Prophetic Words


1378656_799962136713608_1637336617240828176_nThis morning I walked past the table where my husband has all his necessary ‘bits and pieces’ for a model plane he is building. My eye was drawn to a can of spray he uses on the plane called “BLAST ACCELERATOR”.
Immediately, I sensed the Holy Spirit say that there is about to manifest a “BLAST of ACCELERATION”. That HE is the BLAST ACCELERATOR as true long lasting acceleration can only come from Him. I felt an encouragement from heaven for those who are weary and have stood firm, prayed and believed and are so tired of the “waiting” that a blast of acceleration shall be released upon them. That NOTHING has been lost in the waiting but EVERYTHING gained. Everything gained because His people have trusted and waited on Him. He is well pleased with His people that even through the discouragement, the weariness and trials they have not let go of His hand and stopped trusting Him. Double portions will be released in these acceleration blasts with extravagant fulfillment of His promises leaving His people “awestruck”. He has not forgotten His promises to you.
I also saw the One who is the “blast accelerator” blow upon His people who have been given seeds of breakthrough and have begun to steward what has been put in their hands. As they stewarded these “seeds” well, there is tremendous explosive increase and abundance happening. Double mantles, provision and extraordinary favour birthing supernatural demonstrations of His goodness.
The one who is the “BLAST ACCELERATOR” is releasing a sudden blast of acceleration of His people that is bringing radical transformation. “Things can change overnight” is about to be a demonstration over His people with radical healings and salvations at the demonstration of our Mighty loving wonderful “BLAST ACCELERATOR” God.