Prophetic Words


Psalm 118:15-20 has been on my heart strongly:

“Hear the shouts, hear the triumph songs in the camp of the saved. The hand of God has turned the tide! The hand of God is raised in victory! The hand of God has turned the tide! I didn’t die, I lived! And now I’m telling the world what God did. God tested me, he pushed me hard, but he didn’t hand me over to Death. Swing wide the city gates – the righteous gates! I’ll walk right through and thank God! This Temple Gate belongs to God, so the victors can enter and praise.” (MSG Translation)

The past few months has found many in a place where the “intensity” has increased. The enemy has “upped his game” with opposition against the saints, but there is also a work of the hand of God where the Lord has been testing His people and in the testing and in the disciplining He is bringing forth a maturity, a strengthening, a fortifying, a purifying and a deeper intimacy with Him. Not all the “pressure” that many have faced in the last few months has been the enemy, there has been a testing of the Lord that has been taking place in the body of Christ. He is growing His Church in maturity. Many have sensed the testing of the Lord and there has been a temptation to despise the testing of God, but friend, the testing is good for He is bringing you to a higher place of faith, a deeper place of intimacy, a higher place of vision and discernment and a strengthening and maturing of your faith.

I have been sensing so strongly lately the sense of “imminence” that we are in the time of the “imminency of breakthrough and triumph.” Over the last week I have been feeling so strongly that the wait is over. Triumph IS at hand and because of the triumph of God that is at hand, the enemy is fighting hard to keep God’s people from the triumph that is upon them.

But friends, the hand of God is raised in victory. The hand of God has turned the tide!!! There has been incredible pressing and testing upon many to the point where you have wanted to give up, many have wanted to run but in the testing God is strengthening you, fortifying your faith and forging a purity within you that will not be shaken.

The enemy has come against many of you with “whispers of death” but the Lord is silencing these whispers of death and shutting the mouth of the enemy through the revelation He is releasing through His Word. Use the Word He is giving you, for many of you have been in an onslaught with a spirit of death, but it is a LIE. The opposite is true! God is leading you into greater life. The enemy is attempting to bring fear upon many with these whispers of death, the Lord is decreeing life. The Lord is putting to death the very areas the enemy has been using for SO LONG to hinder you, torment you, cage you and oppress you, He is leading you into TRIUMPH!


The enemy has been using certain things in the lives of God’s people to bring torment and oppression and the Lord showed me that He is uncovering these places now and He is shining His light upon these places and the enemy is being uprooted. It is requiring the people of God to respond in faith, in obedience, in repentance for some things and to move and shift things as the Lord highlights where the enemy has gained access and in many lives the enemy has had multi-dimensional access, but NO MORE. The Lord is closing the doors. I felt that many needed to hear today that the Lord is NOT going to allow the enemy to triumph over you, it’s time for YOU to triumph over the enemy in the position of victory that is already yours in Christ. The Lord knows the intensity of the battle, He knows how weary many of you have become in this season and you don’t know how to fight anymore and how to overcome and defeat the enemies that surround you, but the Lord is uncovering the hidden places. The Lord is uncovering the open doors, the Lord is uncovering the roots and removing the root system the enemy has built in lives through his lies and the agreement he has found in many of the hearts of God’s people because of trauma, fear or unbelief. God is uprooting those root systems and He is establishing HIS root systems of FAITH.


I heard the words “Do not partner with hidden agendas. There is to be no toleration for hidden agendas.” The Lord showed me that some in the body of Christ have ignored their discernment of aligning with certain people or groups and suddenly have found “chaos” surrounding them. I saw the Lord taking people back to the Word of God and the moments of “warning” from Him that was ignored or doubted, and the Lord is now reconfirming these hidden agendas. I want to make this clear, this was not God’s people operating in suspicion, but receiving a strong check in their spirit in moving into these alignments but ignoring them because of doubt, loneliness, the lure of favour and promotion and thinking they were wrong. I felt the Lord is closing many doors of chaos that have been opened in the lives of believers because of these alignments with “impure and hidden agendas”.

I heard the Lord say “Stay true to the conviction I have given you. Stay true to the Kingdom agenda and be swayed not by anything else. There must be place of no toleration for impure agendas.”

A spirit of chaos has come in through some of these alignments with impure agendas and the door will close to this spirit of chaos as you move forward in obedience to realign with the word of the Lord in your life and trusting His discernment.

In the exposing of these hidden agendas or alignments there is to be no condemnation or judgement, to continue to love and bless and pray, but to remain in the wisdom and discernment of the Lord.


The Lord showed me that His resurrection power is manifesting to cause you to arise stronger than ever. There is such a strong comeback upon many of you. Many of you have felt you are in the ashes, but the resurrection power of Jesus is causing you to rise from the ashes and stronger than ever before.

The Lord has been setting you up to walk in the manifested victory of Christ in this season like never before. The time has arrived. The wait is over! Your triumph is at hand.

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