comes against the will of God, will, in the end, end up bringing it to pass.”
    blessings backatcha 🙂

  • Alan Neniskis

    We Live In Time Where Their Is Anxiety all Around In Time. God Lives In Eternity Hasn’t The Scriptures Tell Us in Eccl.3:11 That He Has PLACED ETERNITY In Our HEARTS?. So Why is It That Most of Us Are So Infected In Time?.REVELATION is By The Holy Spirit. God Lives In Eternity Where He Is The Alpha and Omega, The Yeh and Amen ,So Be It. What He Does Comes From A Etenity MindSet. Jesus Also Lives As The Father Lives and The Holy Spirit Does So Should We Also. Think About it. Eternity MindSet. Jesus Says As He is So Are We. What Does That Mean? Scriptures Says. HAVE THIS MIND BE IN YOU JUST HAS IT IS IN CHRIST JESUS When We Walk In The Spirit and Not in The Flesh. Flesh And Time Gives Us Anxiety, Worry , Fear, Defeat, Sickness and Disease,…