Prophetic Words


“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” – Psalm 46:1

For over a week now I have had Psalm 46:1 strongly on my heart. As I have sat with Jesus and in the Word, the Lord has continued to speak to me that He is our refuge and strength in times of trouble.

The Lord began to speak to me that many are finding themselves right now in times of ‘trouble’. Many have been finding themselves in a place of trial and a place of hardship and the enemy has been screaming lies, accusations, fear and foreboding whispers. There has been an intense heaviness that has been coming against many and this spirit of heaviness is attempting to cloud the vision of God’s people for what is to come.

I saw many facing trouble on ‘every side’ recently and for many the Lord has felt “distant”, but I felt the Lord strongly wanting to remind His people of how EVER present He is in times of need and trouble. Even in the place where there is trial, trouble or great need, He is closer than you realise. He is closer than you think and He is going to mightily demonstrate His help and strength like never before.

There is a might demonstration of His strength, power and provision upon God’s people who are in the midst of those troubles and great needs. The Lord is demonstrating in great ways how He is fighting for His people, how He is bringing great help and empowerment by the power of His Spirit.

There is great empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the strength of God upon God’s people right now. Do not look at the ‘troubles’ that have surrounded you and that surround you for the Lord is leading you deeper into Psalm 91. There is deeper revelation of Psalm 91 and Psalm 46:1 that He is releasing to His people right now. I had a vision and I saw these large dogs standing all around many of God’s people and they were barking loudly. As these dogs were barking loudly I heard God’s people calling out to the Lord and calling out to Him for strength. I watched as many of God’s people were running to Him as their refuge and shelter, crying out for His strength and as they found that place of being hidden in Him by resting in who He is and His nature I watched their eyes begin to open to see that there were MANY MORE FOR THEM than against them.

“Don’t be afraid!” Elisha told him. “For there are more on our side than on theirs!” – 2 Kings 6:16

The Lord is revealing in mighty ways His protection, His provision, His strength to those in the place of deep trouble and need right now. The Lord is opening spiritual eyes to see that there is NO need to be afraid for there are more FOR YOU than there are AGAINST YOU. God is setting a table for you in the presence of your enemies. (Psalm 23:5)

The Lord spoke to me that these dogs that are surrounding many barking loudly and viciously, these troubles, this opposition it is just NOISE. As He spoke this to me I began to see circles and circles of angels surrounding God’s people and they were standing between God’s people and these dogs that were barking loudly. I then saw to the right of God’s people, I saw the Lord and He was standing next to them as a MIGHTY WARRIOR.

“But the LORD stands beside me like a great warrior. Before him my persecutors will stumble. They cannot defeat me. They will fail and be thoroughly humiliated. Their dishonor will never be forgotten. ” – Jeremiah 20:11 (NLT)

“The LORD shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” – Exodus 14:14 (AKJV)

Hold your peace friends. The Lord is not only with you, He is not only present and standing with you, providing for you and strengthening you, He is FIGHTING for you.

In these days you will know the strength of the Lord like never before. You will know the strong arm of the Lord fighting for you like never before. You will know the help of the Lord in ways you have never experienced before. Don’t listen to the sounds of the barking dogs for they are BUT NOISE to rattle you, to unsettle you and to get you off course. In the midst of the trouble and the battle the Lord is strengthening your faith. He’s deepening your intimacy and He’s fortifying you in the Word of God. Stand strong with your eyes firmly fixed on Jesus and deep in the Word, for not only is your deliverance upon you, but your day of increase is upon you. Your day of BREAKING THROUGH is upon you. You are about to BREAK THROUGH the multidimensional layers of opposition that has tried to stop you, but you are now BREAKING THROUGH.

God is doing now what only He can do. He is moving powerfully and He is positioning, maturing and strengthening you. The demonstration of His HELP is going to leave you speechless and in awe and wonder of the faithfulness of God and that He TRULY IS an ever present help in a time of need.

You’re overcoming, you are coming through and the troubles that have assaulted you for so long and the troubles you are facing now, you shall know no longer as the Lord demonstrates His help and His power to bring you through.

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